6 comments on “Ozil Fouled: Spain Gets Win with Referee Assistance

  1. I don’t think the Ramos/Ozil incident demonstrates poor refereeing. In fact I think it’s the opposite. By my reading of Law 12 there is no foul, except possibly Ozil was careless in sticking his left leg into the path of Ramos (right next to Ramos’ left foot). It was a good call by the referee (not my initial reaction when I was watching the game – I just changed my mind when I saw the replay). There’s a good illustration here:


    Note that Ozil & Ramos is different since in their case it is the attacker who “extends his leg outside his normal gait”. So the correct answer, according to Law 12, is that, since the contact was accidental, Ozil did not foul Ramos. Yes, I mean it that way round. Ramos fouling Ozil just doesn’t come into it at all.

    • You say this as if the video only showed the one angle, from behind. Yet I put up the video from two angles, purposely to demonstrate why this wasn’t a simple “accident”, but dirty play.

      Now watch the replay closely, you clearly see Ramos kick towards Ozil’s leg, followed by being grabbed and pulled down. The ball was already well beyond Ramos’ reach, so any motion made would be against Ozil and not to get the ball. It goes back to slide tackles and how careful those doing the tackles have to be. Even if they make contact with the ball, if the tackle is viewed as careless or excessive, their is a free kick given. Now you can argue all you want about how Ramos’ kick was accidental, but you have yet to explain what his army was doing pulling Ozil down. Is that covered under “accidental”? Of course not, but you ignored that, and because of that, I am going to tear you out for stupidity…

      How can you sit there with a straight face and tell me that it was Ozil that fouled Ramos? Are you new to soccer? Obviously you are because there was nothing on that page to discuss the dragging down of a player within the penalty box being called an “accident” or the fault of the attacking player. Did you bother watching how Ozil falls? If it was simply an accidental trip, he would fall forward. Momentum would carry his body in only one direction, and yet, in the replay, we see him spin as he falls. This demonstrates a change in the direction of momentum which would mean an outside force would have to have acted upon him for this to happen. Ramos was that outside force, first tripping him up then towing him down. There is more to this though…

      Time and time again, the simplest fall by a Spanish player resulted in a free kick for Spain. The majority of these were either true accidents as well as Spanish players diving (even the CBC announcer admitted that Iniesta “knew what he was doing”). Victor Kassai awarded nearly twice as many free kicks to Spain than to Germany, and when we had perfect examples of deliberate fouls, which is what the happened between Ozil and Ramos, he refused to call them. This inconsistency demonstrates an outright bias, something you see towards the Germans in the European leagues. Go to the forums, see how even the Hungarian soccer fans, knowing how terribly Kassai reffed, admit that “the Germans deserved it”. Some didn’t say Germans though, they used ethnic slurs.

      Don’t think I didn’t spend hours watching and rewatching that footage to see if I could have been mistaken, I DID! The one thing that can’t be explained is how Ozil fell, how his spun as he hit the ground. Even if the “missed footing” was accidental, Ramos grabbing Ozil and pulling him to the ground definitely wasn’t. Don’t play apologist for what I have demonstrated is a particularly dirty team this tournament… Pathetic…

    • You know what? No, I am not going to get into a debate with someone who obviously doesn’t know what they are talking about. Comment is gone, so no more nonsense from you…

      There’s the video, there’s the evidence, and that is why so many people have come to my site to read this article. Hundreds of people who watched the game coming here and reading my article, and yet you are the first person to complain and say “well that is not what I saw”. Obviously you weren’t watching this replay. The ball had already left his foot, and just like with slide tackles (did I say Ramos was slide tackling Ozil? NO!, so don’t put words into my mouth), contact like this usually results in free kicks, and this is before taking into account that Ramos grabbed Ozil by the arm and brought him down (where did this nonsense about “tackling” him come from?). I demonstrated how Spain was playing dirty in previous games through video replays, I discussed how the referee, Victor Kassai, didn’t call this game fairly at all (numerous uncalled fouls on German players), and yet here you are “well I am not really supporting Spain in this, and this is what the rules say”. Referees have discretion on how to interpret the rules, but not matter their opinion, this kind of contact is definitely not accidental, not when we have seen this kind of nonsense from Ramos and other Spanish players previously. No matter how many times you watch the replay, you still don’t seem to realize this do you? If the ref followed the rules, then there wouldn’t be half of this nonsense, and yet the biggest complaint about this World Cup is the poor quality of reffing. This game was no different in this regard.

