38 comments on “Cenk Uygur is a Moron: Clueless, Creepy and Downright Disturbing

  1. Haha…ahahahaha! You’re taking a jab at Cenk for taking 4 years to get 100 million views, yet your novel of a blog entry doesn’t even get a single comment in 6 months?? You gotta love it.

    Part 5:

    “it doesn’t mean you should have your sexuality questioned”

    A little sensitive, aren’t we? Oh, and Cenk loves to point out conservatives who’re outed as gay not because he’s secretly a gay-basher, you nitwit, it’s cuz conservatives seem to have such a problem with it. He’s pointing out not gayness, but hypocrisy.

    Part 4:

    Relax, they’re goofing on the kid. It’s in their third hour–entertainment hour. Oh, and conservatives love to scream “political correctness” when a gay-basher, anti-feminist, or anti-racist is pointed out–but say anything against their own…and oh how the panties bunch.


    You can try to poke holes all you want, but the fact remains that Bush preemptively struck Iraq over WMDs that not only didn’t exist, may have been known to not exist. Based on this, and other similar stories across varying issues, I feel Bush may at least be ignorant, if not a terrible human being. But it’s an opinion. He states that. Doesn’t say that the “fact” is Bush is evil. It’s his opinion.

    Part 2: All I can say here is read more of Cenk’s articles on Afghanistan.

    Part 1: You’re actually supporting Glenn Beck?? Why am I still here posting, wasting my f’ing time?? See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_lgTIZ22jE . Spelling (almost) “oligarch” with random words PROVES that’s his goal? I don’t know if Beck is crazy, but anyone who follows him surely is.

    • Huh? What about my blog? No comment after six months? Excuse me, but what does that prove? I have had thousands of hits on various pieces I have put up, a few recommended by Larry Elder fans and Free Republic bloggers, and yet few, if any put up a comment. What does anything you have said prove? My point was that A) Cenk’s radio show on Air America couldn’t even bring in ratings on a station with horrible ratings, B) his show has been canceled once already on Sirius Channel 167, America Left for low ratings and C) his Youtube channel, which is supposed to have amazing ratings, pales in comparison to the ratings of those who rails against. This isn’t about me, it is about him, and as I have clearly shown, he is beyond insignificant in the political arena.

      Let’s breakdown your criticism one section at a time shall we?

      Part 5: Not gayness but hypocrisy? Talking about blow jobs and anal sex is about exposing hypocrisy? Excuse me, but for it to be hypocrisy, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck would have to be criticizing homosexuality for it to be hypocritical. The video was about conservative hosts paying tribute to the efforts of other hosts, and yet doing so exposes them as gay? That is beyond illogical, but I lack a twisted and demented fringe left mind so I can only give my opinion as an educated and intelligent blogger. If you want to talk about hypocrisy, if that is what Cenk was doing (which he obviously wasn’t), why insult the hosts by suggesting they are homosexuals who give each other sexual pleasure? As I stated in the article, GLAAD went after Perez Hilton for this kind of nonsense (a point you refuse to address), so how is it different when Cenk does it? It isn’t. It shows him to be intolerant of homosexuality, so much so that he uses it to insult those he doesn’t agree with.

      Part 4: Goofing on the kid? Absolutely not. Instead of debating his points, Cenk and that twit Ana decided to insult Jonathan Krohn’s sexuality. How do you explain that when even left-wing bloggers are discussing how disgusting and immoral these comments were? It was their cries I discussed in my post, audience members who were absolutely disgusted with this whole discussion that they stopped listening to TYT due to it. Conservative “political correctness”? How about common decency? When both sides of the political spectrum are appalled by this behaviour, it has nothing to due with politics. Call it what you will, political correctness or whatever, it is disturbing to hear these two twits talking about the sexuality of a child. If you can’t understand that, you don’t deserve to comment on this blog.

      Part 3: Preemptively struck Iraq? You do know what a preemptive strike is right? An attack waged in an attempt to repel or defeat a perceived inevitable offensive or invasion, or to gain a strategic advantage in an impending war before that threat materializes. Iraq was already a threat to the region’s stability, previously invading Kuwait and firing missiles at Israel during the First Gulf War. There is nothing preemptive about this. The Clinton administration, most notably former Vice President Al Gore who stated in 1993 that Iraq was a threat, that it did possess biological weapons, which we know from leaked videos of chemical tests on the Kurdish Iraqis as well as the conviction and execution of “Chemical Ali” (so don’t pretend that Saddam Hussein’s regime didn’t possess such weapons), so this wasn’t about attacking before a threat materialized. Get your facts straight! As for Cenk’s opinion, it is ill-informed. My point was that he cited previous opinion pieces as evidence, which were counted as supporting facts, that former President George W. Bush is “evil”. The article I pointed to referenced previous opinion pieces as facts to back up his ill-conceived argument. If that was truly the case, how does he justify Barack Obama’s continuing and strengthen these Bush policies? I don’t need to poke any holes in his argument, it already looks like Swiss cheese.

      Part 2: I have read what he has written on Afghanistan, it is all nonsense. I disproved his claim that NATO forces didn’t go into Tora Bora, I tore apart his claim that America abandoned the Afghanistan to fight in Iraq, I exposes his ignorance of al-Qaeda’s structure and how a leader like Osama bin Laden would be quickly replaced by a number of other leaders from within the terrorist organization (something which the CIA and other intelligence agencies have pointed to), so what else is there to discuss? Cenk knows NOTHING about the issue, and what he has written about on Afghanistan already is false. You need to read more from other sources since you are obviously as ignorant as that twit you defend.

      Part 1: I simply elaborated on what Glenn Beck had said, and pointed out why he said it. Cenk didn’t even know of the Nuremberg Laws, and yet here is he claiming that all the Nazis did was murder them (if he even believes that with his history of denying the Armenian Genocide). Cenk has shown that not only doesn’t he know anything about pre-war Nazi German policy towards the Jews, but that he cannot comprehend the meaning of Pastor Martin Niemöller poem. Beck has been discussing for the past few weeks that this is what he believed, so I don’t have to prove anything. As I stated, I don’t entirely agree with what he was saying, and that I tended to agree more with David Gergen and Gloria Borger, two liberal Democrat commentators on this issue that the White House’s attack on Fox News was seriously ill-advised. That doesn’t make me or Beck crazy, but it does make you look stupid for not even trying to comprehend what we were both saying. As for Beck’s take on the Obama administration, the ever increasing number of “czars” in this administration should highlight the fact that never before in modern American history has a president tried to centralize power in such a way, but you don’t get that do you? It doesn’t make Beck or anyone else crazy for pointing out that the Obama administration is exceeding their limits by dictating how states and private companies should operate and how people should live their lives, as per the new health care legislation.

