17 comments on “Myths and Mayhem; Keeping the internet honest over Governor Sarah Palin

  1. Thanks for all your research on these issues and your comment on my page. I’m outraged at the Democrats use of Palin’s family issues to try to discredit her. It’s repulsive, especially when they are so “turn the other cheek” when it comes to the death penalty, etc. but yet they make this poor young girl a sacrificial lamb for their party’s benefit. The media tried to hide Bill Clinton’s affairs but are jumping on Palin’s daughter like white on rice. The media says Palin can’t run the country if she can’t control her own child but I didn’t hear them saying Hillary couldn’t run the country if she couldn’t control her own husband. Arghhhh….I’m outraged!

  2. What books? You see that is the detail people like to leave out. Do you want the Ku Klux Klan’s Birth of a Nation shown to your children? How about if we put “Quotes from Chairman Mao” on your child’s reading list? What about Mein Kampf? The lack of information of what books she banned begs the question why she would want them banned. But if you want to raise the question of censorship…

    Seems freedom of speech isn’t a friend of Barack Obama’s.

  3. Clancop –

    I am not a zealot, and most librarians would agree with you that Mein Kampf is not an appropriate title for a children’s room. If this book was challenged under the proper systems, I’m sure it would be relocated to the adult area.

    However, adults do have the right to read Mein Kampf, Chairman Mao, and to see ‘Birth of a Nation’. They also have the right to read Lolita, Tropic of Cancer, and Sister Carrie, which have all been challenged and banned in their day.

    It has been documented that Palin approached the Library Chair and asked to unilaterally remove materials that she personally found objectionable. Book challenges are usually dealt with by committee, and Wasilla’s policy clearly states that what one person may find objectionable, others may not, and they will not censor everyone’s readings. Wasilla’s policy can be found here: http://www.cityofwasilla.com/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=497

    When Palin was told she could not personally make the decision about what the town of Wasilla has in their library, she proceeded to attempt to fire the library head. After a public outcry and a threat of a recall, she backed down.


  4. No worries, I understand your complaint, but to me I also understand that there are many who believe that hateful materials should be banned. You must understand that in today’s politically correct world, certain groups can be offended all to easily and we have seen where the extremes taken by those who wish censorship.

    The question becomes whether or not we take steps to prevent such things from happening, or we leave such upsetting material alone and wait for the problems to come to us. On principle I support your claim that people should be able to make their own choices, but we have all seen where certain writings can lead…

    Could the burning of that book have prevented the genocide which followed? Definitely. Same goes for Birth of a Nation, a movie which pushes the beliefs of the Klan onto impressionable minds. You could have saved the lives of millions if we stomped out Lenin’s writings, could have saved the country of China as well, not to mention Vietnam.

    Problem is, as they say, “a little information can be a dangerous thing”, and sometimes ignorance can truly be bliss.

    My challenge to you is, are you willing to be fair and balanced on the issue of censorship or are you going to ignore Barack Obama’s transgressions to push a point?

    I have kept your posts up as a sign of good faith. May you act the same way in return…

    P.S. It isn’t that I completely disagree with your position, I actually support you on principle, but I can understand Palin’s position, and I need you to respect it, even if you disagree.

  5. Clan, I definitely understand the philosophy, and do enjoy debating the issues of book banning, appropriateness of materials in certain communities, and surrounding issues.

    However, what appalls me as a public librarian is the way that she approached the issue. The library has a system by which they process challenges to books by community members. Palin attempted to circumvent the system through executive decree, and when she didn’t get her way she threatened to fire the librarian in charge. I view this as an abuse of power.

    Also, through this unilateral decision, Palin puts herself in the position of arbiter of what her community may read.

    If Palin was a librarian’s gadfly, constantly submitting challenges to books, organizing community groups to rally against certain books, then I would probably not be her biggest fans, but I wouldn’t be so repulsed.

    In my opinion, banning books for adults reeks of Fascism. Do not forget the purge of books by the Nazis (Ever heard of Stephan Zweig? The Nazi’s almost destroyed the works of a great 20th Century novelist. Mostly succeeded, too.)

