2 comments on “Economics For Dummies, Most of Whom Support Barack Obama

  1. So what do you want me to say? That Bush is doing almost everything right? He has an additional $47 billion in new revenue, he reopened the border to Canadian beef, brought America back to the table over the soft-wood lumber ordeal… He needs to spend less, but with 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, and two wars, you really can’t blame him…

    John McCain wants to help medicare through competition. Allow people and businesses to travel across State lines to “shop around”. Dr. David Gratzer, the author of The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care, pretty much said the same thing in his book, discussing that the “socialized medicare” system would be disastrous. You also have John freezing spending across the board, allowing for a smarter approach to government spending. The debt needs to be paid down, and I don’t see Obama doing that with nearly a trillion dollars in new spending.

    Don’t forget that McCain also wants to make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent, wants to cut taxes across the board once again, and you have a more investment/business friendly market. That will prevent jobs from going overseas, not this bullshit Obama is proposing. While I am not a fan of the bailout, it was a necessary evil, and will say McCain did his best to handle it.

    What do you want me to say? 74% of CEOs prefer McCain’s economic plan to Obama, and those who do support Barack are hoping that he will not implement his awful tax plan. When The Heritage Foundation is calling his disastrous, maybe you should start listening.

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