      You’re just another partisan hack who refuses to educate yourself on the issues, choosing to instead watch and listen to pseudo-intellectuals for your information. Now get lost, I have wasted enough time making you look foolish… Pathetic…

  2. Why do you resort to censorship. Is this not a site for debate?

    You conservatives are an interesting lot. You don’t like scientists, you don’t like teachers, you don’t like academics, you don’t like journalists, and you don’t seem to like anyone questioning authority and tradition.

    It doesn’t bother me that much because the whole of human history has been a fight against conservatives for progress. The ancients Greeks valued science and mathematics and built a great library at Alexandria. The ancient Romans valued soldiers and war and destroyed that library (maybe they thought the market would provide which as history has shown the Romans produced little in the way of intellectual achievment and their society collapsed into the dark ages). Which society do you think was more influential to modern society? Progressives always win in the long run.

    “Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools” Albert Einstein

    • To rjg12, the twit who can’t take a hint,

      You hurl insults and I should tolerate that? No, not happening. There is no freedom of speech guarantee on my site, as it is my blog and I alone have the right to decide who can and can’t post here, as well as what is posted on this site. I like scientists, just not the ones who ignore the facts, purposefully hiding evidence which contradicts their findings. Teachers are great, as long as they teach their subject matter and not use their class as a pulpit to push their political beliefs. Having been a teacher, I can tell you how tempting that is, but I am not as weak as many of these educators who abandon their duties to pervert the minds of the easily influenced. As for people questioning authority and tradition, there are many things I would like to change in society, as well as the Catholic Church, but you don’t see me fire bombing police cars and vandalizing Church property to do that, do you?

      Greece fell because it became far too progressive and didn’t concern itself with the affairs of state. The Greeks in Athens created a society where only the “intelligentsia” got to wield power, and in doing so, undid itself as other Greek states fought for separation. Torn apart by this infighting, Greece was absorbed into the Roman Republic. Rome fell the same way, as politicians refused to maintain the government which had not only built the roads which still span across Europe, but policed the Roman Empire. Without a strong military, or any strong leadership for that matter, the warring German tribes finally sacked the city and destroyed society. The libraries which carried all the great discoveries and knowledge accumulated during the reign of the Roman Empire were destroyed by the enemies the Senate refuse to fight against. So much for progressive thinking there too.

      Progressives get there way and then lose. Greece fell, Roman fell, and now we are watching Britain and the rest of Europe fall as it embraces failed ideology. Quote Albert Einstein all you want, last time I checked, it was your kind fire bombing banks, sending death threats to bank managers, attacking police officers, etc Look at the G20 protests if you don’t believe me. There is your anger, dwelling in the bosom of fools like you… Pathetic…

      P.S. You want to play this game, keep replying. You don’t have the IQ, let alone the education, to match me. The more you talk, the more foolish you look. It would be laughable if it didn’t waste so much of my time.

      • ‘Pathetic , twit, get lost’ …. blah blah blah. I’ve heard it all from you again and again and again. I’ll tell you what come out here to Calgary get yourself a job and the first time you have a disagreement throw a verbal tantrum and see how far it gets you!

        If only you could see the beautiful irony of using a free blog based on the ‘open source’ philosophy to try and silence people you don’t like.

        Intersting take on history. I guess as a fan of science and mathematics I feel that the Greeks are more important. The Greeks gave us Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, Eratosthenes, Thales, Ptolemy,etc. When the dark ages ended it was greek mathematical thought that was resurected and it was this that led to Keppler, Galileo, Descate, Newton, Euhler, Fermat et al. Maybe you disagree? Given your support for politicians who clearly do not understand the process of scientific inquiry (calling fruit fly and bear dna research pork spending?) I doubt we share any common ground on the importance of science to human progress.

        I think we can both disagree with the violence of the G20 protests and they are certainly not my kind any more then tim macveigh is your kind!

        Threatening people with your vast intellect? What have you done other than get a BA? Do you have some great invention, a new math proof, have you solved string theory, cured world hunger? Usually geniuses don’t have to go around telling everybody how smart they are, how educated they are etc… Usually insecure people do that!!

      • And yet you ignore my points. The progressives brought down Greece, Rome, etc and yet you ignore it by going on about how many things Greeks “gave us”. It doesn’t matter what you think, the Dark Ages ended when order was restored in Europe by the Catholic Church and strong imperial leadership. Much of the knowledge of the time survived thanks to the efforts of Charlemange (Charles the Great), as he not only waged war to stabilize Europe after the fall of Rome, but spent a fair bit of his own wealth to have classical texts duplicates so the knowledge within them wouldn’t be lost. Nothing progressive there at all, and yet, here you are ranting about how the Ancient Greeks, long since dead, are somehow responsible for this. Your logic makes absolutely no sense, but this is what I expect from a small minded individual.

        As for the violence at the G20, YES! it is your kind of violence. Hatred directed at world leaders, business and those who are modestly wealthy (shop owners who’s storefronts are vandalized). Your kind is on full display, the anti-capitalists, anti-Globalizationists, socialists, communists, etc Seeing how these dedicated leftists, progressives you support, are literally setting Toronto on fire, I don’t think you can sit there and say “this isn’t my kind of violence”. As for Timothy McVeigh, you obviously haven’t educated yourself on him either (a five minute Google search would have sufficed). A former military sniper who went from militia supporter to an advocate for “The People’s Socialist Republic of California” and selling copies of the Turner Diaries at gun shows. Right before he died, he renounced his religious faith and was quoted saying “science is my religion”. That’s right, he went right around the political spectrum before the Oklahoma City bombing. Did he hold some warped conservative beliefs? Of course, but last time I checked, violence against the government/businesses is the domain of the left, especially those who takes “science as their religion”…

        Sending a dismantled bomb to Spain’s Dr. Gabriel Calzada because he was critical of Spain’s “green jobs” energy program? Sounds to me like that same old violent left again. Care to dispute that? Are we going to throw around more militia nonsense, or are you going to turn to the “conservatives are Nazis” meme now? One talking point after another with your kind, each as idiotic as the last.

