2 comments on “Where is your answer Barack?

  1. That was my first thot too, that Obama was not playing by the rules they had agreed to, several times arguing with Brokaw about changing the rules to suit HIS needs after the fact. Just gave me that sinking feeling I have had for the last 8 years, here we go again, another arrogant moron who thinks he doesn’t have to play by the rules anyone else does, just like Bush!

  2. I don’t believe President Bush was arrogant, and I would also like to direct you to another post I wrote about the economy and why America is in the position it is in now…


    In any event, I do agree with you have Obama is arrogant. The man made his own presidential seal (illegal), has started minting his own commemorative coin, already hired a team to help him move into the White House, etc This man is clearly delusional and is certifiably a megalomaniac.

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