3 comments on “The Man Without A Clue; President freaks out city for photo op

  1. are you on something???
    for what? this is absolutely ridiculous. It is fine if you don’t like him, but impeaching a president for a white house plane flying too close to NYC is just…. stupid.

    And again, shaking hands with hugo Chavez? what about Bush sr. shaking hands with Saddam Hussein? Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev?
    and please, those “sensitive documents” are only sensitive because they prove Bush’s inaptitude as president.

    and finally… the thing you said that made me laugh out loud (and then almost throw up because it was so disgusting) was the comment about race. Because Obama has RARELY brought up race in his campaign and said nothing during his administration, it is only YOU who brings it up… only so you can bring him down.

    It doesn’t matter who you support, just don’t be so damn stupid about it. If you support McCain and Bush I could care less.
    But you sound like an arrogant ignorant ass.

    • And another dedicated zealot graces me with its presence…

      I never said I thought President Obama should be impeached, I said if I were New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg I would be calling for his impeachment. Here is the difference you fail to take into account, mainly because I am simply a blogger, and he is the mayor of one of the world’s largest city, a city which went sent into a panic by White House stupidity. As radical a call that would be by the mayor, it would be fueled by the anger I believe he feels over this situation, as well as going to make the point that this administration isn’t doing its job, and that the “Air Farce One” fiasco goes to show how incompetent the President is. Do you understand or do I need to repeat myself?

      Next, the Hugo Chavez handshake was pure stupidity. This man is a threat to America’s allies in the region, and what does Obama do? By shaking hands with this man, by accepting his gift and then showing it off, he is showing weakness, undermining efforts against Chavez by his own people and others who want him out of power. He is a dictator, and is destroying not only his country, but the countries around them with his brand of radical socialism. Now if you want to talk about the Reagan/Gorbachev handshake, you might want to remember that it was because of these two men cooperating that the Cold War came to an end. I would say your own ignorance is showing. If you want to talk Bush Sr/Saddam handshake, provide all the facts. He wasn’t President at the time, Iraq was at war with Iran (which America was enemies with), and a show of support for the enemy of our enemy was a good political move. Does it look bad now that Saddam is considered one of the most vicious tyrants to ever rule? Yes, but that doesn’t mean that Bush Sr is anywhere near as incompetent as Obama. By the way, even HIS OWN CIA Chief says releasing those documents were a bad idea, that it undermines America’s efforts in the War on Terror… Ignored that one too eh? Pathetic…

      Barack not bragging about race? What channel were you watching? I can point to a handful of occasions where he made his “colour” the point of discussion. “He’s got a funny name, and he’s black” speech, and then there was the “He doesn’t look like other Presidents” speech, both pointing to his own race. Even before the election started, he was racial obsessed. Did you bother to read Dreams From My Father? The foreword in the audio book was Barack Obama himself discussing that his race was the reason Republicans didn’t like him. Add in his racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright, his wife who’s thesis at Princeton was about her “blackness”, and I have to say that race is the issue. Instead of concentrating on what does matter, he and the rest of the Democrats turned every statement into one about race, and even Barney Frank took this route by saying criticism of his downright criminal activity during the Frannie Mae/Freddie Mac fiasco was because of his homosexuality. We don’t care what the colour of their skin is, and we sure as hell don’t care who they share a bed with, what does matter is their abuse of power. You will not find a statement on this blog showing otherwise.

      You want to pick a fight with someone, find a blogger who hasn’t spent the time researching a position like I have, find someone who hasn’t studied history like I have, someone with just as much common sense and reasoning skills as you. Pathetic…

  2. I deleted your last two posts because they were the same; Factless nonsense and insulting dribble. You can’t even organize your thoughts, all it was was a giant blurb of half-truths, speculations and mindless garbage. You want to discuss this rationally, great, but if you want to continue this barrage of bullshit, I will remove your right to comment here.

    I don’t care whether you are a girl, or not. I don’t care if you are working on a history major than doctorate, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have the facts, you lack reasoning (how does a handshake in 1983 show how “evil” Rumsfeld is if the gassing of civilians started in 1988 as you say?), and you refuse to acknowledge anything I say. You want to debate, fine, but don’t insult me thinking it somehow strengthens your hollow argument.

    As for Berkeley, I don’t need to go there to know how radical the school is. Every few weeks, there seems to be mass protests/riots there over one thing or another, on top of what goes on in the city itself. I read the news, I keep a watch out for stories coming from other bloggers, etc and it doesn’t take much to figure out where you stand in all this. You are simply a brainwashed radical following the herd. Unlike you, I have actually done some traveling, seen a few things, and made up my own mind…

    Once again, you lost this “fight”, now go cry to someone who cares…

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