4 comments on “Irresponsible: Michael Coren Gives Radicals a Platform to Smear Police

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  3. Hi there Northern Thoughts,

    Just thought I would do this via the comments, as I don’t see a way to contact you directly? I’m the Tommy Taylor mentioned in this post. Of course right after the events of the Toronto G20, a lot of people just didn’t want to believe me. Now, over 3 years later, what I said has been proven and has been (through testimony of officers, commanders, CCTV footage, etc) verified. The OIPRD report on G20 is a very disturbing document (the official report, which Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair says he stands behind).

    I remember coming across your post at the time and wondering why someone I’ve never met is so angry and upset with me. Your post stood out amongst the detractors to me (comments like “looks like this guy goes through life not paying attention” seemed so extreme). I know at the time the photos of burning police cruisers and smashed windows were very upsetting to see. Maybe, to you, I was a face for that? As time went on and the story of what happened to “things” faded and they story of what happened to people was revealed, did your anger become redirected? What were your feelings when you discovered that what I described, did indeed, happen?

    I’m just curious because I’ve had a chance to talk about this with people across the country. Some, like yourself, didn’t believe it, but were very heartbroken when it was found to be true. Some people never read another thing about G20 about seeing the photos and saying “I know the story, people got what they deserved”, but when presented with the now documented facts were blown away.

    Again, it’d be informative to hear your thoughts now that all the facts are on the table.



    • Tommy Taylor eh? The first thing I have to ask is why would you even bother? I must have really struck a nerve for you to come to my blog looking for an apology (that’s my guess). If that is what you’re looking for, you’re not going to get one. You got what you were looking for, a story about “abuse” which you have used to build up a reputation amongst far-left professional protesters. There’s no reason for me to be “heartbroken” over that.

      You want to hear what I think? I still have a very hard time believing your story, even now. I’ve seen the pictures provided by the Toronto Star and other sources of the detention centers and, suffice to say, you greatly over exaggerated the facts. Your claim that protesters weren’t fed is laughable considering the pictures of half-eaten food and empty drink cups. Your claim that cells were packed beyond capacity is also hard to believe. The picture provided by the Toronto Star (http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2011/11/02/inside_a_g20_cell_video_image_shows_conditions_in_detention_centre.html) shows otherwise. How could you collapse in those cells? Were you having a panic attack? That would be believable, not your ridiculous story. As for the Nazi comparison, I stand by what I said in the blog post. If I was hosting the show, the instant you made that claim, I would have told you to leave. It’s downright disgusting that a pathetic professional protester would compare himself and others who were detained to Jews in Nazi concentration camps. I noticed that you didn’t apologize for that nonsense in your comment, so my opinion of you hasn’t changed.

      A quick look at your Facebook page reveals that you care more about your image than about actually making a difference. Aside from your obsession with playing the victim (A play about the “abuse” you faced at the G20?), there is very little there. “Save” Toronto from Rob Ford? You must be a George Smitherman supporter eh? ‘Idle No More’? You’d rather stand in solidarity with the woman ripping off her people than said people eh? Did you even bother doing your research on what was going on in Attawapiskat? Are you proud you stood up for such a crooked chief?

      I could go on, you know. I could point out how Amnesty International is an anti-Semitic organization (once again, you’re struggles were nothing compared to what the Jews went through in the concentration camps), etc but I’ve made my point. Don’t bother replying, I’ve wasted enough time on your already. Beat it.

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