4 comments on “Celebrity Hypocrisy: Remeber When Being Famous Meant Something?

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  2. It’s somewhat difficult to be a celebrity and maintain a fluid mindset, to make a claim and stand by it – especially now a days when things are strewn about and thrown out of proportion. Blame the media. It’s hard enough to make any sort of comment or statement and not have it debated over, being a celebrity or otherwise.

    Everyone wants to pick other’s apart, lines are blurred and quotes manipulated, let’s also bare in mind that not every celebrity, be it politician, rock star or movie star are necessarily INTELLIGENT or well learned.

    • I see your point, but I still stick to my point that being famous has really changed from what it used to be…

      There is a difference between being “diplomatic” as you indicated (not your words, but I see what you were getting at), and being “popular”. Many actors need to be careful about what they say, when they say it, and who is around to hear it. This is what we saw with American Carol, and I do believe it is why David Alan Grier’s Chocolate News was canceled. Hollywood has become a breeding ground for a new kind of perverse political correctness, one that seems to ignore hypocrisy and morality. People couldn’t stop talking about Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, but no one is willing to discuss Bill Maher’s anti-religious bullshit, let alone Ron Howard’s attacks on Christianity with the two Dan Brown inspired movies (while “fiction”, neither Brown, nor Howard are willing to represent the films as such). What about Miss California’s honest answer? Did Barack Obama get that treatment after his town hall disaster?

      If it isn’t Sharon Stone’s “Chinese Earthquake was Karma” comment, it is Richard Gere’s continuing stupidity and downright hatred of what the West stands for. Gone are the days of Audrey Hepburn and other celebrities who prized self dignity and morality about being popular and “hip”. You don’t have those positive role model anymore, they have been replaced by rap artists who survived gun fights, pop singers who can’t conceal their awkward sexual habits, along with a long list of other celebrities who would have been branded freaks, weirdos and outcasts not even a few years ago. Instead, their deviance is rewarded with admiration and large salaries. Maybe that is the problem, this “power” has corrupted them, not having to live in the real world, they have become detached from it. Those who are mad are allowed to do so, but those who want to speak out about this madness and viciously attacked…

      The media has a part to play, sure, but they wouldn’t be covering these stories with their weren’t celebrities willing to create them in the first place. Thanks for the comment, I hope you keep reading.

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