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  1. clancop..I am just as dumbfounded. Overheard at a restuarant..Now we have obama buying our gas,paying for our mortgage…. I was stumped. I never knew how many Americans were idiots and downright stupid…now I know.

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  3. I am just dumbfounded. I wrote I don’t know how many blog entries on economic issues, media bias, etc and yet they still swallowed it down…

  4. Some journalists asked those supporters why they voted for Obama. They would say Obama gathered those economists to think of how to solve the economic crisis, so he should be able to save them from the crisis.

    Some said Obama could be the first African American President, their children could be anyone they wanted.

    Some said that his win meant African Americans were finally free (where Obama’s ancestors were never slaves in America).

    False or distanced hopes and confusion that brought Obama to White House.

  5. “False or distanced hopes and confusion that brought Obama to White House.”

    No truer words have been spoken thus far on why a far-left radical like Obama could be elected President.

  6. Half of America is estatic and the other half disappointed, which is generally true of our presidential elections. Just over half of America actually elects our president (in this case with 52% of the popular vote – with only 64% of eligible voters turning out).
    Tommy Lasorda (former Dodger manager) used to say something along the lines of – You’re guaranteed to win 50 games and lose 50 games. It’s what you do with the remaining 62 that make a difference.
    In this case (as is generally true), about 8% of voters were what made the difference – (maybe) along with the 35% who chose to not vote.

  7. What’s up C. Lancop? I see your staying true to yourself. Or Should I say “your sticking to your guns”.

    Thought I’d pay you a visit and check to see if you were flip flopping. Or if you took a fork and stabbed yourself in the eyes after seeing a “brotha” win the Presidency.

    One thing I did not know was that your Canadian.

    I know your going to call me a “twit” or “stupid”. You’ve called me it so much the past week, I’m de-sensitized to it.

    I also didn’t know you were clairvoyant. You’ve got this whole Obama Presidency figured out.

    Here’s to the next four years of common sense prevailing.

    No, that does not mean you C. Lancop. Nor does it reference what you perceive to be common sense AMERICAN electoral politics.

    Stick to the way you do things in Canada…

    By the way, don’t you guys have socialized health insurance?

  8. Yes and no. The health care system varies from province to province, but it is so broken our doctors run south for jobs. Staying in Canada means extra work and little pay.

    Another problem with our system is the waiting periods. Waiting times to see a doctor can be frustrating. I once waiting three hours in a waiting room to then have the doctor tell me he couldn’t prescribe me medicine since he simply didn’t want to (having a bad day, decided to take it out on me and my ex). Waiting times for procedures can be a few days wait, like when my brother broke his arm, and was forced to wait almost a week for surgery, or it can be a few months, like with cancer treatment. A few months can mean the difference between life and death in that fight, so many Canadians travel to the United States and receive treatment.

    Me flip-flop? Hardly… But Obama just did. One of his advisers phone up the Canadian Prime Minister to tell him he wouldn’t be renegotiating NAFTA, a promise he made several times to the American people during his campaign. How does that make you feel? breaking his promises before even being sworn in?

    Hahaha I warned you guys, but no one believed me…

  9. Sometimes, something (not our preference) happens may turn out good.

    Obama elected can stop those African Americans keep on finding excuses to blame others (especially the whites) for their failure in life.

    Obama elected may have turned riots into celebrations.

    Hope that as someone said 4 years later, GOP may be able to get a better candidate to be candidate for next election.

  10. I have no doubt that he will be remembered as the worst president in American history. By far.
    We are so screwed.
    I am equally amazed at the stupidity of the people who voted in this liberal muslim socialist.
    we are so totally screwed.
    I get sick to my stomach just thinking of the damage he’s going to do in the years ahead.

  11. I am not going to follow this belief that he is a Muslim. I do believe that he used to be, that is until he converted to Black Liberation Theology. I do agree that he is a proud socialist, he says as much in his first book, but I am starting to wonder about what other personal beliefs he is hiding.

    He is pro-abortion, he has bigoted beliefs… But I am wondering if he actually believes “He is THE ONE”. Oprah and others sure think so, and him being a megalomaniac makes me think he also believes in his “religious” importance…

    God save us from those who curse his name while promoting “false prophets” like Obama…

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