6 comments on “Hillary Clinton is no Sarah Palin; A look at women in this election

  1. GREAT article. I haven’t read a blogger get this in depth on Sarah Palin and the reaction anywhere else. I think Sarah Palin is a very strategic pick, and it is one that I personally really like. Sarah Palin is very likable and the fact I think many people are missing is that there would have been a lot more conservatives sitting out this election if it were not for Palin. She rounds out the McCain ticket in a way that Romney or someone else couldn’t have.

  2. Well what else is that bill attached too? For the last two years Democrats has been sneaking in little pieces of legislation to push their agenda under the guise of progressive change. My favourite was the “We will support the troops IF you agree to pull them out” bill. Besides, why should we sign a bill asking people to do it when it already should be done? You want to discuss who has been nicer to women, ask Hillary Clinton who gave her that political “black eye” during her run for nomination.

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  4. Sarah Palin is also no Hillary Clinton. Why would one want to be the other? It’s not about voting for “a” woman; it’s about voting for “the” woman who holds certain values.

    About a week ago was the first time anyone heard of Sarah Palin. Time will tell what we find out about her. Time will tell if she was a good choice or a poor one. (By good choice, I mean: Will she help McCain win?) I surely hope not. But we’ll find out in November.

  5. Well helenl, that is your opinion, and while I have to respect it, I certainly don’t agree with it. Honestly, he disgusts me, especially lately. I can’t even listen to his voice anymore without getting angry.

    Don’t understand? While he called off the attack on Bristol Palin, his campaign released this statement today…

    So why are you voting for him? Because you want to prove that you aren’t racist? To him that not all white people dislike blacks? Read his book, Dreams From My Father, you’re too late. If you tie yourself to that bandwagon, with attacks like this, it won’t matter…

    I am sorry if you are offended, but his tactics are just disgusting. Matter of fact, so disgusting that other Democrats are switching sides…

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