4 comments on “A Measure of a Man: McCain and the Keating Five, Obama and the Chicago Machine

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  2. this was such a great piece–I cross posted it intact! THANK YOU! for having such insight, and writing the way you do. The fraud being perpetrated is unbelievable.

  3. It’s interesting that you can assume inappropriate “Chicago Machine” relationships for Sen. Obama but you deny known inappropriate relationships between McCain and Keating. And his misdeeds range more to the tune of 3 billion. It establishes a pattern of behavior displayed by McCain that is quite frankly corrupt to the core. Obama may not be squeaky clean (no one in D.C. is – or Ottawa for that matter), yet he’s not coated with the three decades of grime that smothers McCain. 8 years ago Obama drove a 10 year old car and couldn’t get a ticket to the DNC. McCain was converting half of his failed-campaign money into personal assets.

    McCain is eager to reach across the aisle to point the finger at Dodd and Frank. Yet he can’t be bipartisan enough to lay blame at the feet of the 40+ Republican members of congressional senate oversight committees? Some Maverick. Why can’t he admit to the culpability of his own party, his own president? Even O’Reilly and Limbaugh aren’t dumb enough to deny that. This is the result of deregulation, a tactic by which McCain has grown exceedingly wealthy.

    I appreciate the comments you sent to my blog. I posted them, grateful for the insights. I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for and your anger doesn’t consume you.

    Try reading the MacCain piece it is a pretty fun piece of satire. Shakespeare would have laughed.

  4. Squeaky clean? Hardly, Obama just covered his tracks, but those like Stanley Kurtz found out what he didn’t want known. He lied about his connection to Ayers, how close they were, etc These two are buddies, he wrote a pre-published review for Ayer’s “A Kind and Just Parent”, you know the kind of review that is slapped on the back of the book? Now that shows a level of trust between Obama and Ayers that isn’t a simple association. Let’s not forget his racist pastors (Wright, Pfleger) and his connection to ACORN.

    The Keating Five? Yes I did read it you mental midget and I will tell you now, even the ethics committee investigators like Bob Bennett said he shouldn’t even be part of the investigation, but thanks to partisan inference, he and Glenn were kept on because “The Keating Three”, those who were “guilty” of wrong doing, were Democrats. Yes, that is right, Democrats wanted him in the loop to keep this from being a Democratic scandal, especially with elections around the corner. Once again, the head of the oversight committee is Chris Dodd, a Democrat and Fannie-Mae stooge. Him and the black senate committee halted action against the lending giant, even accusing Republicans of being racist for going after Franklin Raines. Pathetic… Go ahead, look it up, I actually did the research unlike you.

    Bush, House Republicans and then McCain wanted regulation for this. Look it up, they even have the committee meeting where Democrats, like Waters and Frank shot down Republican’s request for regulation.

    There is the video itself you moron. Why did they block Republican efforts? Because they were on the take. Obama is actually the #2 on the sheer volume of Fannie-Mae’s donations, second to Dodd himself.

    Why does McCain have money? Well, you are definitely not a genius since it is his wife, Cindy, who has the money. Her father got rich by starting up his own company after returning from the Second World War. He married into money, that is where it all came from. No, those houses aren’t his, they belong to Cindy (most are investments, a few for other family members). Do you even bother doing research?

    Deregulation is to allow the market to work without the “invisible” hand of the government. Everyone does better when the markets are left alone. How do I know this? I have a degree in economics… Are you an economist? Don’t think so.

    I don’t care about Shakespeare, he is depressing and highly overrated. A coward who ran away from his wife and children to tour the country with his sponsor and lover. He isn’t impressive and neither are you…

    P.S. Anger? Anger is useful, it is a driving force, it gets things done, but you haven’t even seen me angry, just annoyed because people as dumb have the vote and you don’t get it. Obama doesn’t care, if he did, he wouldn’t have let the first bailout fail and cost the middle class (the people he pretends to have feelings for) 1.2 trillion dollars. So long 401Ks…

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