6 comments on “No Canada in New Brunswick

  1. I don’t get how insulting the principal proves anything.

    “beatnik hair?”
    “most likely slept through high school after he overindulged on drugs?”
    “your level of incompetence?”
    “were you drunk or high?”

    You’re passionate about the issue. That’s cool. I respect that. I just think there’s a better way to be heard than to insult someone.

    The funny thing is, this decision happened a year ago. This isn’t something that just happened. Where was the outrage then from the parents?

    There are many schools across this country that don’t sing the anthem each day. I don’t think any less of them, the principals, teachers or students because of it.

    • Listen, I don’t put up with this from public officials being paid with Canadian tax dollars. I don’t care about this twit’s feelings, why should I? This is politics, flinging mud is part of the game, as long as it doesn’t cross legal and moral lines. Also, insulting him polarizes the issue, it draws a line in the sand, it rallies support for the cause. The big names do this, Levin, Limbaugh, Coulter, Malkin, etc and they get attention for it. I am just getting attention for the cause.

      So what if it started a year ago, this ends NOW! Just because it has taken so long to draw attention, it doesn’t mean we ignore it. The issue is now on the table, and I wouldn’t sit around defending a man who obviously doesn’t understand how to be a principle. Explain to me what the national anthem has to do with human rights? This man, when questioned, demanded we asked the New Brunswick Human Rights Council, which tells me he has no idea what he is doing, that or he is trying to find a lame excuse for his “anti-patriotism”.


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