13 comments on “Refreshing: An Australian’s View on Obama

  1. And you, apparently, find the BULLSHIT dished out by the GOP more refreshing than a cold glass of Kool Aide? I know that, in Scotland, a sheep’s stomach, stuffed with the rest of its innards, is a delicacy. This is what they call ‘Haggis’. I guess where you are from, Bullshit is more to your liking. What do you call that, Cherry Pie maybe?

  2. This is exactly what I discussed in my previous post, the far-left is deranged and aggressive. If you want to drink the “Obama Kool-Aid” go for it, take all that garbage in, believe a man who’s list of friends have been convicted of corruption (Rezko, Kilpartick, etc) or are certifiably nuts (Wright, Pfleger, etc). And you call me crazy? Pathetic…

    I will have you know that I am Scottish/Irish, from the Murray clan, and I enjoy Haggis. You my friend are a bigot, and your support for Obama, a man who admittedly hates “typical white people”, is proof of that assertion.

  3. Wow…where to begin? Let me start by fact checking your statements:

    1. You call “The Graduate” a “cult classic”. Seeing as how “The Graduate” is #7 on the American Film Institutes list of 100 greatest movies, I don’t see how it can be referred to as a “cult classic”, a genre generally used to describe movies like “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.

    2. Your assessment of Aussie’s leaves some GIGANTIC holes. If they always tell the truth, the straight truth, and nothing but the truth, why are there entire books on the scandals of Australian politics, written by Australian political observers? Don’t believe me and feel you need an example? Read “Scandals: Media, Politics & Corruption in Contemporary Australia”. It’s available for free at:
    And that’s just the first book on Australian political scandal and media lies I found. Took all of 2 minutes to find, and a few hours to scan through.

    3. Siegel’s piece is nothing more than an opinion article. And a poorly vetted one at that. Independent analysis has debunked many of the claims in the article. For instance, the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac link with subprime loans…Fannie and Freddie are not, and have never been, allowed to give subprime loans. It is in their charter. They can’t do it. Stop blaming them for subprime lending. They gave Alt-A loans, which are a COMPLETELY different category. They failed because the market crashed. The market crashed for a lot of reasons. And then there is the “shadow market” of credit swaps that bought out mortgages, only to have the market completely freeze up later. Warren Buffet called them “financial weapons of mass destruction” some 5 years ago. They crashed the market, and when the market failed, Fannie and Freddie failed. They were the first to be bailed out because they were the only entities that had pre-existing agreements with the government, not because they caused the crisis.

    4. On trusting an “Aussie” to set me straight on the facts…when I was 10, I played field hockey (or Minkey, if you prefer). The league I played in had an exchange program with an Australian league. We hosted 2 of their players for a few weeks. The truth that I learned? As much as I am disgusted by even repeating it, I feel it necessary to do so in this case. “What do you call a black person driving a ferrari? A criminal. What do you call 10 black people driving 10 ferraris? Organized crime.” Fortunately, I didn’t trust an Aussie to set me straight.

  4. 1. “Cult” like status is a matter of opinion. It has a large following of fans, it has various spoofs and even a “sequel”, and yes, the AFI has made it one of their all time best movies. Debate it all you want, my ruling still stands.

    2. This is just stupidity from on your part. I said in MY experience you could always trust an “Aussie” to give you the honest and ugly truth when you asked for it. This is not a rule of thumb everyone lives by, nor does it mean they will never lie to you, it is MY experience about their streak of straight talk.

    3. You are definitely not an economist (I have my degree do you?), nor someone educated on the facts. Listen you idiot, market crashes like this, like the Great Crash of 1929, are usually a set of dominoes lines up waiting to be knocked down. Groups like ACORN pushed for sub-prime lending (pushing legislation which forced banks to lend), which Fannie-Mae and Freddie-Mac bought up thanks to CEO’s like Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson. This was during a housing boom a few years ago. These lending agencies where hoping the boom would last, buying up more and more loans, and when the market collapsed, everything under it fell. It wouldn’t have happened, we see market fluctuations like this on a regular basis, but what we saw was that there were holes in the system so when the market changed, everything would fall apart. Educate yourself you idiot, even Alec Baldwin knew this.