      I have had it, you infuriate me, and being reminded about how Germany got cheated out of this win makes me angry. You want to pretend that this game was fairly called, do that, but seeing how Spain was awarded nearly twice as many free kicks as Germany, the fact that no yellow cards were given for any of this nonsense, including when Ramos stepped on Podolski’s ankle, I would have to say differently.

      Video shows Ramos kicked Ozil’s foot, grabbed his arm, and pulled him down. Ozil was side-stepping, not turning, then after losing his footing due to the trip, was pulled forward and to the side, causing him to spin. If you can’t see that in this video give both the angles shown, you are either blind or biased and I don’t have the time nor the patience to deal with either… GET LOST!

  2. A little correction, I say spin, but it was more or less a small turn. Ozil rotates slightly after hitting the ground, but not a full spin. Either way, the change in direction is demonstrated in how he falls. If it he had tripped accidentally, he would have fallen forward, and yet he fell on his side/back, something which shows that Ramos not only tripped him, BUT also pulled him down (WATCH THE ARM!).

  3. Well, I’m an Italian fan and indeed while I’m agreed sometimes Italian dive so those the south American teams and half of the European countries too since I follow many football league around the world. The only exception to the diving rule (since it seems to be some part of the modern football) comes from Bundesliga and somehow Barclay premier league but still you can see some deficiencies as referees goes in the Barclay premier league. Somehow comparing the Italian team that won 2006 with this Spain team I cannot agreed. While, yes, they were some occasions you said they didn’t deserve anything, even though winning football is not about deserving but scoring, they were some memorable games that Italians won fair and square, especially the semifinals against Germany. Even against France where from many replays you could see there was not penalty and I agree too Materazzi incited Zidane but that was Zidane fault to lose his temper as he usually does like the 13 red cards he got in the Spanish league so Zidane is not a saint, sorry to tell you this. In the game against Australia, yes you can have some controversy in the penalty but again the Australian should have gotten to the ball first but he was late so that, at referee discretion can originate a foul, that in this case became a penalty. Any Italian sins from the world cup 2006 were paid in full in this world cup. Maybe they didn’t have a striker, but from the first game against Paraguay, one of Paraguayan entrance after few seconds from the game start was a red card because he didn’t go after the ball, he didn’t get late, he just hit the Italian in the lower part of his leg. And the Paraguayan first goal should have never happened since Chellini, the Italian defender never touched the Paraguayan who just dive backward simulating the foul that gave them the first goal. You may argue the penalty against New Zealand but again the first New Zealand goal was offside since the ball touched a New Zealand player head while the other New Zealand in the play was ahead of Cannavaro even though the ball rebound in Cannavaro and the New Zealand that was offside on the previous play touched to the goal. Moreover, OUR Friend WEBB, the reason why Spain won the final even though Spanish press said he could has been the cursed for them to lose the finals, he has been a really bad referee disallowed one goal that wasn’t offside and not allowing another that the Slovakian defender hit from inside the goal in the match Italy vs Slovakia. One more news about Webb is that Uruguayan thinking on retaliation from the game Germany vs England, they didn’t want him to referee their semifinal against Holland and that is why Webb got to referee the final, something that not many people like to talk about. Anyway, I will leave this as matters on opinions were you called and compared Italians as undeserving champions with Spain. As for Spain, well, no one wants to talk about it but indeed for now on SPAIN WON THE TITLE OF DIVE MASTER and WEBB to be one of the worst referee in a WORLD CUP FINAL in my Football book and now , for the first time in my life that I watched and replayed almost every game even though Italy didn’t pass the first stage, I m completely down to watch any football at all since I was expecting at least for Germany to win this world cup after seeing a CLASS ACT team that throughout the tournament showed EVERYONE HOW TO PLAY FOOTBALL and indeed they were the only team in this world cup to deserve the TITLE of FAIR PLAY and WORLD CUP TITLE as well. Maybe I’m not expert in football and I might be wrong in some assumptions about the Italians in 2006 but I did read and read all the controversy in 2006 (even in their own league but at least italian league is the only one to persecute corruption even with one of the parts death) Also, I read about Ghana players being rude in their entrance and the referee ignoring those but what about Uruguayan simulation as well and inciting Ghana’s player when they didn’t have the ball at Materazzi style and was caught on camera? What about the Brazilian goal with the hand no once but twice and later was caught on camera the referee joking with the Brazilian player about it. The 2 offside goals from Spain, one against Portugal and the other one I don’t recall it now. What about everyone talking about Holland dirty tactics hitting in full contact karate kid style the Spanish players but no one talks about Webb having a blind eye as well with Puyol second yellow card and not even giving any kind of amonestation to Spaniard simulations especially the last one where INIESTA JUST DIVE INTO the ground and Heitinga got sent home. This action from Iniesta was even worst that the one from Materazzi because indeed it takes a certain degree in theatrical arts to pull what Iniesta achieved with Webb. There is no need to publish this but just the remarks to compare Italy 2006 with Spain 2010 got somehow into my nerve after watching this World Cup full of disappointments no as a team fan but football fan.

