3 comments on “Dalton McGuinty’s Sex-Ed Schooling and Your Children

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  2. There is no doubt in my mind that the Liberal mentality has crossed the line with this proposal to teach children of that age to accept knowledge of the type offered in this article. Where are all of the shocked and appalled parents who are seeing this proposal of governmental pedophilia? Has insanity set in at pariament hill. First they brought in the Young Offenders Act and since then we have children out of control.
    Why isn’t the press having a field day with this atrocity. Is todays media so cowardly that they can’t report this nonsense openly to make the general public aware of such a radical notion that would have such a detrimental affect on our children.
    Come on now people, Don’t let this happen to our beloved innocents. We are the parents and this is our responsibility. Stand up in protest. Make damn good and sure this whack job Liberal Party doesn’t get another stab at reintroducing this curriculum to our little ones. VOTE THEM OUT PLEASE

    • Where are all the parents period? All day kindergarten? It’s worse in the United States where school in Chicago have banned home-made lunches. It’s this idea that the state knows best and parents should surrender their rights to their children to a twisted education system. The scary thing is that many parents do want this, as they are unwilling to ACTUALLY BE PARENTS and raise their own children. When did this change first start eh? Home schooling is looking better every day.

      Thanks for your comments and I hope you keep reading my blog.

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