        As for saying I am smarter than you, seeing how your previous posts have been riddled with nonsense, points that don’t connect at all, aside from not being supported by the facts, I would say it is a safe bet that I am. Your previous offensive posts demonstrate a lack of basic reasoning skills, turning to petty insults to discredit my opinion on Cenk Uygur because you worship him as this “political prophet” (once again demonstrating that those who don’t believe in God will believe in anything). Then, seeing as I will not allow your slander to slip through, you try this “flex my mental muscle” approach, which I allow through because it demonstrates what little “mental muscle” you have. I have finished one degree in economics, working on a second one in history, while setting my sights on law school. Aside from scholastic endeavors, I have spent a year teaching in China, and I intend on heading back there this coming school year (continuing my degree via correspondents). That might not sound like much to you, but seeing how I saw many twits like you fail to stay the whole school year, mainly because they can’t take having their “utopian socialist fantasy” shattered by harsh reality, I would call it a modest accomplishment. Why I tell you this is that you obviously need to be told this. Seeing how you keep coming back, assuming that I am the stupid one, it is obvious you don’t realize how idiotic you and your beliefs are.

        Shall we continue? There is no irony here, and only an idiot who is looking for some witty remark who ignore the fact that this “free blog” is part of a larger subscription service, a service WordPress relies on for its income (you don’t think any company would operate “in the red” because of its belief in freedom of speech do you?). The ‘open source’ coding that you point to was designed for the further development on various other software, the vast majority of which has been copyrighted (once again, there is that “bottom line” you ignore). These are just a slew of other points you miss. I am not here to suppress anyone’s right to speak, matter of fact, seeing as I have allowed your nonsense to continue, the evidence it mounting against this belief. The issue here is how much longer I will put up with this nonsense…

        Seeing as how I have “subscribed” to this entry level service, it is clear that this is MY blog, and not one where any idiot can spew insults while rambling on about fact-less nonsense. I recommend you run off, as it is clear that you don’t have the mental capacity to continue this argument (a debate is far more civil). GET LOST!

        P.S. Should I be impressed that you live in Calgary, Alberta? A progressive idiot within a fairly conservative province (cities tend to be more left-leaning) proves what? That you are idiotic enough to stand against the overwhelming political beliefs of province that benefits greatly from oil revenues and big business? I give respect to those who deserved it and I have the letters of recommendation from my former superiors at Nantong Vocational College to prove it. Tell you what, go to China, insult them like you do me, and see how far that gets you… Soft-headed twit…

    • Why do you just assume conservative are “against science” I’m a graduate student in Mathematics and quite conservative…. so I really don’t know what your bitching about…

  3. You certainly are enthusiastic!

    Well this is the last thing I am going to post here which I’m sure breaks your heart.

    My point from the very beginning was to show that your wholesale attacks on ‘progressive’ and ‘liberal’ ideas is ridiculous because you have benefited greatly from these ideas. I gave you ideas and thinkers that were progressive for their day. There was a poll a while back in which only 9% of American Scientists would identify as conservative. Expertise in science doesn’t mean their political views are more correct but they certainly aren’t stupid. If you want to pretend that you have not benefitted well that is up to you.

    If you feel that you can defend an argument that progressive ideas led to the downfall of greece or rome then there is definitely a topic for your undergrad thesis. There is good progress and bad progress to be fair but no progress and no ideas is a sure recipe for societal collapse.

    I’m sure Charles the Great did great things but as for passing on Euclids Elements and other mathematical works I don’t believe he was involved. The ideas in Euclids Elements ultimately became the catlyst for Descartes,Copercicus, Kepler, Galileo, Hook, Newton , Liebniz etc. Many of these scientists were condemned by the Roman Catholic Church (the Conservatives) for their dangerous progressive ideas including that the earth revolved around the sun.

    Maybe you misunderstood when I said that Tim Macveigh was NOT your kind.

    Nazi’s were liberals?

    When did i ever say I was anti capitalist , anti business etc. I am pro science and pro progress which is why I cannot align my self with social and religious conservatives. Here in Alberta we don’t pray the oil out of the ground we use the tried and true scientific method. Would you attack Bill Gates or Warren Buffet with the same charge because they are not right wing? And trust me I am hard on the extreme left as well you see when it comes to my condemnation of extremists I am equal opprotunity all the way.

    I wouldn’d dream of using a guilt by association argument to attack a Roman Catholic, so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t afford me the same courtesy.

    I have no empirical evidence that you are not smarter but know that although I am not a genius I am a professional(yes i did make it though just like you) in an intellectually challenging career and managed to stay employed during the recent economic turmoil and It wasn’t because of my looks!

    As for cenk being my prophet thats absurd. First off I barely know anything about him. Secondly my heros are mathematicians, phyicists and computer programmers not radio talk show hosts and polical pundits. For better or worse my political ideas are all my own.

    Like I said I’m not coming back so good luck with your law degree and have a good Canada Day.


    • Thanks for the best wishes on Canada Day. As for everything else you wrote,

      This idea that science is in any way political is downright silly. Science is respected for its politically neutral approach to examining various things found in nature, as well as the development of new chemicals, cures and technologies, but that has changed drastically the last decade or so. This push towards controlling the “effects” of “man-made global warming” has led to a politicization of the fields of Earth sciences. As we have seen with the various scandals that was erupted lately, ‘Climategate’, ‘Chinagate’, ‘Russiagate’, etc it has become clear that not only is this science not politically neutral, but not even fact based. It was being manipulated by various groups with social/political desires, not scientific ones. Former hardline socialists and socialists groups began using these perverted finding as a weapon against their “long times foes”, the capitalists, stating that to save the Earth, people must turn away from capitalism and business. Carol Browner, director of the White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy in the Obama administration, as well as a former member of Socialists International, even stated that to save the Earth, the economies of the world must be shrunken and production cut. It was this connection between science and socialist politics that led to the coining of the expression “green is the new red”.

