4 comments on “Forget NAFTA; Economic ruin from “Buy American” Clauses

  1. Actually, if the US cripples international trade it will be good a good thing for Americans. We’re currently a net importer. The damage to other nations’ economies will be far worse than to our own. That raises the US Dollar in the world market. 😉

    …And some nations just can’t fight that war.

    • Who has the economics degree here? I don’t understand how you could say something that stupid…

      First off, a higher dollar means America doesn’t export its goods. A higher dollars means goods are more expensive, and as currency values across the free world drop, the trade deficit would increase. The United States would be forced to import more than it could afford, and then would be forced to finally close its doors to all trade. With that, economies around the world would fall into depression.

      You don’t get it do you? Why do you think Canada runs its currency lower than the USA? It allows for more balanced trade. When Canada’s dollar was valued higher than the “greenback”, Ottawa was panicking. Sure more tourists come across the border to shop, but that is far from the billions lost due to America’s loss in purchasing power.

      Get an education and don’t use my blog to push your own stupidity… Pathetic…

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