11 comments on “Spinelessness; Barack Obama’s love for the “Chicken Button”

  1. How can you tell if Obama has robbed your home ?

    50 % of everything is missing.

    What is the first thing Bill Clinton taught Obama ?

    Have a good drycleaaner that makes house calls on speed dial , you never know when you will need a dress cleaned.

    What is the difference between Joe Bidon and the mafia ?

    The mafia has more respect.

    The arbor day foundation has now ban the planting of oaks, we dont want anymore acorns.

    Why was Joe Bidon fired as an auctioneer ?

    Do I hear 250000.00 no 150000.00 no 125000.00 no wait 42000.00?

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  6. Perhaps you should take your own advice – do some research. As it has clearly been outlined, numerous times, in numerous outlets, a “present” vote in the Illinois state legislature is not the equivalent to that in the national legislature. Furthermore, as was made clear in the original article, Barack Obama voted present only 129 times out of the roughly 4,000 times he voted – about 3%.

    As a journalist, we are constantly faced with weighing out what is the most important news and what the public needs to know. What this story is pushing toward is not a promotion of Obama, or a denigration of congressman Boehner, but an evaluation of the political rhetoric in this country.

    I for one, am sick of the cheap character assassinations that have been leveled by both parties. I want to see robust discourse about actual issues and I think the public needs to know when their representatives are wasting time and money attacking party opponents on unsubstantial issues.

    I would love to see Boehner address Obama’s tax plan. I would love to see him talk about his foreign policy. But instead, I’m forced to sit there and listen to him call Obama a “chicken shit” for doing something that Boehner himself clearly knows is not cowardly or weak.

    I’m not an advocate for either party and if a democrat had issued such claims, that article would have been about him. I’m simply pushing for dignified, constructive speaking and an end to this half-true bullshit.

    Charlie Turner

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