3 comments on “Gay High School?

  1. My husband (an Obama supporter) and I (a McCain supporter) both see these trends among our university students (and I had the joy of seeing it during the single year I taught eighth graders). The sense of entitlement and ‘I am a victim,’ attitude has become so rampant at all levels of education, that his university is actually calling this the ‘millennial’ problem (e.g., these are the ‘millennial students, etc.). This is the first semester I’ve had students from previous semesters (in fact two semesters ago) contacting me to ask me ‘what I’m going to do’ to ‘fix’ the bad grades they received under me. I’ve had parents threaten to sue the university I’m at unless a grade is changed. I’m not surprised to hear this kind of attitude is being expanded to include special schools for the specially ‘entitled.’ It’s all part of a piece. Sen. Graham was right – we’ve become a nation of whiners.

  2. Well you show your husband the article I did on Obama’s connection to Raila Odinga. That will set him straight, trust me, no one would vote for that man after doing research into his meddling in the Kenyan presidential race.

    These students are pansies, I have no use for someone who isn’t willing to work for what they get. You tell them and their parents, real straight talk, that if they don’t study, there is nothing you can do.

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