2 comments on “Big problems for Little Big Planet

  1. There were two verses from the Kor’an in the song Tapha Niang by Toumani Diabaté that played in the original version of Little Big Planet:

    “kollo nafsin tha’iqatol mawt”, literally: ‘Every soul shall have the taste of death’

    ”kollo man alaiha fan”, literally: ‘All that is on earth will perish’

    A little bit gets lost in translation but, in fact, Diabaté is singing a sort of wake song about his dead brother Mustapha. The sentiment is similar to Kansas’s ‘Dust in the wind’. In using these verses from the Kor’an, Diabaté is consoling himself with the fact that everybody and everything dies eventually. Dying is part of life.

    You can argue the merits of that lesson all you want but it’s hardly controversial. The controversy comes in because certain right wing conservative Muslims don’t like their holy book set to music. They think its blasphemy. They’re a vocal minority and they pressured Sony into pulling the song.

    Dr. Jasser makes the point that pulling the song was a slap against the freedom of expression. I agree with him. If these right wing Muslims don’t like the song, they don’t have buy Little Big Planet. That goes for you too.

    As for your views on Muslims in general, I hardly know where to begin. Just like with Christians, there are relatively small groups of people in the Islamic faith who are basically hardcore, right-wing, conservative fanatics. Just like the Christian fundamentalists, the jihadists purport to speak for their entire faith, though they clearly do not. In fact, most Muslims nice people and very friendly towards Westerners, whether they live in Ottawa or Tehran.

    Back to the jihadists; just because they are right wing nuts whose rhetoric and tactics are often reprehensible, it does not mean that they don’t have legitimate grievances. As far as the West is concerned, and the United States in particular, they have a lot of legitimate grievances, not the least of which is our propensity to occupy their land, take their natural resources and bomb the shit out of their homes.

    As for why we should fight an enemy that we can’t even name, well, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Why should we fight this so-called war on terror anyway? We’ve killed a hundred times more people than the number who died on 9/11. Why don’t we just call a truce or declare victory. Either one would be fine with me.

  2. Well I don’t know where to begin with you. It is clear from your answer you have been watching too much politically correct TV.

    Firstly, how does any of this belong in video game, let alone one that is directed at children? Little Big Planet is one of the few PS3 games with an E for Everyone rating. We have had Muslims and Hindus complaining about Christian influence, matter of fact, conservative groups in India have been trying to ban Valentines Day for years, so why is there a double standard? Do you care to explain that or will you just continue making excuses for the content itself?

    I hate when the ignorant compare Islam to Christianity. Tell me the last time you saw a Christian walk into a crowded market and blow themselves up? Tell me the last time you saw a Christian stone a woman to death for being raped? Tell me the last time you saw a Christian call for the death of a cartoonist who mocked Jesus? Do your research before making a baseless claim like that…

    Mohammed appointed himself a prophet, went on a “crusade” to convert non-believers by the sword, and was finally stopped when the Turks were defeated by a combined Christian forces and pushed them out of Europe. The Qur’an preaches intolerance, while the Bible demands understanding and forgiveness. Mohammed had even lowly slaves executed for criticizing him, while Jesus spokes of “turning the other cheek”. Islam allows for child brides, multiple wives and spousal abuse. Name me one verse in the Bible that talks about Jesus marrying a six-year-old child?

    I am deeply offended every time I hear that comparison, especially when Christians have bent over backwards to be “tolerant” of other faiths. And what do they do for us in return? Kill our aid workers…

    If it was such a minority, why do they have such influence in Africa and the Middle East? If they are such a small percentage of the population, how come they control the media and preach antisemitism through children shows? How come fundamentalism is exploding in Europe and in the Middle East? If you want to go on and point to the crusade as a sign of Christian tyranny, don’t forget it was Mohammed’s armies that first went into the Holy Land and slaughters 40,000 men, women and children before the crusaders even mounted their horses. Do you research you prick…

    As for the war, this isn’t about a “body count” as you guys have constantly pointed out, it is about providing a safe environment, free of Islamic radicalism and the grip it holds on countries around the world through its terror campaigns. You guys are whining and complaining about going to Darfur, where Muslims have massacred black Christians because of their skin colour and faith. You support a candidate who has support Raila Odinga, a man who’s supporters killed 1,500 Kenyan Christians in their cross-country genocide last year. This isn’t about 9/11 itself you twit, it is about future 9/11s, future British subway bombings, future Madrid bombings, future Bali bombings, future Jordanian hotel explosions, future USS Cole attacks, etc This is a war against intolerance, fear and downright evil, something you refuse to even comprehend, let alone understand.

    As Patton said about the Germans in WWII, we must call them what they are and kill them every time they show themselves. Not just kill them, but brutally murder them in such a way that they will not do it again. If you can’t understand that, understand the danger they represent, understand why we are fighting them “over there” and not on our own soil, then you don’t even deserve to live in America, let alone vote for the next President.

    You ignorance infuriates me, SMARTEN UP OR GET LOST!

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