4 comments on “A Worthless Declaration; The Religion of Peace is at it again…

  1. So is it your opinion that all muslims are violent and evil?

    What about the evangelical christians that want to hasten a third world war because they feel that the end times are near? Do they represent all christians in your opinion?

    • Did you read my post? I am just asking because there are a few key quotes in there which state exactly how I feel. I defend moderate Muslim Tarek Fatah against those who say he is dishonest and a political opportunist. Why would I do that if I thought all Muslims were violent? Obviously not.

      As for radical Evangelical Christians, since when have the been accepted by the majority of the Christian community? We Catholics don’t accept these beliefs, and I don’t know many other Christian sects which do. Next point, when was the last time you saw these radicals do anything besides protest at funerals for fallen soldiers? I don’t like the comparison between Christianity and Islam, not with all the violence, intolerance and oppression in the Muslim world. If your game is moral equivalence, I will have none of it.

      Next time, actually read the article, stay away from such nonsensical comparisons and don’t put words in my mouth…

    • Since when? What have I said that is extreme? I distance myself from Christian fanatics, I criticize those who would abuse the Bible to pushing politics, and somehow I am a Christian extremist? Wow… Just wow…

      So being a Catholic makes me an extremist? Believing in Jesus Christ, trying to live my life according to his teachings, makes me an extremist? On the other hand, when radical Muslims threaten officials in Ottawa, that is okay? What a hypocrite you are. Instead of discussing the points I raise, you get all flustered and start calling me names, pushing your moral equivalence nonsense to paint Christians as people as violent and intolerable as adherent Muslims. Just what I thought, a “useful idiot”, a politically correct fool who failed to educate himself/herself on the so-called “religion of peace”. Tell you what, next time you want to try that, find examples of Christians who beat their wives in accordance to Christian teachings, who stone women who are “immoral”, who kill “infidels” and “apostates” as commanded by Jesus Christ… Oh wait, you aren’t going to find that because that nonsense is found in Islam…

      Get lost you twit!

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