    It isn’t an opinion piece, he has his “duck in a row” on this one. It you read Stanley Kurtz’s analysis as well as other who ACTUALLY did the research into Obama’s history, you would have come to the same concluion, but you drank the Kool-Aid and now suffer from delusions. You’re derangement on this issue, the aggression you showed during this answer is downright disturbing, especially when your answers thus far are OVERLY wrong.

    4. What does your forth answer have anything to do with trust? I said that they will give you the truth, no matter how ugly it was and no matter how hard to swallow it is. Look at rap gangs these days, with people like P.Diddy and their buddies all driving expensive cars. They are actually linked to organized crime, matter of fact, Sean Combs himself has been dragged in front of a judge on numerous drug and gun related charges. While it politically incorrect to say so, seeing that blacks in America usually come from a lower income bracket then most other Americans, when do you see groups of them in places like Detroit and Chicago driving around in very expensive cars it is most likely because they have achieved these things through illegal means. I could quote others like 50 Cent who still are criminally connected, while they say otherwise, but I think we all get it.

    Problem is you don’t. Just because they told you a politically incorrect joke, it doesn’t mean a) that they are distrustful or b) that what they are saying is untrustworthy. Stereotypes exist because there is truth to them, no matter how ugly it is. A high rate of Mexican immigrants do get arrested, Germany was once adamantly racist under the Nazis, only 35% of African-American families contain both a mother and a father (you can quote Bill Cosby on that one), etc Just because you don’t want to admit it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    Stop drinking the Kool-Aid, you have had enough.

  5. A former conservative journalist/editor/author David Brock by name once wrote a book. He researched evidence for his book for several weeks. He dug through family histories and ransacked the memories and even invented one or two when his supply ran a little short. The name of the book? The Real Anita Hill. Oh you remember her. She was the one who testified, under oath, as to how when she, as his law clerk, was sexually harassed by Clarece Thomas during his confirmation hearings. In his latest book, Blinded by the Right, Mr. Brock tells how his version of events, in exoneration f Judge Thomas, he massaged the truth a bit so as to make it seem as if Anita Hill was an opportunistic slut. In other words, he lied. I have seen over the years that each and EVERY time Repubicans don’t like the message the first thing they do is attack the messenger. As I once told a pagan friend when I was mentoring her, “I will never tell you a lie”. I never did then and I am not about to start now. Each of my assertions, for those unafraid to dig for themselves, are verifyable.

  6. You my friend should put down the “Kool-Aid” and come back to reality. What does any of this have to do with the article I wrote? Answer me that!

    It is easy to see you are off the reservation completely now, quoting a book on Clarence Thomas like it should somehow mean something, IT DOESN’T. You want to know about lies?

    Barack Obama lied about his relationship to Bill Ayers, lied about what his time with Reverend Wright, lied about his Grandmother’s “racism” to defend Wright, lied about his dealing with Tony Rezko, lied about McCain’s involvement in the Keating Five, etc

    This man is a Chicago Politician, a politician raised in a corrupt environment, taught corrupt practices which have put those around him in prison, like voter fraud (I don’t think the dead nor fictional characters would vote for this man at any time if they were allowed to choose), like taking illegal funds (two Palestinians with ties to Hamas, a foreign dictator, etc), etc You see this smiling man on stage, when in reality, if you read his book, he is just as angry and as racial bias as his wife.

    Listen to Wright’s speeches again and discuss with your pagan friend (seriously? are you that out of touch that you hang around with them?) how anyone could sit in that church and listen to that kind of racism for TWENTY YEARS and not be personally twisted and social deranged.

    P.S. George W Bush isn’t on the ticket, no matter how much the Democrats believe it to be so. Seeing that you are also glossing over Bill Clinton’s record of sexual deviancy, I think it is easy to see that you can’t be trusted to be honest. Pathetic…

