12 comments on “Toronto Burns: The Black Bloc and the True Face of the G8/G20 Protests

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  3. I don’t understand. This isn’t a partisan issue. Some Indisputable facts:

    The police and the Province have admitted to their bogus law. After which they proceeded to violate our Charter – that’s YOUR Charter.

    There were a total of about 150 Black Block members. There were arguably 15 – 20,000 police / security on duty that day in the downtown core. It is a fact that the police were ordered to ‘stand down’ when the Black Block went on their rampage.

    The Black Block are not in any way affiliated with any other group that were protesting there. In fact there is footage of ordinary citizens trying to stop them.

    Somewhere between 1 and 2 billion dollars is still unaccounted for, in the budget.

    You guys, I’m not interested in getting tempers up. But what happened at G20 affects every Canadian. Wouldn’t you agree that there are serious questions that need to be answered. As I said this isn’t a partisan issue but if you compare it to – for example – the Liberal sponsorship scandal, this seems FAR more worrying wouldn’t you agree?

    • Totals on the amount of Black Bloc members is debatable. I have heard anywhere from 150 to 500+ members, but the numbers are skewed because of the how they operated. The National Post had a gallery from the G8/G20 summits which show pictures of abandoned “costumes” strewn across the city. What they were doing was sneaking into the downtown with their black clothing in their bags, getting into their anarchist clothing to commit violence, than switching back to their regular wear when no one was looking. It allowed them to do what they needed to do, then slip back into the crowds undetected. As for this order to stand down being a “fact”, this is a talking point that has been thrown around without any serious evidence to back it up. Be careful where you get your information.

      The Black Bloc isn’t “associated” with groups like OCAP and CUPE, but don’t be fooled into believing that these organizations don’t support and encourage their actions. I provided video of John Clarke doing just that. Also, the individuals who did try and stop the Black Bloc anarchists weren’t other protesters, but bystanders who took it upon themselves to do something about the vandalism and looting. The video that everyone points to about this shows a middle-aged man wrestling a Black Bloc member to the ground, but is quickly forced to release him as protesters ran to the rioter’s aid with bicycle police standing by. I have yet to see video of protesters taking it upon themselves to do this, and I have video demonstrating the exact opposite (first video demonstrating protesters from CUPE and other groups cheering them on and helping hide them from cameras).

      Yes, I would like to see how that billions dollars was spent, but let’s be realistic here. You have a few thousands police officers, various other security professional who were brought in, then you have the cost of equipment like the barriers that were erected, the body armour the for the police, etc While I would assume there is some loss, let’s not pretend that there is this massive amount of money that just disappeared. Let’s not forget that we have seen worse uses for public funds, so instead of complaining about one billion, why not the several billion spent on failed welfare programs. How about the abuse of unemployment benefits in the Atlantic provinces?

      The sponsorship scandal wasn’t really the major issue it was made out to be. Conservatives needed something to knock Paul Martin out of office and the former Prime Minister played right into their hands. Comparing it to the G20 summit, I would actually say it is far worse. While I don’t think there is corruption in this matter, let’s assume there was. This happened at the municipal level, and the result of this assumed corruption is that a bunch of angry and ill-informed individuals spent a day in a detention centre. On the other hand, the sponsorship scandal occurred at the highest levels of government. This was a secret fund, set up by Brian Mulroney mind you (a fact usually left out when it was reported), that the Prime Minister used to reward political allies in his riding. Can you imagine a small cabal of individuals having access to such funds, bypassing the finance minister’s office, to spend money as they alone see fit? That is what happened, and while it didn’t result in much, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have. A comparison between the abuse of taxpayer funds at the highest level of government and the assumption of police corruption is downright silly.

      In any event, thanks for the comment. While I don’t agree, I will say you were far more polite than my usual disagreeing visitors.

    • Watch out when you say irresponsible. Did you check my other article on this subject?

      I am going to forgive you for this comment as you seem fairly level-headed. It is my mistake, I should have posted a link from this page to the follow-up post I have on this matter, but I don’t deserve this kind of criticism.

      So, to address this point, I did put up the link to this very article on the follow up post. The chainsaw, crossbows and arrows were found in the van of an individual who was picked up outside a G20 security checkpoint the day before the protests started. Now, as I said in my post, while I believe that this person wasn’t directly connected to the groups protesting, it doesn’t mean that his actions are completely separate from the G20 protests itself. This troubled individual was stopped before he could do anything, and remembering where he was picked up and when, it is silly to suggest that he didn’t want to do something in response to the summit. As I stated in my second article, we saw Joseph Andrew Stack do exactly this earlier this year.

      Once again, I forgive you for saying I was being irresponsible, but I would be more careful with your words in the future.

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