      No progress and no new ideas isn’t what happened. Ancient Greece, led by Athens, was wrapped up in various social experiments, primitive democracy being one of them. Instead of a true democracy, you had this political system where only societal elites could vote. From there, you had the failure of Athens to maintain its own government (political corruption), the push by other loosely connected city-states to separate, and finally the downfall of Ancient Greece. Philosophy survived, as well as many other academic works like astronomy and mathematics, but Rome was much more of a practical society. They excelled in architecture, engineering and warfare. The conquering of lands, the construction of roads from these states to Rome (thus the expression, “all roads lead to Rome”), the expansion of trade and commerce, the development of sanitation systems (sewer, aqueducts, etc), etc is what made Ancient Rome the strong empire that was envied throughout the ancient world. The problem lay with its government, as only a strong leadership would maintain such a vast and varied empire. Threats of separation from Rome had to be dealt with quickly, if not violently to keep other cities in line. For this to happen, a strong military was needed. Rome, who had not only experimented with, but succeeding in developing the style of democracy which is practiced throughout the Western world (the common misconception is that the Greeks developed democracy, and while the did have a primitive form of it, it was actually the Romans who gave political voice to all their subjects), had foolishly taken the reigns of power from a single Emperor and given it back to the Senate. Without strong leadership, state funds were misused and not spent maintaining a strong military. By the time of Attila the Hun, the Roman army was reduced to ill-equipped and untrained conscripts, not the army which conquered most of the known world. Infighting between the various cities would fracture Rome and finally a push by the various German tribes destroyed the once great empire. Such is the result of such “progress”.

      Charlemange’s efforts were to save all literature. The Roman Catholic Church had scribes working day and night reproducing the various works of the ancient world, including those of Ancient Greece. Long after Charlemange’s reign had ended, the Church still reproduced these texts, and then expanding them through further study. This is where so many individuals, including yourself, get it wrong. The Roman Catholic Church didn’t wish to halt the academic study and discovery, they were actually the ones funding it. The Church recognized that while an uneducated mass was easy to control, it left society stagnant. Schooling started with the education of children in the Church, giving them basic skills like reading and writing, and this later developed into the establishment of separate schools run by Church officials. The oldest education institutions in Europe, as well as North America, trace their routes back to the Church for this very reason. All this education did, however, eventually end up threatening the Church’s authority within European society. The Protestant push, lead by Martin Luther and his 95 Theses, divided the Church. While theologically based, the Princes of Europe of saw an opportunity to further their political ambition by supporting Luther’s push to reform the Church. Using the Theses as an excuse, Princes looted churches and increased their own wealth and political control. The stability brought about by Church rule was shattered by political opportunists and left the continent divided into two camps, the Catholics and Protestants.

      It was at this time that Galileo Galilei made his discovery and created a rift between the Church and the scientific community. Contrary to popular belief, Galileo was a stubborn and arrogant man. While he was one of many astronomers working under contract for the Church, he was the only one able to recognize that the Earth rotated around the Sun and not vice versa. With astronomy being as competitive a field as it was, Galileo wanted his discoveries published immediately so that he alone would have the credit for it. The issue here was that, recognizing its mistake, the Church didn’t know how to break such news to the public. While they accepted his conclusions, having their credibility decimated just five years earlier with the Protestant Reformation, they wished to wait a while to announce this discovery. Galileo refused and published it against the wishes of the Church, and this is where his problems started. Rival astronomers used Church doctrine and attacked Galileo calling him a heretic for his beliefs that the Earth revolved around the Sun. Unable to refuse prosecution, the Church convicted Galileo, imprisoning him for his “crimes”. Charges were dropped later as he promised to recant, but shortly thereafter, not willing to let go of his findings, he was found guilty of heresy and imprisoned for the remainder of his life. This incident is pointed to as proof of science’s inability to work with religion, but the Catholic Church itself depends of science for its validation. The Vatican has its own scientists it uses to disprove miracles to maintain the Church’s credibility. If every unexplained act is considered a “miracle”, then true miracles lose their value and the Church loses credibility.

      As for the other academics you point to, let’s start with Sir Isaac Newton. Contrary to popular belief, Newton was a very religious man. The problem was not with the Church, but with his colleagues, many of whom had an extreme hatred for the Church at its practices. René Descartes, known as the “Father of Modern Philosophy”, was employed by the Church much like Galileo was. It is thanks to Descartes that the Church was able to “prove” the existence of God in Meditations on First Philosophy. While proving the existence of God was a requirement for most philosophers who work for the Church, Descartes’ proof is pointed to for its ingenuity, as well as the process he uses to go about proving the existence of a “perfect being”. From what I understand, it was the most widely accepted proof of God at the time. Nicolaus Copernicus was very much like Galileo, but unlike Galileo, he refused to immediately publish his research on heliocentrism out of respect for the Church and its wishes. While his work stirred up mild controversy within the Church, it wasn’t until the Galileo scandal, six decades later, that action was taken against it. When introduced slowly, such knowledge wasn’t outright rejected by the Church, but when individuals like Galileo caused a large enough uproar, then action was taken. I could go on, but I think I have made my point on this. It is untrue to believe that Christianity and academics are divorced from each other. The academic system we have in the Western world was built by the Church, and it is because of the Church that we, unlike all other societies, were educated. I recommend you research this point further.

      Neo-liberalism (not classical liberalism) and the “progressive” movement are defined by its anti-capitalist/anti-Christian/pro-socialist views. If you declare yourself as such, you should educate yourself on what your political group believes. This belief in “science as faith” is dangerous. As I stated above, this is what we see with those who support the belief of “man-made global warming”. Alberta itself is under attack by this pseudo-science community for its oil drilling and tar sands mining, key components in your provinces’ financial success. Why would you support those who undermine your province’s livelihood?

      As for Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, what of them? Bill Gates, a college dropout, got lucky. He was in the right place (IBM), and the right time (the early development of the Windows system), and purchased it before anyone knew its value. Everyone discusses how Gates is this “genius” when in reality he owes his success more to luck. In the case of Warren Buffet, the man is detached from reality, but what do you expect from someone who has made as much money as he has? Does it surprise you that the richest people in the United States of America vote Democrat? The issue here why is it that those with wealth are supporting Democrats over Republicans? The answer is that it Democratic policies not only help them maintain their wealth, but look socially acceptable doing it. With Buffet, his support of Democrats makes him look like a humanitarian as the political party has this dedication to social welfare policy. He doesn’t understand the damage he is doing to business in general with his support of Democrats because, even if he does lose a percentage of his income to taxes, he is still making millions upon millions of dollars annually. Smaller businesses will suffer, not the larger corporations, which will intern force them out of the market and lead to monopolies and oligopolies. Look at the health insurance industry support for Democrats for proof of this, as it is Republicans who want interstate competition that would end their monopolies. While both parties have corporate interests, lately it has been that of the Democrats that has caused the most trouble. British Petroleum, a large donor to the Obama presidential campaign, was allowed to drill in the Gulf without environmental examination of the drilling site thanks to their financial support of Barack’s bid for the White House. Skirting the rules, getting favours, undermining the capitalist market system to get ahead, etc are reason why corporations lately have supported Democrat candidates, so don’t believe that support for left-wing ideology can go hand in hand with support for sound economics.

