4 comments on “Whining and complaining; Cowardice among the Democrats

  1. Great post once again.
    I have found that most of the wordpress bloggers are posting direct lies on Palin, and I believe they know they are lies and could care less. One of the blogs the other day, had a list of books she supposedly tried to ban in the library, however that story supposedly happened in 1996, but a lot of the books they listed were from 1998 or later. When called on it by even Obama supporters, they did not retract the post, they keep it out there to try and deceive.

    On things like the church, you can tell that most of the blog critics are secular liberals who hate religion (or Christianity) over anything. Nothing that was said in the quotes from the pastor is anti-America, criticizing America as the KKK, or as the producers of AIDS in black Americans. I love though, how they cannot produce audio or video for any of this.

    I think their attempts are to hurt, smear, and destroy Palin, a fierce and strong conservative that threatens their liberal views and they don’t need facts to back anything up. If you really want to see how extreme they have gotten, google the democratic underground, that, the Huffington post, and the daily KOS is their source for most of these lies. To me, their squelching is just the sound of their demise and their “death” (not literal death). I think McCain is about to have his second successful ‘surge.’ The first one gave us victory in Iraq and this one will put him in the Oval Office.

  2. Agreed. I just find it disgusting at how this slander and filth is making its way into the MSM. When the CBC, a Canadian news organization is buying into it, I think someone needs to say something. It isn’t a surprise to see CNN and MSNBC are letting these smears make their way into their broadcasts, but I find it disgusting when it isn’t isolated to just them.

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