3 comments on “The Unhinged: Democrat supporters are getting angry and violent

  1. hello,
    grungyoldvan is my NP name…

    You know, you have to understand the emotional investment made by ‘black’ Americans…

    There are always some evil people in any sizable group, but most decent ‘black’ folk just want to see a return on their 40 year Democrat Party investment… That’s the pap being spread around by racist outfits like the NAACP and Al Sharpton… Every Black first Democrat thinks Obama is going to get ‘dem their cash…

    Millions of decent people propagandized into magical thinking… that Obama is America’s Savior…

    I’d say future Al Sharptons have a lot to lose if Obama isn’t treated as a demi-god instead of the pox that he is…

    • It returns to that “40 acres and a Mule” nonsense, the same idiocy preached by Al Sharpton and his ilk. I understand it, but I don’t let these people brand me as a racist because I won’t support this agenda. Barack Obama may be their “prophet” as Louis Farrakhan said, but he is going to bring their destruction in the end. This “black nationalism” can only end one way, and with more and more time passing between now and the Civil Rights era, these twits will become relics of an age long past. The fact is that most of these people never knew of the plight of Rosa Parks. They pretend to be those who marched with Martin Luther King Jr, but they ignore his teachings, especially the one concerning one being judged by the content of their character and not skin colour.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope you can give me your thoughts on a few more things I have written here.

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