    To me, it also has parallels to the limits that communist/socialist countries place on free market ideals & small businesses.

    Egypt bans books, Iran bans books, China bans books.

    It is not the American way to limit what people can read, a fact enshrined in our first ammendment protections of freedom of speech, and freedom of the press.

    To be honest, Barack Obama is not my favorite person, and if you notice on my blog or these posts I do not endorse him. I do, however, have strong feelings AGAINST Sarah Palin owing to her heavy-handed attempts at censorship. I wonder what our current first lady, a librarian, thinks of Palin’s book banning attempts.

  6. Well they did get together this weekend, along with Cindy McCain, at least for a photo-op. I wish I could find the link, I was browsing over it earlier today…

    Back to your points, while I do know of the Berlin book burnings, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, along with various other events of censorship on such a level, I also remember that America, during the Cold War, did confiscate Marx’s Communist Manifesto. My history teacher from high school went through that when he visited in his youth. In certain times, certain liberties are suspended for the benefit of the greater good, even among governments of moral superiority…

    In any event, maybe you and I have been looking at this the wrong way, what if, as mayor, some group signed a petition to ban certain books and pushed Sarah Palin into enforcing it? The fact that this source left out such information, like which books for example, it could easily be assumed that this was the case. Not a stretch for a woman who has made her career off serving the people, and not an impossible event in small-town Alaska of all places.

    Remember that just a few years ago groups were trying to ban Sponge-Bob. What do you think?

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  8. “In any event, maybe you and I have been looking at this the wrong way, what if, as mayor, some group signed a petition to ban certain books and pushed Sarah Palin into enforcing it? ”

    You had me…until you added conjecture to your argument.

    I’m looking for facts on both sides of the issues. Your site was so promising and I appreciate the work you have done to present this side of the story. Unfortunately, just like I see on sites bashing the McCain/Palin ticket, your argument weakened once you headed off-center.

    Of course, even if your made-up story were fact, there was an established process that Sarah Palin could have used to solve her issue. She chose not to respect that process.

    Some of the Republicans are still trying to decide why they should support this ticket…me included.

  9. No, you look. I sat here and played around, trying to get you to think rationally about this. I tried to give you another avenue of retreat, allow you to rephrase your argument, try and sound balanced at least, but no, you refused.

    You refused to look at one important fact, that this whole story is FAKE

    “The person who first spread the Palin smear is identified as “Andrew Aucoin,” a commenter on the blog of librarian Jessamyn West. West has done the right thing in keeping the bogus comment up and pointing out in her main post that “there appears to be no truth to the claim made by the commenter, and no further documentation or support for this has turned up.””

    Get your facts straight before you come after me for bending the truth.

  10. At least back up your points with sources other than blogs for goodness sake. Come after you? Hardly.

    Now, I suppose I owe you a “thank you” for giving me another avenue of retreat? By making up another version of the so-called false story? Still doesn’t make for a sound argument.

    Sarah Palin has the power to put an end to the incessant speculation and rumor mill fodder. She could choose to speak to the media who, IMHO, seem to think she is rather wonderful. I’d like to think the same but I have no idea who she is and what she plans to do in office. I’d like to hear that from her. Maybe then, we can all get our facts straight.

    By the way, your explanation for the Bridge to Nowhere story was sound. The backfiring explanation…not so much. Your argument weighs heavily on people actually believing the polls. Your point about Palin not having enough experience…but that is OK because neither does Obama won’t hold water. Maybe they don’t have the experience necessary and, yes, Palin isn’t campaigning for President but she is on the ticket with a 72 year old POW survivor (whose father and grandfather didn’t live past his current age). “Troopergate” could be solved once and for all if the Governor would go ahead and allow the Alaska State Legislature to complete their investigation but we see that she is not content to allow that and would rather have a three person Personnel Board (one she reappointed herself) look into the matter. Trig is her business, Bristol is her business, and so are her Religious convictions…no need to go there.

    Still holding out for some facts on both sides. My point was simply that you muddy the waters you are so eager to clear up by even including conjecture in your argument. You are on to something here…few others are actually trying to look at both sides. Your snarky comments won’t keep us “fence sitters” around for long.

