4 comments on “Anything But Sanity: Stewart/Colbert Rally and Radical Muslim Yusuf Islam

  1. I find it interesting that at the bottom of your page there is a vote ALEXI (ginulious) video from Google ads every time I refresh.

    I have found that Google has made an effort to leave out current hot topic conservative articles/information in their searches. I do not trust Google at all. I suggest that everyone needs to start to being very skeptical of Google. With the Google “Cloud” can you imagine the greater power they will have over our information?

    • Don’t worry about it. As long as the Google Ad doesn’t prevent you from reading my article, I don’t mind.

      As for conservative posts being harder to find, while I have heard something about that previously, I usually do find my own posts when doing a search on certain topics.

      Hoped you enjoyed my post and I hope you come back here more often.

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