2 comments on “Forgetting Gallup Rasmussen: The Popular vs the Electoral Vote

  1. Clancop:

    Go to Snopes.com and check out the reality of some of the things you say – especially the wearing of the pin or the hand over the heart.

    By the way, is that your criteria for loving a country? Slapping on a lapel pin to please people?

    We have enough of the annoying bumper stickers.

  2. Well that definitely didn’t seem to be anything but a poorly put together organization with no credibility and even few facts.

    But if you depend on them, great, shows how ignorant you are.

    You see, this is your typical “Kool-Aid” drinker. She is an over the hill, overweight and clearly ignorant Obama supporter.

    I know your kind, I met your kind in China, many couldn’t even survive the full school year, running home when things got “tough”. You are PATHETIC. Your community work means nothing, especially when you hold political position in opposition to the work you do.

    You claim to be working for others, but all you are doing is looking for a pat on the back. You sicken me touting your community work like it means anything. You go home after “doing your part” and you get to feel better, you get to lift your chin high and say “I made a difference” when those you claimed to have help return home to the lives that are still in shambles. You don’t care, you don’t really care at all, that is the fact… Obama doesn’t care, he touts it as a medal of honour, claiming it means something, when in comparison men like John McCain have fought and died for their country. He wouldn’t even wear a flag pin, and yet you award him with your vote.

    “Change and Hope”? We can only HOPE that the CHANGE he brings won’t destroy the country and cause Americans to lose confidence in the Democrats anymore then they have in the last two years, much like when Jimmy Carter took power. Obama’s whole campaign is a bumper sticker you twit, but I guess a woman who is willing to sell out her values, as well as her gender to achieve a meaningless mild-stone in America’s political history shouldn’t be expect to vote responsibly.

    You’re ignorant, “over the hill”, a disgrace to your great country and just another reason why I am proud to be Canadian and not American.

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