  7. It is quite easy to see that you are MIND LOCKED and that NOTHING anyone could say or do will EVER unlock your eyes, ears, mind or heart. In my posts I have used logic, reason AND verifyable evidence to support my words. I cannot help it if you are too deaf, dumd AND blind to dig for the truth yourself. I did. I have watched the Republican Party over the years and incidentally, the bit about the Thomas/Hill goings on was by way of a SINGLE example of the way the Republicans work. Any time they do not like the facts they tar and feather the one who brought the truth to light. Another example of how the GOP operates happened just four years ago. You may recall, although with your dead brain that may be a bit too much to hope for, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth who smeared John Kerry so badly. After the damage and the so-called liberal media made such a spectacle of it all,it was proven, yes PROVEN that these men were NOT Swift Boaters hell,they weren’t even veterans. The list of Republican smears, read that LIES, goes on and on. Oh and by the way, did you not know that Mr, Ayers is today a COLLEGE professor and was named Citizen of the Year by the GOVERNMENT in the city where he teaches? When Ayers was a ‘Weatherman’ Barach didn’t even know him. How many times have you dug into the past of any of your friends BEFORE you decided that they WERE your friends? And by the way, I hang out with Pagans because I am PROUD to be one, and HAVE been one for years. Pagans/Wiccans live by the simple tenet, known as the Wiccan Rede, “Do as thou wilt, and it harm none”. This tells us that no matter what we may do in life, in relations, in spellwork or any other activity that whatever we do it shall bring harm to NOTHING, no insect, not tree, not any animal life, not to mankind and certainly no to mother Earth. We have respect for ALL of existence. We even respect the mentally unsound, i.e. Republicans.

  8. Pagan, Wicans and the rest of you are a joke. New age “faiths” ignorantly copy the ignorance of people centuries upon centuries ago. These are the same faiths that practiced human sacrifice, the same faiths that believed that the sun didn’t rise because of the misdeeds of their people, the same faiths that preached ignorance and false idol worship. Oh, I know your kind well, the ignorant, the narrow minded and the downright stupid. You want to talk about mentally unsound? You and your rejects resurrected beliefs that weren’t only proven incorrect, but even without the scientific knowledge we have today, they knew that these beliefs were downright dumb.

    You want to defend Ayers? Okay, fine. Those who have commended him, are the same people arrested on charges of corruption. Jack Arvey, a man who masterminded Obama’s rise to power, well before he died, Barack wouldn’t even talk to him because of how this man was being perceived by the public, couldn’t risk losing face to speak up for a man who he owes much of his political existence. Yes Ayers is a teacher, he is in Venezuela teaching militants the lessons he learned in the Weathermen Underground.

    Is that the man anyone should stick up for? Him and his wife are UNREPENTENT, the brag about their deeds, wishing they could have done more. You don’t dare defend a monster like him. These aren’t lies, there is one video to prove you stupid, here is another…

    You defend him, you are the same in my eyes, and the eyes of many North Americans. You are what is wrong with our great countries, your abuse of the rights many have fought and died for disgusts me. You spit on the graves of our soldiers, you spit in the eyes of our veterans, you dare to tarnish the deeds they fought to achieve… You are pathetic, mentally disturbed, and I hope you go on alienating yourself from the rest of society.

    We don’t need you holding back the greatness of our nations to push some far-left lunacy. I have opened my heart, I was in China doing everything I could to make my students’ lives better. I open my mind through the education I worked hard to attain in university, and everything else has been opened by the life I lead and what I have seen so far in it. I hold to Christianity because, unlike your disturbed beliefs, mine have brought so much hope and assistance local Missions, Christian aid organizations, etc) to the world when others have brought death and destruction.

    Lincoln fought against slavery, King fought against segregation, Reagan fought against terrorism, and McCain fought against socialism… That is the measure of the Republican Party, LEARN IT! You are the narrow minded one who hasn’t decided to remain ignorant to what these men have done for their country. No one or party is perfect, and your quoting of one incident doesn’t diminish the long record of accomplishments the GOP brought to America. If I were American, you know I would vote for them because of their long proud history…

    All you are is ignorant and disturbed. I am now removing the right I gave you to post on my website. You come here and smear and slander me and those I support, you don’t deserve to have your voice heard. I have played nice, now I will not play anymore. GET LOST!

  9. Incidentally, at the time of ‘The Weathermen’ BVarach Obama was EIGHT years old. Now, as to Avery, what’s past is PAST and is of ABSOLUTELY no relevance to today. Who among you would attack a convicted felon who, during his incarceration, found God and became a Minister of the Gospel? Nevermind the fact that this man served time for rape, murder, arson, or any of a hundred other heinous crimes. He has been REFORMED. If his life since is any judge, I’d say Ayres fits such a profile to a tee. Now, you GOPhers, go out and find something, ANYTHING, based on facts and truth, where you can LEGITAMATLY attack ANY portion of Obama’s character.

