8 comments on “Cultural Inequality: Honour Killings in Western Lands

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  2. Unbelievable, right?

    Over and over, these “moderate” Muslims keep turning out to be less than “moderate.”

    • I would have them address the issue as it is. Investigate what is being said at the mosques where these people prayed, and whether or not this is the source of radicalism. If it is, then take steps to deal with it. Religion or not, no group has the right to instruct its followers to brutally kill family members who “dishonour” them. There is no place for that kind of perverted sense of honour in MY COUNTRY! The mosque down the street from my high school was a recruiting place for al-Qaeda related groups. Matter of fact, Momin Khawaja was recruited there, the first person in Canada tried and convicted under our county’s anti-terror laws. Don’t try and tell me that I am extreme in my views, not when I have lived this myself, not after all I have seen in my community.

      You might think my views are extreme, but I am not the one chopping peoples’ heads off am I? You are pathetic… Ignorant and pathetically naive…

  3. This is very most challenging; in fact challenge is not the word; it is very difficult to express or what to say, really this is one of the very difficult moments of our lifetime to have this happening

    I just don’t have any words to say since I am truly at a loss of words completely. I sincerely hope my perspective is understood for why I am unable to express any words

    I am overcome by profound sadness and experience grief and lament with a sense of extreme sorrow

    Sometimes, I wonder where is Humanity heading? How could this ever happen? How could these things ever happen?

    All our sympathy, thoughts and prayers are with the Family and Children of Aasiya Zubair

    May God give them the strength to face this challenging time with courage; Peace

    With extreme sadness and distress;


    • Relax, death happens. It is ever constant in our lives and we have to deal with it. My fear is that the issues which led to this brutal murder will be ignored, as usual, and it will be chalked up to one man’s state of mind, not a symptom of a larger problem. In cases like this, for her death to mean something, something meaningful has to come from it. Just my thoughts on this…

  4. This is ever present in societies that allow religions to dictate laws and behaviors and is why I grow ever more concerned with the freedoms in America. When religion is an issue during a campaign, something is wrong. If a deity wanted such and such candidate to be picked then they should stop with the “mysterious ways” and start endorsing candidates.

    When religion is given power bad things happen. Virgin sacrifices, witch trials, bombs in Baghdad. These things can be avoided if people would just wake up.

    • No, you’re wrong. Simply put, to say religion has no place in governing society, that it ALWAYS leads to such things, is a gross generalization and deeply offensive. Do not comparing Islamic beheadings and wife-beatings to any practice found in Christianity, you will not find such barbarity in the Bible being endorsed by Jesus.

      Western society is the way it is because it was founded on the principles of Christianity. Moral beliefs that society hold can be traced back to Judeo-Christian teachings, even our laws are founded on the teachings of the Bible (ask yourself why so many of the deadly sins are serious crimes), and to simply ignore that the way you just did shows your ignorance. That is why our society is admired, that is why so many wish to come here, and that is why it has worked as well as it did. A common religion has provided stability, a solid foundation for our countries, and you wish to throw it away because it somehow doesn’t fit into your narrow-minded view.

      Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and unto God that which is God’s… We don’t want control, but that doesn’t mean our beliefs have no place in society, especially ones founded on a strong belief in the almighty…

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