8 comments on “Dishonesty and distortion in the press, both amateur and professional…

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  2. Let them say what they want, it goes further to discredit them. I love how they desperately cling to that poll, really pathetic when you have CNN and Zogby both conflicting with it. Stay classy you guy…

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  6. The spin is on you now. When people tell lies, it is spun the other way. When people tell truths, the spin is on again. You speak truth, therefore you must be a liar, a cheat, and no matter what you say about Obama, you are wrong even when it is truth.

    Obama surrounds himself with liars, cheaters, and tax evaders, because he wants to feel at home.

    • Well let them spin me. It is hard to cover up facts when people start digging. No matter which way they portray them, they will still come out. Geithner is a tax cheat, and while CNN and others say it was a “tax mistake”, you don’t make a mistake for 4 years straight then blame it on Turbo Tax.

      It is all out in the open for all to see. While they will twist my words, I portray theirs as they themselves said them.

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