      If you aren’t such a big supporter of Cenk Uygur, why start such an argument over my article about him? It doesn’t make any sense. You claim to be in his “camp” yet you have all these different political beliefs? I find it hard to believe that. Why would you be so critical of what I have said if you weren’t such a big fan of his? Something isn’t adding up here, but considering how polite this post has been compared to your previous ones, I will let it slide.

      Once again thanks you for your well wishes on Canada Day, and while we DEFINITELY don’t agree on much, I wish you a good Canada Day as well.

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  7. I hope the board isn’t closed to further clueless, disturbing TYT videos because the young turkeys have just hit a new low with this one:

    In this video, Cenk talks about a “study” done by two British scientists that supposedly reveals differences between conservatives and liberals in terms of their brains. Cenk offers his opinion that conservatives are all “thick-headed dolts” and that the “findings” explain why conservatives all want to live in small towns in the south and the midwest. According to Cenk, this jibes with what he finds about conservatives in the real world: that they “don’t like change” and that they just want to stay in their small towns with their “thick-headed friends.”

    Both Cenk Uygur and his co-host Ana Kasparian appear to be completely oblivious to what history has taught about the danger of concluding that certain groups of people are inferior to others based on physical traits. This is surprising since liberals always claim to be the most concerned about stereotyping and discrimination.

    Actually, the amygdala doesn’t just control “fear.” It controls other emotions, such as pleasure, anger, motivation, and controls certain functions, including memory storage and retrieval, and those related to survival. I googled anterior cingulate and could not find anything on it–apart from this report–that says that it has to do with “courage” and “optimism,” although I did find that it has to do with worry, anxiety and OCD. So, to be fair, what might that say about the differences between conservatives and liberals? Maybe not anything at all.

    • Well have you looked at my more recent post on TYT? Ana Kasparian’s support for the French rioters? Anarchy isn’t democracy, and yet these twits would have their audience believe just that. We know where these riots lead, and it isn’t to a more democratic society.

      In any event, I could spend hours debunking the nonsense put out by Cenk Uygur. He presents half-truths and lies as facts and when challenged, he goes off to insult the challenger, ignoring the content of the challenge. You saw it with the way he attacked Jonathan Krohn and the way his supporters attack myself and others. If he wants to debate the differences between liberals and conservatives, I would point to the inability of liberals to accept facts, the inability to arrive at a logical conclusion after accepting these facts, and the inability to debate these facts without drifting into inappropriate comments about the sexuality of the person they are debating. It must be a mental disorder…

      Thank you for the comment and I hope you continue reading my posts and leaving comments.

      • I watched the video on the French rioters and read your blog about it. I agree—anarchy is not democracy. And I am not sure what qualifies someone who is all of about 25 years old (Ana K.) to tell people who are off in a foreign country how to go about solving their problems? But let’s see if she still holds all the same opinions 20 or 30 years from now after she’s gained some experience in life.

        As far as the TYT duo, I have noticed a common thread in their videos and that is that they advocate doing whatever they have to do in order to accomplish their goals, regardless of who or what it hurts. Their program reminds me of the white supremacist hate group that used to be on free access cable channel in our area years ago. The show was hosted by a racist named Tom Metzger. He and his followers were responsible for the murder of an Ethopian man named Mulugeta Seraw. The tone is the same. It is the sound of people who are motivated not by principles but by sheer anger and frustration. Cenk Uygar is an extremely angry person. On the rare occasion when he agrees to talk to someone who is on the other side of the political aisle he becomes so worked up he looks like he’s going to have an aneurysm. I have no use for them. Unfortunately, however, it seems that every time I try to look up something on YouTube, there they are! So I was glad to find your blog and see that someone is taking issue with them. I am sure that they are not important enough for the likes of Glenn Beck to bother with, but I am glad to see that there are people who are taking the time to refute their nonsense. Those who are in the business of spreading hate, lies and misinformation must be checked.

        Final thought: I wonder how advocating mob rule and labeling a group of people as inferior jibes with President Obama’s recent call for civility in the wake of the Tucson shootings?

        BTW, I think I read elsewhere on this site that TYT has attacked you…is this on video? What did they do?

      • I doubt Ana Kasparian would change her views later on in life. I mean, look at Jane Fonda. Even after the mass executions of hundreds of thousands and the re-education camps where thousands upon thousands more died, she still clings to this belief that she was on the side of good during the Vietnam War. Mind you, I don’t think Ana’s support of the the French protesters is a treasonous offense that demands execution like Jane’s, but it does demonstrate a similarly dangerously naive mind set. There is no consideration of the consequences, just this desire to be part of something bigger than themselves.

        As for Ana and Ceny Uygur’s internet and radio broadcasts, I wouldn’t go as far as to compare them to white supremacists, but I understand what you’re trying to say. Devoid of any actual intellectual debate, a lot of hateful language thrown around, the demonization of social/political enemies, etc I doubt that they would advocate for anyone’s death, at least not publicly, but they don’t shy away from advocating violent revolution, as Ana did in her rant on the French riots. Once again, they don’t understand that their are consequences to certain actions. You rile people up with this class warfare nonsense and eventually they take to the streets. As for responding to what is being said, I wish I could spend my time putting out post after post to address what is said, but I don’t have the time nor the energy to do it. I think it should say something that those like Glenn Beck don’t pay any attention to ‘The Young Turks’, that they aren’t important enough to waste time mentioning.

        Responding to your final thought, it’s being called the “new civility.” It is about pretending to be civil, as the left couldn’t really care about actual civility. If they aren’t blaming one of us for the Tucson shootings, then they are back to labeling us as fascists and terrorists. As Sarah Palin said, if the left didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards.

