9 comments on “Bad economic policy; Barack and Biden’s ideas for change will destroy America

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  2. Cutting loan principle is no other than pleasing the people from lower to middle classes who will potentially vote for Obama.

    Increasing tax on big corporations is to indirectly stimulate the inflation and causing them to reduce their cost by moving more manufacture to other countries. For middle class businessman, revenue of US$250,000.00 per year is not big. So, many medium to big sized business will be affected by the tax increase.

    So, I agreed with what the fact you had quoted that I understood.

    However, from America Idol, we can know that we may not be able to rationalise what Americans are thinking.

    Other than the comments on your comments, I would like to have your opinion on the following:

    America has been the one of the most influential countries in the world for many years. In case, the new president directly or indirectly causes America to lose their influence on the world (liked UK, Spain, Roman Empire, etc which are no longer dominating the world liked in the past), what will happen to the world, in political, economic and social point of view.

    **Not challenge to you but seeking your opinion** — one of your fans

  3. I am going to disagree with you on inflation. Now, if Obama promised to print more money to help handle the economic crisis, expect an increase in inflation. If Obama promised to lower interest rates to help with bank loans, then expect an increase in inflation. Corporate taxes do scare away investors, but I can’t think of anyway they directly or indirectly affect inflation.

    This corporate taxing that he wants to do will scare away business. We see the same thing here in Canada with sports teams, many of which have gone to the United States (Montreal Expos, Quebec Nordiques, Winnipeg Jets, etc), and when you scare away businesses, you kill potential jobs. It is unbelievably stupid of him to announce that in campaign commecials, which tells the investors and business owners that hard times are coming. For small business, whether they are affected directly by this, since many would be declaring company earning exceeding $250,000 a year, many could be indirectly affected by the increase as their costs go up as their suppliers are forced to raise their own prices due to a higher taxes. No matter how they spin it, their taxes will hurt the American economy.

    As for their affect with world leaders, remember that America has two tools for influencing foreign nations, their economic strength and their military. A weak economy will hurt America’s relations with countries who depend on them, like Canada and Mexico. Middle Eastern countries are hoping for another Jimmy Carter, and that is why you see many of them supporting Obama with Palestinian call centers and campaign contributions. What American needs is someone it can trust, because if the people can trust him, then the world will hopefully respect him. If the American people can’t trust him, then foreign leaders won’t respect him, and many might take advantage of him. A weak president, like Carter, will hurt your country’s position in the War on Terror.

    That means an unsafe America, that means an economically unstable America, and I doubt that is the America Americans want.

  4. Thank you for your reply.

    I have checked with more than 10 finance dictionaries. Some says, “An increase in available currency and credit resulting in a decline in their purchasing power. Such an increase results in higher prices for goods and services.” Some says, “Inflation is an increase in the general price level of goods and services; alternatively, a decrease in the purchasing power of the dollar or other currency.”

    My point is that the companies will include the tax increase as cost increase which will in turn increase the price of goods and services. If the situation is severe, purchase power of the normal people will decrease tremendously.

    Any feedback?

  5. Inflation is a ballooning of price levels, in that, what you are saying is true, as price levels increase, inflation does, so I guess I should I have stated that. From a more traditional understanding of inflation, the way I was training in second year Money and Banking was what I stated earlier. You are right though, as inflation increases, consumer purchasing power decreases.

  6. For the definition that you have, I try to understand.

    More money issued from the bank lower the currency rate, it helps the export as the goods become competitive in pricing. But it causes people to pay more for import goods and that in turn cause the inflation.

    By the way, the Alaska trooper issue brought up again and the report will be released before the election. Democrats make sure Republicans have no easy day before election. From this issue, I deeply feel that no politician is innocent, but just who is strong enough to defend himself and knock down the opponent. I am some sort of tired of this kind of ridiculous combat. Maybe I just come out of the heat and mind my own business, then watch the result on election day.

    By the way, I have bookmarked your blog. I may still read your comments. Good to learn from you. Take care.

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