3 comments on “Troubling; Another step towards socialism…

  1. Oh yeah. Great stuff! I mean, heaven forbid that fascist pig Obama gets people to start volunteering their time to actually help other people. The bastard! I can’t imagine why this supposedly “Harvard” educated man would want to fix a health care system that ranks first in expenditures, but lags behind most industrialized nations in overall perfomance andlevel of health. And heaven forbid this “messaiah” would want to “improve” our national education system. For crying out loud, how can anyone improve on the “No Child Left Behind” plan…

  2. Not volunteering. The original plan was forced participation, with middle school students having to do 50 hours, and college/university students 100 hours a year. This isn’t simply his new slew of Corps, it is also includes “conscription” into the AmeriCrops.

    Since the story broke, he changed his position on this. One wonders however what will happen when he does take power. Why not actually think about that before criticizing me?

    The problem is those of the left get all rabid over the idea of “forced labour” if the Republcans are supposedly going to do it (don’t think we would forget those commercials from the 2004 election), but you applaud efforts when Democrats actually promise to do it. Why the double standard?

    You want to brag about how other systems are better? Have you been in a waiting room in Canada? Of course not, you probably watched Michael Moore’s Sicko and thought we lived in health care paradise eh?


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