2 comments on “No, No, No! Abubakar Kasim’s Demand for “Multi-Faith Chapels” in Canadian Shopping Malls

  1. I totally agree with you. If people want to pray, they certainly don’t need a prayer room to do so, as evidenced by several photos on my photo blog of men praying in the streets that I have posted in the past. I seriously doubt that providing prayer rooms in malls in Canada would increase sales and customers for the businesses there. It’s a ridiculous and impractical idea.

    • Glad to hear you feel that way. I found your blog interesting for the pictures you posted. I couldn’t imagine living in a country where religious practices are forced onto the population. I spent time teaching English at Nantong Vocational College in Nantong, China. While there were certain restrictions, the government didn’t demand adherence to any religion or interfere in commerce in such a way. If Abubaker Kasim wants to pray at shopping malls, I suggest that he goes to Saudi Arabia because that nonsense won’t be tolerated here.

      Thank you visiting and I hope you come back often and leave more comments.

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