        Finally, it isn’t them, but their supporters who have attacked me. Look at the comments for this video to see what I mean. Same happens on Youtube when I leave a comment on one of their videos. As you would expect, these attacks are just as ill-conceived, ill-informed and immature as Cenk and Ana are. You should remember, however, though that when TYT attacks conservatives, they are attacks all of us, not just the popular television and radio pundits. To them, anyone who adheres to basic conservative principles is an evil monster who is responsible for all the ills in this world.

        I’m glad you enjoyed my posts about Cenk Uygur and ‘The Young Turks’. When time permits, I will see about writing another.

      • “In any event, I could spend hours debunking the nonsense put out by Cenk Uygur. He presents half-truths and lies as facts and when challenged, he goes off to insult the challenger, ignoring the content of the challenge.”

        Which is the modus operandi of any self-deluded cult, i.e. it operates out of a half-baked dogma and typically hate-based creed, which is indoctrinated into its followers through brainwashing and pressure-tactics, and anyone who challenges that dogma is attacked without question as an infidel, or sympathizer with the hated group.
        The amazing thing is, that Stank Augur and his ilk are obvious left-wing cultists who base their rhetoric and dogma on pure anticonservatism, while ignoring the 150 million+ people murdered by liberal ideologues like themselves… for just like Stalin said that “one death is a tragedy, a million are a statistic,” it follows that 150 million deaths are nothing at all.

    • I think that Stank, like most Obamaniacs, confuses “change” with Attention-Deficit Disorder. And you’re absolutely right that this is related to impulse-control– just like a monkey will jump from one thing to another as suits its fancy, lacking the higher-function control and discipline of a more intelligent species.
      That’s why Stank jumps around like an ape and spews off unintelligibly at the mouth like a rapid chimpanzee, unable to control his nervous impulses or conducting himself in an orderly manner– all while offering up “humor” which would disgust the likes of Beavis and Butt-head.

      But it’s only natural for any baboon-like creature to likewise interpret all information in a self-affirming egocentric manner, while throwing his offal at anything else; and so of course despite having aboslutely no training or expertise in neuroscience or anything else, Stank will use the old Nazi-tactic of twisting all science to prove how his cult is the Master Race, rather than simply adapted to faring in his particular environment… i.e. the sewer.

    • “Both Cenk Uygur and his co-host Ana Kasparian appear to be completely oblivious to what history has taught about the danger of concluding that certain groups of people are inferior to others based on physical traits. This is surprising since liberals always claim to be the most concerned about stereotyping and discrimination.”

      It’s not at all surprising since the left also only applies those standards against its opposition, as their hallmark is hypocrisy. As Sarah Palin said, if the left didn’t have double-standards then they’d have no standards at all.

      However as I mention below, physical differences are typically due to adaptations to different environments… and in Stank’s case, that environment obviously would be the sewer.
      Or perhaps, this left-wing “love of change” would be an evolutionary throwback to the first creature that tried to fly… without wings, unfortunately only after it had successfully mated and passed on this unfortunate characteristic to future offspring, to lie dormant until modern Democrats ran for the presidency.

  8. In reference to Part 5, Cenk Uygar clearly has inadequacy / jealousy issues. And understandably so. He does not possess a scintilla of the talent that media giants Limbaugh and Beck have and his irrelevant little sideshow will never enjoy even a small fraction of their success. He really should stop embarrassing himself and go into a line of work that he is cut out for. I have no idea what that may be, but it definitely should not be something where he is in front of a camera or behind a microphone. He is not the slightest bit entertaining, despite his lame effort to be. He never displays a spark of wit or creative genius and is evidently not capable of anything above the level of junior high school antics and humor. The idea that one should refrain from giving someone else of their gender credit where credit is due lest they be perceived as “gay” is absurd. But I guess by the same token it means Cenk should never praise Obama for anything Obama does.

    I also notice that they have pulled some of their videos, such as the one about the French rioters and the one about the 14-year-old boy. Apparently, they possess neither the power of forethought nor the courage of their convictions.

    • You’re absolutely right, this man has no talent. It is inadequacy, jealousy and many other issues. Let’s not forget that even on Air America, the failed left-wing talk radio station, Cenk Uygur couldn’t get ratings. Even among the intellectually challenged, he was seen as intellectually challenged. Much of his nonsense, aside from being half-truths and lies, is childish. What else would you call Cenk’s rant about right-wing talk radio being gay? Same goes for his and Ana Kasparian’s attack on Jonathan Krohn. That wasn’t just immature, it was disgusting. There is nothing redeemable about ‘The Young Turks’, but apparently, now that Keith Olbermann is gone from MSNBC, he has his on show on the network. The folks at NewsBusters.org called it unwatchable, which speaks volumes considering that they sit through the worst of the left-wing media.

      If it was up to me, he would be on Democracy Now! with that reject Amy Goodman. At least then he would be among others who share his warped view of reality and lack of talent.

      • Homophobia from a lefty is the pinnacle of hypocrisy– and his saying “not that there’s anything wrong with that” is equally insulting, and I am quite positive that NO minority-group would be satisfied with that little “disclaimer” that comparing someone negatively to you has “nothing wrong with it–” particularly when defamation-laws prohibit such false associations, regardless of how politically correct or incorrect they are!

        He could have just said something like “slobbering love-affair,” like Bernie Goldberg did in describing the media’s relationship with Obama; but it’s so much easier (and retarded) to simply throw the “gay” bomb– which once again proves the left to be nothing but a bomb-throwing cult which hypocritically ignores its own hate-speech and bigotry, in the finest tradition of cult double-standards.

        So just like Al Queda and Islamists will make excuses in response to their chopping people’s heads off and blowing up buildings full of innocent people, but throw full-scale riots in response to a cartoon of Mohammed or someone burning the Koran, then the left will ignore Stank’s vulgar and openly anti-gay comments.
        In any event, I’m sure that the homosexual-lobby will be just thrilled to provide the negative reference for him to deride the neocon-right.

    • “He really should stop embarrassing himself and go into a line of work that he is cut out for. I have no idea what that may be, but it definitely should not be something where he is in front of a camera or behind a microphone. He is not the slightest bit entertaining, despite his lame effort to be. He never displays a spark of wit or creative genius and is evidently not capable of anything above the level of junior high school antics and humor.”

      He also talks like a retarded rhinocerous with a stick up its butt. “Uh-DUHHHH! Uh-DUHHHH!!”

