5 comments on “Double Standards of the Mainstream Media: Dropping the Bar for Obama While Raising it for Palin

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  2. WOW, do you make your own tin-foil hats too? Do you have an economics degree from a reputable institution or do you simply listen to the voices in your head (read your ill-informed post on the “real” reason Wall Street collapsed)? Buddy, you’re crazy, seek help NOW! Your own blog is covered in certifiable lunacy. I can’t imagine that someone as stupid as you exists…

    There is nothing to debate here, you don’t even have facts from THIS DIMENSION, so I don’t even know where to begin with a nut like you. Maybe I should start by telling you the sky is blue here. Does that help? How about let’s go on to the fact that it was the collapse of the housing market that started this ball rolling… Too far too fast?

    Seems my popularity has gone up, now I get stalked by mental midgets like professional bloggers do. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about, your bullshit might fly on the Daily Kos, but not here, not on my blog, GET LOST!

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