5 comments on “Islamic Radicalism and Genocide: Barack’s Counsin Raila Odinga

  1. You should send this to Hannity if he hasn’t covered it yet. I was reading on another blog about Obama’s birth certificate (possibly, yet unconfirmed) surfacing from Kenya instead of Hawaii, meaning he may not even be a US citizen. Since you’re on the topic of Kenya, have you come across any of this?

    EXPOSE, EXPOSE, EXPOSE. Very short time to do it. Let the people hear.

  2. I read about that, but I am not really buying it. Do I think it sounds fishy? Ya, but let’s try to take him at his word on this, even though he has been lying constantly lately. I am not going to jump on some bandwagon without a solid piece of proof.

    With this story, I was skeptical at first, but I watched the Youtube videos, read the Washington Times article, went back and dug up a lot of information for other sources about this before actually believing it. As a side note to this, I mentioned above that some sources say Barack Obama told Odinga to challenge the election results, but I am skeptical on the validity of this claim. Would it surprise me if it was verified? Not at all, especially with what we are hearing about his political practices with voter fraud, especially his connection to ACORN. With that said though, I will let the read decide.

    If you want, forward the Washington Times article to Sean Hannity, also, send it off to Mark Levin and a few others while you are at it. It would be nice to see serious coverage on this story before November.

  3. I actually heard some conservative talk show host talking about the birth certicate issue, saying that if he already submitted his birth certificate which was from Hawaii, then why does he have his people in court blocking an attempt to investigate it.

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