5 comments on “Up is down and the sky is pink; The illogic of the radical left

  1. I have other things to do than get into a verbal back and forth with you. I guess you don’t realize I think you’re the moron drinking the kool-aid, or that you’re the idiot, but since you’re name calling I thought I’d add that. You seem to think that McCain is perfect–keep thinking that. And I will keep thinking my way.

  2. And one of the morons speak. I read your awful shrine to Obama, I sat there and read through your ignorance and yet you didn’t grant me the same respect. I never said he was perfect, matter of fact, I have slapped him for being imperfect, but his “sins” are far outweighed by the “sins” of the one you support, the one you think is perfect (ya, I saw that in your writing).

    Drinking the “Kool-Aid”? I have read about the Keating Five, “Troopergate”, Bristol’s pregnancy, etc I have done the research, but you refuse to take the steps I have to educate yourself on the man you have built a demented shrine to. Have you read Dreams From My Father? Do you even understand his racial hatred for “the white man”? He has a chapter on how black nationalism is dependent on this hatred, matter of fact, he even quotes the first sermon he heard in Trinity United which spoke of this, comparing whites in America to the Egyptians of the Old Testament. How do I know that? BECAUSE I READ THE BOOK YOU TWIT!

    Spend sometime, read what I wrote on Obama’s relationship to Ayers, ACORN and now Rashid Khalidi, do yourself a favour, actually educate yourself on a man who you are willing to sign America over to.

    For God’s sake, put the “Kool-Aid” down, you have had more than enough…

  3. Thank you, Clancop, for your unexpected visit to my site and for your comments.

    I did update my earlier post,


    noting McCain’s recent change of heart. He has made a wise and admirable choice, in my opinion, in deciding to back off from his personal attacks on Obama and in reining in the irrational anger that many of his supporters are showing at his rallies.

    McCain yesterday described Obama as “a decent family man (and) citizen that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues.”

    The article from which the quote is taken is here:

    So do you agree with McCain or not? Personally, I don’t think McCain ever believed Obama was the sort of sketchy, untrustworthy character that you wish to paint him as. I think he chose to characterize him that way because he thought doing so would be politically convenient, but he has since decided that it was neither honest nor a good strategy.

    As for Palin, give me a break. She’s simply unqualified to be Vice- President. The Couric interviews demonstrate her lack of basic knowledge of the issues. She was chosen for the cynical political calculation of appealing to the Christian conservatives who never liked McCain.

    Finally, I was not able to verify the quote you attribute to Rudy Giuliani: “Republicans don’t win polls. They win elections.” Did he really say that? I lived in NYC for nearly all of Rudy’s administration, and he certainly won polls and elections.

    So are you implying that the polls are inaccurate and are thus inflating Obama’s popularity? If so, what evidence is there for this?

    The quote sounds earlier similar to Josef Stalin’s: “What matters is not who casts the vote, but who counts the votes.” To say that Republicans win elections but not polls suggests that either the polls are invalid (favoring Democrats) or that the elections are rigged (favoring Republicans).

    And I don’t drink Kool-Aid. But, NYC liberal that I am, I do drink white wine, and on the evening of November 4, I expect to be raising a glass to victory, to change, and to the election of the first great president of my lifetime.

    PS Calling those with whom you disagree names such as “moron” and “twit” is generally not a good strategy.

  4. McCain is trying to run an honourable campaign. He could sink Obama if he played dirty like “The One” does. Lying about the Keating Five, lying about his record of reform, lying about his relationships with Ayers, Khalidi, etc John McCain has more honour and decency in his “pinky” then Barack could ever fake. He has dedicated his life to his country, he is doing what he believes he must to win, and he is doing it to show you twits who Barack really is, expect you are too stupid to realize it.

    There is nothing dishonourable about attacking his character, Barack does it all the time, Biden even questioned whether or not Palin could be Vice-President with a Down syndrome child, and yet you overlook that. You attacked her on her daughter’s pregnancy and yet discussing Barack’s friends is somehow wrong? That’s right, they are friends, Barack actually met Michelle at the same law firm Bernadine Dohrn, Ayers’ wife, worked at. Michelle actually helped organize the “coming out” party at the Ayers/Dorhn house. So am I a racist now for discussing this? Obama is scared, the MSM is scared, you guys are scared because once you know who Obama REALLY IS, you won’t like him anymore.

    This is politics you twit, you grow a spine or you leave the game. if Barack and his supporters can’t take insults, they better find something else to do. For a group of morons discussing how evil President Bush is, calling him everything from a fascist to a genocidal murderer, you sure like to play victim don’t you? You’re hypocrites, sad, pathetic, hypocrites.

    Sarah Palin’s experience? Have you even done any research you mental midget? Mayor, business co-owner, oil and gas commissioner,and governor, so ya I think that is enough experience. She pioneered the the Alaskan Pipeline Project, providing gas for the Lower 48, something those before her couldn’t get off the ground. She had to work with Canadian officials to get that through, there is your foreign experience. She organized the Alaskan National Guard, sent the down to help Governor Bobby Jindal with Hurricane Ike relief, so ya military deployment experience. Barack has nothing, he is running for President and you are okay with it, yet Palin has more and she is running for Vice-President and you are somehow terrified? Tell me you moron, because for you to believe that you are one, how do you justify lowering the bar for Barack and raising it for Palin?

    Yes Giuliani said that, he said it last week when asked if he was worried about the polls right now. Don’t you get TV under that rock where you obviously live? Yes I do think the polls are inflated, and that is a concern a few in the Obama campaign have raised, especially when some polls put them withing 2 or 3 points. Missed that one too eh?

    You want to talk about Joseph Stalin, what about the Obama Children’s Chorus, or that Obama Youth Sqaud? What about the sign of “O”, the “Progress” salute? Oh ya, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, you name them, they would love it. Look up the definition of a “cult of personality” and REALLY ask yourself, is that what is going on here? You better believe it.

    I use insults because I am sick and tired of repeating myself. I spend a lot of time doing ACTUALLY research and writing for the benefit of idiots like you to educate yourself. I seem to be wasting my time, especially when you refuse to even acknowledge that cup of “Kool-Aid” you have been nursing while writing your comment. Put it down, you have had more than enough…

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