  9. Saying that “Cenk Uygur” is a moron, is an exercise in redundancy; he reminds one of a cartoon sheepdog in his manner, with his voice that seems to continually say “uh, DUUUUUHHHHH! Uh, DUHHHHHHHHH!”
    It’s hard to believe that this zero-grade lardass could ever expect to be taken seriously, since he makes Homer Simpson look like Stephen Hawking by comparison of their apparent I.Q. scores.
    If this clubber represents the Democratic voter-demographic with any degree of representative accuracy, then it’s not difficult to understand why Obama won the election, since he could be fooled by holding up a steak and saying “here boy! Wanna steak? Who’s a good sheepdog, yeah who’sa good sheepdog?”

    And you can just see Cenk sitting up and begging, panting with his tongue hanging out and hair over his eyes… then Obama could just pretend to throw the steak, and Cenk would run for it and jump out the window of a 10-story building after it.
    But Cenk isn’t a sheepdog, which are actually intelligent, hard-working and useful– so that certainly isn’t Cenk; no, he’s a LAPDOG when it comes to rolling over and bootlicking left-leaning politicians like most of the the liberal media. It’s also not surprising that this mascot of “The Young Turks” would deny Armenian genocide, considering that he’s got blood on his hands from that “other holocaust” which it’s somehow OK to deny– even though you can go to JAIL in places as far away from the crime as Canada, where it’s ILLEGAL to even question the 6-million figure regarding how many Jews were murdered.
    So it’s rather telling indeed, that this podcasting-peon is such a die-hard stumper for Obama… he even claims that “financial institutions caused the Great Depression, and FDR fixed it.” This is perhaps the DUMBEST thing ever uttered, though I know it’s popular among liberal media-morons who claim that “capitalism failed–” nevermind the Federal Reserve System created in 1913 by the Wilson Administration, which basically funded WWI AND caused the Great Depression, both of which basically caused WWII (also thanks to FDR, and the lapdog-media’s refusal to cover or report on his acts of war against Germany and Japan, well-prior to any military response from either one).
    So there’s really no question that while there is no shortage of morons in the world, Cenk Uygur is certainly not missing from that list– and proves that it takes more to be brilliant than simply having a big mouth and an opinion.

    • Hard to disagree with what you have said. Living in Canada, I don’t recall any case of someone going to jail for denying the Holocaust, but then again, people are getting sued for thousands of dollars over saying certain words in the company of thin-skinned people, so it might be true. The point is that this twit thinks himself a genius, his fans think him a genius, and management at MSNBC thinks him a genius for sayings “controversial” things. Problem is, those “controversial” things aren’t grounded in fact and, to those educated in the subject matter, are ridiculous. This is someone who said Barack Obama was more conservative than Ronald Reagan, something which both his guests couldn’t disagree more with. He didn’t look like a genius that day did he?

      With leftists like Cenk Uygur, facts don’t matter. All that matter is what you can get people to believe. It is depressing to think how many Americans are that stupid or naive to believe anything he and his ilk have to say. So much so that I find it hard sometimes to sit down and discuss the nonsense we see coming from this White House on a daily basis. One would think that America needs a lesson in history, economics and common sense after the election of Barack Obama. If anything, this demonstrates just how far the quality of education in the United States has fallen when people are so willing to believe irrational things.

      In any event, thanks for your comment. I hope you come back here and leave more comments in the future.

  10. “Living in Canada, I don’t recall any case of someone going to jail for denying the Holocaust, but then again, people are getting sued for thousands of dollars over saying certain words in the company of thin-skinned people, so it might be true.”

    It is true. In 1984, James Keegstra, a Canadian high-school teacher, was charged with denying the Holocaust and making antisemitic claims in his classroom as part of the course material. Keegstra and his lawyer, Doug Christie, argued that the section of the Criminal Code of Canada (now section 319{2}), is an infringement of the Charter of Rights (section 9{b}). The case was appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada, where it was decided that the law he was convicted under did infringe on his freedom of expression, but it was a justified infringement. Keegstra was convicted, and fired from his job.

    The point is that this twit thinks himself a genius, his fans think him a genius, and management at MSNBC thinks him a genius for sayings “controversial” things. Problem is, those “controversial” things aren’t grounded in fact and, to those educated in the subject matter, at ridiculous.

    That never bothered PMS-NBC before; just look at Keith Olbermaniac and his mouth-foaming foil-hat tirades (i.e. YOU, sir….), or Chris Matthews and his toffee-nosed “thrill going up his leg” Obama-philia.

    This is someone who said Barack Obama was more conservative than Ronald Reagan, something which both his guests couldn’t disagree more with. He didn’t look like a genius that day did he?

    He did to his fellow PMS-NBC liberals: since they have their own definition of “conservatism…” as well as truth and history.

    With leftists like Cenk Uygur, facts don’t matter.

    Oh it matters plenty, since truth is the antithesis of dogma, which is the staple of any cult. Truth is evil to them, and will draw cries of Jihad and Infidel from them.

    All that matter is what you can get people to believe.

    I.e. dogma. And if anyone opposes it, then they’re an infidel, and it’s open-season Jihad on them– like Al-Queda if you say that Islam’s a crackpot-cult and burn the Koran.

    It is depressing to think how many Americans are that stupid or naive to believe anything he and his ilk have to say.

    It’s not only depressing, it’s inevitable under the current oligarchy; for the only thing necessary for lies to believed, is for them to be repeated enough, or unopposed; and liars are in far greater supply than truth-tellers– who are limitid to the truth (and rational apathy), while the liars can make up anything they want no matter how outrageous. “For he that sows lies shall not want of a harvest, and shall wait in leisure while others reap the bounty in their stead.” (Tolkien)

    So much so that I find it hard sometimes to sit down and discuss the nonsense we see coming from this White House on a daily basis.

    You should try discussing political history with people who have little regard for truth; they have no limit to their stories, or willingness to substitute wishful thinking and fantasy for facts.

    One would thinking that America needs a lesson in history, economics and common sense after the election of Barack Obama.

    Won’t happen… the greater the disaster, the louder and more often the Left-wing cult will chant their liberal mantra;


    If anything, this demonstrates just how far the quality of education in the United States has fallen when people are so willing to believe irrational things.

