4 comments on “NDP’s Anti-Israel Politics: Libby Davies Demonstrates Her Downright Stupidity

  1. I really do think the NDP has a chance to be a party taken seriosuly by Canadians but again and again their leadership is nowhere to be found. Libby Davis and Jack Layton just turn people away from politics

    • The issue here is their politics. As of now the NDP are competing with Green and the Liberals wear they are sitting. The only way to change this is a further shift left, but then they scare away moderates. If the Liberals return to the center, the NDP still have the Greens to compete with. I personally don’t like the NDP, especially considering my time in China witnessing where those kind of politics lead to. They need to be realistic, they need to move closer to the center, and I don’t see that happening. Who knows though, maybe some of these former NDP members who have joined the Liberals will go back.

      As for now, I don’t see it being taken seriously for a long time. Thanks for the comment anyways.

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