3 comments on “The Cult of Obama; Didn’t I say something about this cult-like worship before?

  1. I think you only have to look at the rock star image Bush used to have when appearing among the illiterate faithful to see a recent example of a Cult of Personality.

    • It is hard not to see President Bush as a hero though. The man was forced into a situation no one was prepared for, and while he has made a few mistakes, he has pulled not just America, but her allies through some very dark periods. Let’s not forget that this man visited New Orleans quite a few times before Kanye West’s comments, on top of the countless secret visits to Iraq to raise moral of the troops…

      Bush never had this image “Messiah” image though. Clinton, Reagan, etc were seen as larger then life simply because they were President. I can remember how excited I was seeing Clinton address the nation over the actions in Kosovo. That is seen with even the less than popular Presidents too, mainly because they were once the “leaders of the free world”. What we see now is just disgusting… Do you know one incident where the MSM have said they will do anything in their power to make Bush’s presidency successful? God No! They couldn’t keep from attacking him, only breaking when 9/11 occurred…

      Scooter Libby? Libby’s reputation took a hit the instant he was even slightly connected to the CIA leak incident, something it was later shown he had little involvement in. Look at Powell, that man knew what was going on and he let Libby take the blame. I never said Clinton himself was corrupt, but it is easy to see that those under him were. Clinton did use the Oval Office to further his sexual conquest, but it isn’t like he is linked to the likes of Rezko, Khalidi or even Odinga.

      Marc Rich is scum, the 16 FALN terrorists who’s sentences Holder helped Clinton commute, were criminals… I don’t see anyone even near those criminals on Bush’ pardon list. If you want to say his administration wasn’t perfect, fine, but don’t think you can use my blog to somehow justify Clinton’s crimes or to shield Obama’s.

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