    Again, inevitable under organized politics.
    It’s amazing how politically illiterate people are: for example, they’ll easily accept that a well-organized force of 10 soldiers can defeat 90 unorganized ones; but if you tell them that 10% of a population can rule a 90% majority through political organizations, they’ll call you a “conspiracy nut who’s wearing a foil-hat while looking for black helicopters and flying saucers.”

    In other words, they’re complacently grandeuristic, believing dogma and disdaining truth.

    The irony is, that I can trace all of this to the origins of the modern Republican party, which represents plutocratic special-interest, while the Democrats represent mob-rule agitators. In short, they’re simply twin-faces of an entrenched oligarchy– neither of which is possible under the actual law, but only by politically-organized distortion by elite and calculating politicians early in America’s history.

  11. Since my comment, I’ve watched a few of “Stink Yogurt” videos on Youtube (or as much as I could stand of this talking-head cartoon-sheepdog/Grape-ape caricature, anyway); and I learned the following about Stink:

    – Stink believes that American military’s collateral damage to civilians, is as bad as 9/11, since it means that “it’s ok to kill civiians”
    – Stink claims that “financial institutions caused the Great Depression, and the federal government FIXED it…. but ironically,
    – Stink is shocked– SHOCKED!!! to learn that the Federal Reserve system is printing money for Federal Reserve BANKS
    — He calls this a “new scam,” and
    — He just came to the brilliant realization that “it COULD trigger inflation for the fed to PRINT MONEY out of nowhere!”

    Of course this would be obvious to a half-dead monkey; then it only shows Stink’s level of non-intellect (as if it’s not already obvious from his appearance) that he needed someone to explain it to him!
    And even then it’s doubtful that he undertands it… rather, an Obama-lover like Stink simply believes whatever he’s told. Like when Obama said “Can we raise taxes and spend trillions and save the economy? YES, WE CAN!!!”
    And Stink, being a trained parrot of the left, repeats “YES, WE CAN!!”
    Even though the half-dead monkey is sayng “NO, YOU CAN’T!”
    How anyone could think this moron has a brain, let alone an exceptional one? From the fact that he can talk, when by all logic he shouldn’t even alive? I’ll agree there; it’s like a bumblebee flying, i.e. it’s amazing not because of its amazing agility, but simply because it’s happening at all.

    • Agreed. Cenk Uygur hasn’t shown much in the way of intellect, let alone a grasp of current events. Much of what he says sounds like far-left talking points. It’s so bad, he makes his Democrat guests uncomfortable. It speaks to the quality (more like lack thereof) of MSNBC to employ this hack. How far-left do you have to be to consider this man credible?

      Sometimes I listen to this nonsense and I think “stop the world I want to get off.” It’s like the world is slowly becoming irrational and no amount of facts will convince these twits that their “truth” is nothing but lies. Urgh…

      • It’s not just his lack of intelligence, but his display of ARROGANCE, underscored by his annoying modus operandi of addressing all opposing arguments with brain-dead guffaws, indicating that anyone who doesn’t agree with him must be as dumb as Cenk sounds.
        Rather, this buys into his stock response of ad hominem personal attacks on any opposition, responding to them with the same knee-jerk stock liberal response, which always shows that he hasn’t even read the argument, let alone bothered to formulate an intelligent response; for example, if a Republican drafts a proposal to refom entitlements, he’ll just flip out an a reponse like “oh, they wanna starve the poor!” as if the money’s just going to last forever by simply IGNORING the problem.
        Then he’ll throw in the obligatory “to save tax-cuts for the rich!”– as if hiking taxes will HELP the economy.
        I’d say that this guy’s just a walking stool-sample, but that would be an insult to medical specimens of that variety… and besides looks aren’t everything.

      • Also, I take it you haven’t seen much of PMS-NBC’s lineup, if you think he’s that difference from Kieth Olbermanic-depressive, Rachel Mad-cow, or any of the rest…. to which Stink Booger seems quite a fitting addition.
        I don’t care much for Fox, but at least I can stomach them, unlike PMS-NBC. which I can’t STAND in their arrogance and nerve-grating spew.

      • Hard to not agree with what you said, but I haven’t got the time to reply to it all. I hope you don’t feel like I am ignoring you as do my best to reply to all comments posted on my site. I could go on for hours talking about how inept these people are, but I have been fairly busy lately with work and other things to spend any time responding to comments, let alone putting up new posts. In any event, what really gets me about Cenk Uygur is that he’s a fake. He pretends to know about subjects he obviously knows little about and regularly makes statements that not even his left-leaning guests can agree with. If you can’t even get an echo chamber to echo your nonsense, there’s a serious problem.

        In any event, thanks for the comments and I hope you keep reading my blog.

  12. your claim that cenk doesn’t know the history of the crimes against the jews in germany is false. Cenk wasn’t saying that the Germans just upright and only killed the jews from the start. He was saying that Obama’s actions aren’t anything like what the German government did. In fact, he indirectly supported the same thing that you used as the basis of your rebuttle. The Nuremburg laws were of a different league compared to the what Obama is doing. He didn’t say that, but he didn’t deny that either. On top of that, Obama is actually right about what he said about Fox News. The Germans weren’t. Theres a fallacy of equivocation on Beck’s side, which Cenk was pointing out (again not ever denying what you were saying) and a fallacy of equivocation on your side aswell

    • No, I know exactly what he said and, as the video shows, the facts support my assessment. If you are unable to accept what he was saying, then I can’t help you. As for what Barack Obama was saying about Fox News, he wasn’t right. Never in American history have we seen a president single out a media outlet the way he has. When an administration is outright attacking a media outlet because it dares to be critical of its actions, there is something wrong. Its the media’s job to be critical, and the fact that the majority of them have failed to do their job since Obama took office is embarrassing.

      I stated that I didn’t agree with Glenn Beck’s assessment, but that doesn’t mean this White House’s campaign against Fox News was just.

      • Not only that, but you’re missing the bigger picture here: i.e. Stink Booger is proving the finest example of Lenin’s “useful idiot who will sell you the rope to hang him with,” by DEFENDING Obama’s attack on FoxNews.

        This plays into his denial of genocide, as per the example of “First they came for the Jews, and I applauded… then they came for ME.”

        But Stink, true to his “Bullwinkle” persona, thinks that it CAN’T happen to him,.. which shows just how naive he really is in his guffawing arrogance.
        He thinks he’s special…. and sadly, he’s RIGHT– but not in the way he thinks. He REALLY lives in his own little world.

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