3 comments on “Erik Millett Won’t Go Away: Pansy can’t take what he dishes out

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  2. You are entitled to your opinion, but it is not very constructive of you to make such derogatory judgements. However, I suppose your goal was not to be constructive, based on the fact that you resorted to an elementary school level tactic of name calling. To be honest, there are other schools in the country that do not play the anthem every morning, and for many people, it’s perfectly acceptable. I am one of those people. I believe that the anthem should not be played on a daily basis at schools. Teachers and schools don’t take the time to discuss why or why not it does or does not happen, rendering it meaningless in many instances. For the record, I’m a Canadian-born Canadian, if that has anything to do with anything… It likely shouldn’t.

    As you did with Mr. Millett, you might be inclined to tell me that I’m a pansy, that my citizenship has been wasted, and that I don’t belong here.


    • I personally believe the Canadian national anthem should be played every morning at schools. It fosters love for one’s country. Erik Millett was trying to appease a certain minority (care to guess which one?) who expressed anger at the idea that they would have to hear the anthem of a country they didn’t love. I will call them like I see them, and Erik Millett strikes me as a drug-abusing pansy. Don’t take my word for it though, do some research yourself. This man has a history of wackiness.

      P.S. Canadian-born means little to me. My family has been in North America long before there was a Canada. We helped build this country. Your lack of real patriotism is shameful.

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