21 comments on “An Apology to Ann Coulter

    • Couldn’t agree more. Houle doesn’t belong in an institution of higher learning with his low level of intellect, aside from his threatening letter to Ann Coulter.

      Though I don’t agree with her 100% of the time, I do read her columns fairly regularly and I have found them to be funny as well as thought provoking. I hope she knows that she does have a fair sized fan base up here.

      Thanks for you comment and I hope you enjoyed the post.

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  2. Hello, The person who you are identifying as Stephanie Bowa is false. Please update this post immediately. Please contact me for the true identity of this person.
    Thank You

    • Well according to a few blogs, that is who it is. I don’t know where you are getting your facts, but I would like to know. How can I believe you when her Facebook page not only links her to the University of Ottawa, but the protest the other night? Where is your source or are you simply afraid of Stephanie Bowa getting the negative attention she seemingly deserves?

      You either contact me with this person’s real name or it stays up!

  3. There is no need to be aggressive. I am just trying to clear the truth.

    The photo above is from her facebook profile.
    The real person’s name is Ellena.

    • Not to be hostile, I just want more proof than that. Ellena what? She spells her name with two Ls? I need something far more rock solid than this if you want me to replace anything. How do you know this? Where are your links?

      Suffice to say I am in a combative mood, and I am not going to change my post until I get serious, 100% confirmation that the picture is of this Ellena and not Stephanie Bowa.

  4. In your original comment which I received via e-mail

    “You either contact me with this person’s real name, provide evidence that she isn’t Stephanie Bowa, or back off!

    you seemed quite hostile.

    Stephanie Bowa is my co-worker. She has been receiving hate mails at work all day. Her father is so concerned about her safety that he feels the need to contact local authorities because blogs such as this one have identified her as someone else when she was not even AT the protest at all.

    I don’t think its fair to slander someones name until the facts are all proven.

    Hope that this is proof enough,


    I would appreciate it if you would remove Stephanies name as well as the Canadian Library Association.
    Thank You
    Thank You

    • Thanks for the second link, I will change that right now. Firstly, it would have been nice to have all this information earlier today. Why didn’t you send me this right away? Was there a reason you didn’t want to send me this stuff with your first comment? If you gave me the full story right away, I would have removed Stephanie Bowa’s name and tag from the blog earlier before any other visitor got the wrong facts. Next time I would like the whole story up front, none of this “She’s innocent” and then running away nonsense.

      I am sorry for whatever trouble she has gotten into from blog posts like mine. She shouldn’t be criticized for something she didn’t do. As for her membership in the BAN COULTER FROM CAMPUS Facebook group, she might want to think twice about jumping on board with radical protesters that want to deny someone the right to speak. It was a simple mistake on her part that caused her this grief and dragged your organization through the mud.

      Once again, my apologies, and my recommendation for Stephanie and other people working at the Canadian Library Association stay away from sketchy Facebook groups.

  5. The reason why I didn’t tell you the “full story” right away was out of respect for Stephanie. She had told me that she does not want anyone else going though what she is going through. Getting up in the morning and getting hate e-mails from people and dragging peoples name in the mud is not something anyone should have to witness.

    Of course, we were trying to go to press and see what other venues of discourse legal or otherwise we would need to take if necessary.

    • First off, she linked herself to the event through the Facebook group BAN COULTER FROM CAMPUS. Ergo, she is responsible for putting herself in a position where she was likely to receive mail from Ann Coulter supporters, supporters who believe Ann had a right to speak. If Stephanie received hate mail from people who I don’t even know, she only has herself to blame, not anyone else.

      You weren’t honest with me when you first commented, and it was because of that that I was questioning your motives. Don’t threaten me for my blog post. I was not the person who identified her, I did not give out her email address and I definitely didn’t encourage anyone to write hate mail to her. I have written an update to my blog condemning the actions of those who harassed Stephanie, but that is all I will do.

      As for Ellena, she knew exactly what she was doing when she marched onto campus and started screaming at authorities. If you you want to blame someone for what has happened, blame her, for it is her likeness to Stephanie that started all of this. You tell that to Stephanie because protecting Ellena was not helping her at all. This isn’t the issue though, Stephanie got involved with the wrong people and thus was attacked by extremists for doing so. In the end, she has herself to blame for that.

      • I am explaining the situation and setting the record straight on this whole Stephanie Bowa fiasco. Tell me, how do I clear up this mess without using her name? Didn’t think that one through did you? No, you didn’t, you aren’t smart enough to.

        I suggest you leave and don’t come back. Your nonsense is not welcome here… Downright pathetic…

  6. To the owner of this blog:

    Not only did you fail to verify the facts before you exposed the identity of a girl who wasn’t even at the protest (thankfully you have now removed any mention of her), you have proven yourself to be an embarrassment to the Carleton community.

    By the way, it’s Carleton University, not University of Carleton. Get your facts straight.

    • Actually, never mind; I guess you’re too insecure to step down. Instead, you keep harping on her. Will you drop it already? We don’t need an update; Stephanie Bowa has nothing to do with this issue, and another poster has already complained she’s being harassed.

      • Stephanie Bowa joined a Facebook group linked to this event, BAN COULTER FROM CAMPUS. How do you think they got her name and email? If a radical student group goes out and embarrasses not just the University of Ottawa, but Canada as a whole, so you would have to be an idiot to think no one is going to go after members of said group. Just because she wasn’t there, doesn’t mean she isn’t to blame for this trouble. Stephanie joins the group, Ellena Orcan protests and gets her picture taken, someone mistakes Ellena for Stephanie and trouble ensues. Don’t try to pin this on me, I wasn’t the one getting involved with political radicals.

        If you’re too stupid to see that, you aren’t worth my time… GET LOST!

    • It is irrelevant whether she was there or not, the fact is that Stephanie Bowa joined the BAN COULTER FROM CAMPUS Facebook group. It was from there that the problem started. I checked my sources, I compared Stephanie’s Facebook picture to the picture taken of Ellena Orcan, the girl who was at the protest, and I made a judgment call. It was a case of mistaken identity, which happens all the time, but the truth is, Stephanie started all this by joining that Facebook group. If she had not done that, they wouldn’t have tracked her down.

      As for your “Carleton University, not University of Carleton” nonsense, who cares? I have heard it said both ways by many people including professors at the university. This comment is immature and ill-conceived, what was your point? Tell you what, GET LOST! I have no need to waste my time with such nonsense… Pathetic..

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