3 comments on “Coffee Party Nonsense: Those Who Don’t Understand the Tea Party

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  2. Well if you mean ” not understanding the significance of the Boston Tea Party” to mean not buying in to nationalistic mythology you are correct.

    • Think you are smart by calling the Boston Tea Party nationalist mythology? To imply that something is mythology is to state that it isn’t true, that it is a myth, which by your claim, is to ignite nationalist feelings. The event happened, it was done in response to the Tea Act of 1773, an act that would grant British Tea a monopoly, so it was not “mythology”. This isn’t a story about Hercules or Zeus, this is historical fact which you are obviously ignorant of.

      Tell you what, do you research before opening your mouth here. I don’t need my blog flooded by ignorant lefties like you… Pathetic…

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