6 comments on “A Coren Clip: Tarek Fatah on Islamic Supremacism

    • Sounds interesting, but with all the money being pumped into synfuels, will it be worth it in the long run? As of now, I don’t see why they couldn’t simply keep drilling while trying to figure this out. If it does pan out, however, it does seem like Canada will be leading this industry from the get-go.

      Interesting article in any event. What did you think of this post if I might ask? A little much or what?

    • Allahpundit from Hot Air said there is an issue with favouriting, but I wouldn’t know. I don’t use Twitter. What I will say is that this is a small story they have tried to blow up into a bigger one.

      It all starts with a joke between Marc Lamont Hill (a two-face political pundit who pretends to be friend with conservatives until he is given the opportunity to turn on them) and Ann Coulter. They joke about this Church which has these outlandish postings on the Church’s board, and this one caught Ann’s attention. She send it to Sarah Palin as a joke, which it was, and I would guess Sarah had a laugh about it. Now, Lamont Hill claims that Palin wouldn’t know about this inside joke between the two of them (what did I say about two-faced?), which I doubt since Ann and Palin apparently tweet to each other. The issue is whether or not Palin was serious or was in on the joke. As for the favouriting, I would seriously love to see the email folders of those who are attacking Palin. I would imagine they saved some pretty offensive “jokes” about her.

      All in all, I wouldn’t bother spending much time with this story. It is being pushed by rabid partisans who are looking for anything they can grab to smear her. For example, look at those Politico articles that came out lately, citing “anonymous sources”. I am pretty sure they are making it all up, especially since a few of those people mentioned in the articles have come out saying as much.

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