    Best regards,


    PS: Sorry for my English since it is not my native language and it is been a while.

    • Don’t worry about your English, I think it is pretty good. As I recommended to my Chinese students, watch English movies with English subtitles in your off time and listen to a lot of English music. It is all about a constant exposure to the English language.

      As for Italy, what got me with the 2006 World Cup, aside from the controversial win over Australia, what really upset me was the effort by the Italian team to get a German player thrown out of the game before the match. Correct me if I am wrong, but they claimed that Lucas Podolski was involved in the brawl at the end of the Germany and Argentina game and had him thrown out. Mind you the Argentinians denied he was involved, but the ruling stood. Podolski proved himself in the third place match and, thinking about his performance, I always felt Germany was cheated out of that. Also, the game wasn’t that clean, but in comparison to the nonsense I saw this tournament, it was I would be willing to give that point to you. As for the France game, you don’t have to say anything about Zinedine Zidane losing his temper at the end of the match. It was unprofessional and inexcusable, no matter what was said to him. What really got me, is after all this, it comes out that half the team was involved in one scandal or another in FIFA Italia, and that to me tainted not only their win, but the entire World Cup tournament. Sorry if that offends you.

      As for Spain’s performance, that is why I said it was worse. As you pointed out, Spain won the title of “world’s worst divers”. It is pathetic when you think about how big an impact video replay would have played in this tournament with all the diving, offside goals, hits, etc Ghana was easily one of the worst teams in the tournament in terms of fouls. While they didn’t get carded for much of it, you saw players walking off the field with bloodied noses and broken lips. How does the referee explain how that happened? He threw his face into the Ghana player’s elbow? Holland was really rough too, but, considering Ghana’s performance, Spain’s nonsense, etc it was pretty much par for the course. It was disgraceful to watch that kind of soccer and, being a soccer fan (I played it from childhood till high school), it was hard to stomach.

      Anyways, thanks for the comment. It is glad to see someone who can see what happened at this tournament.

      P.S. Yes, Italy did “pay for the sins” of last tournament by being eliminated so early, but it would have been better if they at least got to the round of sixteen. So many awful teams got through, and it wasn’t enjoyable to watch some of those games. I feel the same about France as they should have advanced as well. Blame poor sportsmanship and bad coaching for that.

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