5 comments on “The Candidate Who Couldn’t Win Did: How Barack Obama Won the Presidency

  1. Obama knows that he was selected by the New World Order.

    He knows he just bought and stole the election.

    He knows the media got him elected.

    He knows he is an illegal alien.

    He knows that he is really just a pretentious ‘mutt’

    He is desperate for some validation because he is just white trash! :mrgreen:

    “Out damn spot. Out I say. Who would have thought the old man had so much blood in him. All the perfumes of Arabia shall not sweeten this little hand.” -Macbeth

  2. President George HW Bush sent the first US troops into Somalia, in December 1992. The stated goal at the time was to secure the delivery of humanitarian assistance. However, the root of United States interest in the region was, has, and always will be the safe passage of freighters and tankers through the Gulf of Aden and around the horn of Africa.

    To say that Bill Clinton “started” a disatrous conflict in Somalia is not factually true. You must be referring to the US military Task Force Ranger and their failure to secure or capture General Muhammed Farah Aideed in support of the United Nations Mission that was underway there in 1993. In October 1993, Task Force Ranger suffered heavy casualties in a two day battle with partisan and civilian elements of Aideed’s forces. Following the failure of Task Force Ranger, the Clinton Administration undertook a complete review of the US mission in Somalia and concluded to discontinue pursuit of General Aideed and withdraw all US forces by 31 March 1994. Secretary of Defense Les Aspin stepped down, taking most of the blame for the previous failures.

    As Commander-in-Chief, Bill Clinton was ultimately responsible for the CF that was Somalia in 1993. There was a lot of blame to go around, however. Much of it came from the Bush I administration who, in their last month in office, handed off a serious mess to Clinton.

    While we’re on the topic of Somalia and blame; 12 years after the initial invasion, it’s still a hell hole. More recent reasons for why this is still the case include the Bush administration’s decision to try and topple the first stable government the country had seen in 30 years, the Islamic Court Union. In December 2006, the United States sponsored the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia. Since that time, Somalia has continued to be in a state of civil war. Whatever happened to “you break it, you own it”?

  3. Well he was in power when the “shit hit the fan”…

    Do a little more research. With a quick 5 minute Google search, I was able to prove you stupid. While H.W. Bush was in there giving UN support, and I guess you could argue that he “started it”, Clinton was in there “nation building”…

    Instead of being happy with simply providing support of UN workers, Clinton wanted to establish a “safe environment” in the region, to “plant the seeds for democracy”, thus dramatically changing the direction of the operation. What mess are you talking about? He changed the mission himself, increased troop levels and decided to turn Somalia into one of his “early victories”. It didn’t work out too well, that is what happened, and Lee Aspin, being a loyal Clintonite, fell on his sword to protect his master. Not too quick are you?

    You like to play this “blame game” with President W. Bush, blaming him for everything that went wrong on Clinton’s watch, the IT collapse, 9/11, etc but you refuse to admit that “your guys” could make a mistake. I have torn out Republicans and Conservative bloggers on my blog, I am not pleased with the way the right has been acting, especially with the bailout, but I am not going to sit back and let your conspiracy theories go unanswered because of it.

    You want to play this game, you picked the wrong person to play with.

  4. That is not the correction I was looking for. The difference between H.W. Bush’s efforts there and Clinton’s was troop involvement and the overall objectives to be reached. Bush Sr jumped in there in defence of UN aid forces, while Clinton wanted to change the very political structure of the country.

    It is the difference between a peace keeping detachment and an invasionary force…

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