2 comments on “Waking Up From a Nightmare: America’s Harsh Reality

  1. First off, GW Bush had 8 years to screw things up. Combine that to the 6 years he had a Republican majority in Congress feeding him bloated deficit ridden budgets. After those excesses, the Republicans have left themselves no room to criticize the Obama budget.

    By the way, you can’t just throw around socialism like it’s a dirty word and expect the plebes to take to the streets with teabags and torches. From the outside looking in, 30 hour work weeks, 4 weeks vacation, pensions, and healthcare look pretty sweet. It’s not all bread and roses, I know, but you have to make a case why what they have in Europe wouldn’t work over here. It might help if you distinguished between socialism as a form of government and capitalism as an economic system. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    Finally, ranting like a lunatic is not going to save us. If you’ve got a better plan for how to fix the economy, now is the time to let everyone in on it.

    If anything, I don’t think the new administration has gone far enough. If American tax payers are going to poor billions of dollars in capital into insolvent banks, then we should own a controlling interest in those banks proportional to that investment.

    • You sure about that? You sure I would have to make the case? You absolutely positive?

      The fact is that Europe is in political/financial/social shambles, just look at how much influence the Muslim community has over in Britain to start with. How about the fact that Britain has torched its economic growth the last decade or so by refusing further participation in the EU, that much of its protectionist policies it has kept in place to maintain independence from mainland Europe have stifled development in that country. From there, how about the fact that much of those socialist policies which you have advocated for have caused not only hardship in Europe, in my country, but all over the world. Were you listening when I mentioned that Venezuela is now in economic ruin thanks to all the nationalizing that Hugo Chavez did? When you take the approach Obama and others have taken, it leads to only one thing, disaster.

      Socialism is a dirty word and I will not run from that statement. Wealth distribution leads to wealth destruction, where sharing “the pie” has made it smaller. Higher taxes on the rich have not only scared off “big business”, but also investors who provide the funds to keep the economy going. You want to talk about Republicans, why not Democrats? All this, as even Alec Baldwin has pointed out, leads straight back to them. Fannie-Mae, Freddie-Mac are Democrat created and operated institutions which pushed so much poison through the financial sector, that when the housing market finally collapsed, took the rest of the economy with it. The poison, the sub-prime loans, pushed by Jimmy Carter’s Community Development Act, strengthened by Bill Clinton’s elimination of the Glass-Steagall Act (which was put in place to keep this very thing from happening), was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” for this disaster, so don’t tell me it’s the Republicans. Bush, then McCain, along with others, were trying to keep this from happening since 2002, something which Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and the Congressional Black Caucus prevented with accusations of racism. You want to take a swing at me, THEN LET’S START SWINGING!

      You talk about spending, great, see what the Japanese did to their country (the “Lost Decade” anyone), see what the Russians, the Chinese, the Germans and the Americans did before, and then you come back to me and tell me that such high levels of spending actually help. You want to help get people to work, you want to restart this economy, allow business to operate. Cut back on personal and corporate taxes, spend money responsibly, hire American firms for major projects like road reconstruction, don’t simply hand it out to the likes of Tony Rezko (which is what Obama did in Illinois, look up Grove Parc Plaza) and expect that they won’t simply take the money, hire amateurs and NOT DO THE JOB. There are ways to rebuild the economy, and you can’t do it with all these social programs, not now…

      And by the way, socialized health care isn’t as great as it sounds. Long waits for poor quality treatment (if any), which includes cancer treatment, when the difference between life and death can be a few weeks on a waiting list. I advocate for limited privatization here in Canada, especially when our system needs a way to compensate for its short-comings. Why do you think we all go to the states for big operations? When you have the NDP and others demanding the government pay for elective surgery, there is a problem.

      Get an education you pathetic hack, don’t try to come to my blog and knock me down with useless partisan dribble.

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