4 comments on “Not even a month in office…

  1. Forget the birth certificate. I honestly don’t care about where he was born since I am willing to believe that since he got into the process, that someone most likely had that investigated properly.

    Now investigating his past, aside from his birth in Hawaii, is another thing. We have his rise to politics in the most corrupt city in America, his association with crooks like Tony Rezko, with racists like Wright, and other people of dubious nature.

    Let’s keep conspiracy where it belongs, in tabloid headlines, not on my blog…

  2. First of all, great blog. I just found your blog today. You can read some of my comments here:

    Second, I agree that the birth certificate can be deemed a non-issue. I am not certain as to whether it really was investigated since it is being kept secret :). It is just not that important. What is important is all of the other things like the gang of thieves that are his cabinet.

    Third, I am blogging from an Australian point of view. I do not like Kruddnomics (Kevin Rudd also known as Kevin Krudd).

    • It is great to hear that. You look around and tell me what you think, there are many blog posts I have written and it would be nice to get some constructive criticism, as well as compliments.

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