  10. Okay, I will let this one comment through just to make you look as stupid as you sound…

    So he was eight years old when all this happened? You sure? The Weathermen bombings yes, but not Ayers continued radicalism through his “education programs” and not when he provided funding to the AAAN, a group with extremists ties like Palestinian terrorist groups. When did Ayers reform? Do you have a date? I do, 1998…


    Does he sound “rehabilitated” to you? No, he doesn’t does he? He has since spoken about using violence again if “necessary”. Now would you be friends with a person like that? A person who continues to preach anti-American hate and discusses going out bombing again if “necessary”? You might, seeing how loopy you are, but no normal person would be friends with him.

    Legitimately attack him? Sure, Wright, Pfleger, Farrakhan… Three radical and racist religious leaders he has befriended and spent time listening to. Khalidi, the radical former PLO member he is good friends with. Raila Odinga, the Kenyan tyrant Obama campaigned for in last year before his supporters went out and killed 1,500 people. Obama then went back this year to stir up ethnic and religious tension again, ignoring that last time he did it, he got 1,500 people killed. Is that legitimate enough for you?

    Ayers didn’t serve time, and Jesus teaches us to forgive those who have, those who have paid their debt to society.. We are not perfect, but Obama is certainly NOT an acception to that rule. A man who couldn’t get a job with the FBI because of his connections is running for President, and I am just dumbfound morons like you support him.


  11. I do NOT give a rat’s rectum about Ayers FOURTY YEARS AGO but I DO have concerns about the racist leanings of TOO many leaders oftoday’s ‘religious right’. I am ALSO concerned by the FACT that Strom Thurmon left the Democratic Party BECAUSE, belatedly, they REALIZED that “We the People” is ALL INCLUSIVE. For MANY years the GOP fought AGAINST civil RIGHT for BLACK Americans. This was the reason Thurmon DESERTED the Democratic Party and FOUND a home with the GOP. I just wonder WHEN Connie Rice will realize just WHY she was put into the position she ho;ds. A woman AND a black. The GOP DOUBLE DIPPED with her.

  12. I am AGAINST the Republican Party as it exist today. For EIGHT years, under Bush, six of which he had a REPUBLICAN majority in Congress, the GOP has sought AND found MANY ways in which they could and DID, weaken Constitutionally described MANDATES.

  13. Are you crazy? Fighting against black rights? They fought against the Jim Crow laws, fought against slavery before that. You tell Bob Parks, Juan Williams, Larry Elder, etc that they are part of a party which is against them, I dare you. Your replies ignore the facts, you refuse to even explain why Jefferson Davis and Woodrow Wilson, both Democrats, tried to keep a “brotha down”, why is that?

    Inclusive? You tell that to Harriet Christian…

    This is why groups like PUMA have left the Democrats, this is why those like Joe Lieberman have gone to support John McCain, so where is your answer to that? It was Ronald Reagan who gave Colin Powell his big break, it was George W. Bush who gave Condoleezza Rice her start, and none of that would have even been possible with men like Martin Luther King Jr, a register Republican. What do you have to say to all this? You mention Strom Thurmond (learn how to spell you twit).

    Thurmond was a segregationist WITH the Democrats. Switched parties to support Richard Nixon, but then went on to change his ways under Ronald Reagan, voting for extending the Voting Rights Act and making the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. a federal holiday. What a racist eh? The man changed his stripes, and he never was a member of the KKK, unlike Democrat Robert Byrd. Don’t like the facts now do you?

    What mandates have they passed to weaken the Constitution? You see, I can back up what I say, you just quote rhetoric and go off on rants. Not a surprise coming from a “Wican” twit like you. Following a faith long dead thanks to science, thanks to common sense, but I guess you don’t like facts and “truth” is an ugly word right?

    Honestly, you are delusional, just keep it up, my readers just get to see how much of a nut you are. Angry much? Guess you aren’t following your “Wican” faith anymore are you? Sad and overly pathetic…

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