  11. Okay, so you are missing the point. My argument for her position on that relies on the fact that Congress cut funding to the project and she did what was in the best interest for her state, something you ignored completely. Did you even click the link I posted to the CNN article about that? Nope, guess not.

    On “Troopergate”, if you did your research, even the Democrat in charge of the investigation says she is acting in full cooperation, not trying to hide anything. She put out the documentation on this already for everyone to see and make their own judgements if you didn’t notice. Problem is, this non-issue is the only blotch on her spotless career, and you guys hope it is something bigger. If I were in her position, I would have done the same thing, especially after he tasered his 11 year=old step-son.

    You want to continue talking down to me, that is your business, but don’t twist my words or the points I make to fit some agenda of yours.

  12. Missed which point? I absolutely agree with your stance on the bridge. I get it…it sounded like a good idea while the Federal Government would foot the bill but not so much once Alaska was asked to pay for the project. I stated that your argument for the bridge was sound…meaning it is a good argument.

    Yep…clicked the CNN article on the polls. Just don’t trust the polls, that’s all.

    In my “troopergate” research, I did, indeed see that the Democrat in charge is saying that she has promised to fully cooperate (seems she has said this “6, 7, 8 times” so he has no reason to believe that she will not cooperate fully in the near future. However, she has also recently attempted to stall the procedings by stating that the State Legislature does not have the jurisdiction in the matter. Again, just as in the fictional book banning story, there are laws and processes in place to protect individuals and she could have legally had the Trooper removed – especially since his conduct has been so atrocious. Time will tell in this case. It is in Sarah Palin’s court.

    I’m not talking down to anyone. Just because I ask for clarification of your points or push back on some of your statements does not mean that I am “talking down” to you. Debate is actually a very healthy thing. I’ve admitted that I’ve learned a few things from you in the process. I’ve even told you which points I find plausible. It is all part of a dialogue. You really didn’t want everyone to just comment with blanket praise for your point of view, did you? That would be boring and rather disengenuine.

    Where did I twist your words? It was not intentional. I posted my response to your statements…from my point of view.

    “…you guys hope it is something bigger” – Again, you are making assumptions. Who are “you guys”? Does one have to be a Liberal Democrat in order to find the slightest fault with this candidate? Am I, as a lifelong registered Republican not entitled to my own opinion? I have a right to ask questions about someone who wants to lead my country. That is what I am doing. In the process, I’m finding out some very interesting information about each candidate. My current research is focused on Sarah Palin because she was just introduced to us. My agenda is simply to do my homework before I cast my vote. I’m not taking your word or anyone else’s word until I’ve checked out the sources. You seem to be doing the same.

  13. “So no books were banned. In fact, there wasn’t even a list…or a mention of a particular book. Palin just wanted to know how it might be done? Clear this one up for me if you feel led to do so”

    Got your message. Like I said, it could be someone had gone to her asking about banning books. We do see that, I mean, right-wingers did try to ban Sponge-Bob a few years ago. Either way, from what I have read, she is very diligent in her work. For all we know, she could have asked out of simple curiousity.

    Either way, liberal nuts will run with this story till they get sick of it, probably well after the election.

  14. OK, I’m willing to shelve that issue in the spirit of complete fairness. Hopefully, she will address a few of those items on my shelf when she decides that she is comfortable enough to do an interview or possibly during the much anticipated debate(s?). I think the decision to hold off on unscripted interviews has caused some of the “liberal nuts”, Right-of-Center Independents, and even some Conservative Republicans to question almost everything said about this candidate. The Republican party is essentially saying, “This is your best choice for VP and we’ll tell you about her when we decide that you need to know that information.” Repetitive Stump speeches tell the voters nothing we haven’t already heard. We want to know what kind of leader Sarah Palin is at WORK…we want details and examples of her claims of “reform”. Until she starts talking about her work experience, a lot of people will question her every move.

    Only time will tell…in the meantime, you are proving to be a voice of reason in the mix. It is easy for people to start leaning into the extremes of their position. I would caution anyone away from a stance of making Sarah Palin out to be the evil one but I’d also worry about those touting her as squeaky clean (none of us are).

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