7 comments on “It Just Keeps Coming: More on Sotomayor and it isn’t good

  1. Good post – big thumbs up!

    I like how liberals always defended Rev. Wright by saying … “Hey well, instead of just condemning the man’s words why don’t you try to understand the reasons he’s saying it?”

    They’ll never give Limbaugh that benefit though.

    Rush and Newt are right – nothing to see here but a woman who’s racism disqualifies her from service on the supreme court! If that kind of judgment was good enough for Trent Lott – it’s good enough for this woman.

    Take Care and Thanks for being in the fight!

    • Thank you for stopping by. I do agree, a racist hate-monger like Reverend Jeremiah Wright was given for more respect than he deserved, and still, with all we now know about him and his congregation, they won’t call him on his “sins”. Rush Limbaugh on the other hand isn’t even afforded a fraction of understanding that these radicals get… Pathetic…

      Even when taken in context, as Steve Chapman pointed out today, it is just as bad, if not worse. Nothing to really think about here, nothing that requires any serious debate. Simply put, this woman said what she meant, didn’t try to apologize for it, and now we are all supposed to forget she said it and allow her to take up the position of Supreme Court Justice. And we are the racists for bringing it up? It boggles the mind…

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