6 comments on “Wrongfully Exonerated: Maher Arar and the testimony of Omar Khadr

  1. Can you wrap you thoughts around a 15 year old in a illegal miltary prison is shown photo arar before he is tortured. Khadr’s chief interrogator was charged and convicted of killing a innocent detainee. This is why torture does not work.
    But if you can’t wrap your thoughts around that, try this. It just so happens that the time line when khadr was suppose to have seen mahar he was working and living in canada. Oops! Perhaps Arar should considering sueing you.

    • Where is your proof of that Khadr was in Canada? Matter of fact, you read the timeline, he was in Afghanistan training with al-Qaeda terrorists. Read what you can on his father bring him and his family to Afghanistan in 1996. Where is this information you are getting? Do you mean Arar was in Canada at a job? It is called taking a trip to a foreign country, taking time off work, etc For example, Momin Khwaja was in Britain supposedly going to a wedding (from what I understand) when he was picked up for his terrorist activities… Can’t get that through your head now can you?

      Next, what is illegal about Gitmo? Do you have legal proof of it being illegal? No, of course you don’t. You are just like all these other mental midgets calling the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq illegal when there is no legal body in existence to justify your claim (the UN isn’t a legal body, it is a grouping of countries, that is all). Khadr committed a WAR CRIME, he killed a medic with a grenade, and medics are considered non-combatants, they are very much HANDS OFF for attacking and killing, under the codes of conduct in a war, as stated in the Geneva conventions… Don’t you get that? Of course you don’t, you don’t even bother educating yourself do you? You don’t get a nice criminal trial for helping murder civilians and personally murdering an army medic, hell, he is lucky to be alive… Those same people you demonize helped pull two bullets and chunks of shrapnel out of his chest and back, saving his worthless life…

      Arar can sue everyone he wants, right now he is going to have to explain why an al-Qaeda fighter has identified him by name and picture as someone who has frequently visited “safe houses”. The Ottawa Citizen published this story, many in the RCMP continue to state that they do believe him guilty, the FBI hasn’t wavered on their feelings on this, and seeing as I am not the only person to write about this, him suing me is just ridiculous, but of course you don’t understand that do you? Your parents or your friend’s parents probably have their own “slip and fall” lawyer on speed-dial don’t they?

      P.S. Torture does work, ask the Israelis, they know the importance of it. CNN (if I’m not mistaken) ran a story a while back on it (two years or so ago after Ariel Sharon stepped down), asking a former Israeli intelligence officer about what he did during his years of service. If you have a terrorist in custody who knows of an impending attack, YOU DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO GET THAT INFORMATION OUT OF HIM! One killer’s life is definitely not worth the lives of innocent civilians, and until you can get that through your head sandra5757, I have no time for your blatant stupidity…

  2. I said, “ARAR” was working and living in canada when khadr supposely saw him in a terrorist training camp. Do you understand what it means when someone can prove where they were, when someone is accusing them of being somewhere else? But than again, I seriously doubt proof means anything to you. You should be sued for slander or at least for being stupid.
    Your defense of torture has no place in a democracy, but than you don’t have a clue what democracy means.

    • Once again, you don’t get it. Arar might have been here, but that doesn’t mean he can’t leave once in a while and go to other countries for a vacation, like Momin Khwaja did… I stated that clearly in my reply to your last comment, but it is clear you don’t understand that. Do you have a timetable for his whereabouts for everyday he “was” in Canada? If the RCMP, an organization my friend is now a part of, an organization which is bent on protecting Canadians, if they say he was there, if their witness says he was there, THEN HE WAS THERE. THAT IS MY PROOF! I linked to the Ottawa Citizen article, where is your proof?

      My defense of torture? You are damn right I will defend the use of torture in protecting Canadian, America, etc citizens the world over. In a democracy, WE ELECT PEOPLE who make the tough decisions we can’t make. Democracy means that our ELECTED officials (should) watch out for our best interests, our safety, and that means when a bomb is going to go off in a crowded place or whatever evil they have planned, that if torturing one of them prevents the death of even one person, then it should be done. Harry S. Truman saved THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of lives, not just American, but Japanese as well, by allowing for the use of nuclear weapons to end the Pacific War. It is called a necessary evil… Water-boarding has saved lives at the cost of the comfort of those who wish YOU DEAD… How is that wrong? Would you rather die to guarantee the “comfort” of one of these murders? You obviously have no idea of what is required to fight and win against these people…

      Don’t tell me I don’t have a clue what democracy means, I know what it is like to be without it. I spent a year in Nantong, China, I know what it feels like to not have a voice in what goes on around you. You keep your head down, your nose clean and a big smile on your face to make sure that you stay out of trouble. Sure it isn’t as bad as people claim it is, if you don’t go looking for trouble, it won’t come looking for you, but no one, not the Canadian or American embassies, can do anything for you if you get into REAL trouble. Being back in Canada after all that time showed me that people like you don’t understand what the word even means. You abuse it, push our system towards that of socialism, you pretend to be a champion of freedom, and yet you are threatening me with lawsuits, pretending you have knowledge of the legal system, all in an attempt to silence my voice. If that doesn’t work, you insult me, call me stupid, question my loyalty to my country… You disgust me…

      Canada is my home, democracy is my form of government, and while I complain, I would never do anything to jeopardize either one. By supporting Barack Obama, you have undermined the very foundation of which your country was founded on, opting to increase the size of government, opting to tear down the capitalist market system which has created so much wealth, and demanding you and your fellow Americans sacrifice your time and money to help fulfill his perverted dream… A dream that has destroyed and continues to destroy numerous countries the world over…

      Don’t tell me I have no idea what democracy means, your vote helped bring America one step closer to destroying it… Now get lost, I don’t have time to constantly correct your stupidity…

  3. No stupid, Arar was working in a “office” in “canada” when kadar was in afghanistan. You are so stupid that you think the harper government did not know this, thats why they settled with him. You should be sued for slander.

    • Where is your proof? Your evidence? Do you have proof he didn’t run off for a trip? Khadr was in Afghanistan for six years, from 1996 to 2002, so are you telling me that for SIX YEARS Arar was in an office? He was arrested in 2002 at the New York’s Kennedy Airport on his way to Tunis for a “vacation”, so how could he be in his office when he is on vacation? GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL!

      They were forced to settle because of Justice O’Connor’s ruling that there was no evidence, which came after the RCMP refused to divulge the information they gathered on Arar. There is no lack of evidence when he is VERY GOOD FRIENDS with Abdullah Almalki (his listed emergency contact), who is good friends with Ahmed Said Khadr, Omar Khadr’s father and an Osama bin Laden associate. Now we have evidence linking Arar to Khadr Sr himself, this being the testimony of Khadr Jr, as was reported in the Ottawa Citizen, as I clearly indicated in my post… Did you read the post, did you read the Ottawa Citizen article? It isn’t slander when I can cite a source like that…

      Now the Montreal Gazette is running the story, making mention that Arar himself refuses to comment on this development. Once again, now that the Montreal Gazette, a respected news source, is running the article, and I am quoting a source, showing that I did my research, that I am not simply inventing facts… It is slander if I push a damaging lie as fact, and as you should be able to see, I have my bases covered on my evidence…

      I am not stupid, as anyone can see, I have done my research… You are ignorant of the facts and continue pushing a fiction that you yourself haven’t supporter with evidence, mainly because you can’t find evidence can you? This is the last time I will waste time explain this to you… PISS OFF!

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