6 comments on “McGinniss Exposed: Author Knew Claims Lacked Proof

    • Unsubstantiated nonsense. As I said previously, if any of this was true, considering the vetting she has been given by the national media, don’t you think it would have come out by now? Oh no, not you. You’re like Andrew Sullivan and the “Trig Truthers,” hoping to find something that will justify your irrational hatred of Sarah Palin. There’s a reason why Joe McGinniss and Random House are in trouble now, something you seem incapable of understanding. I mean, come on, you’re blog is a collection of the kind of nonsense printed in McGinniss’ book. You’re pathetic.

      Tell you what, until you can provide ACTUAL proof, not some story from the Atlantic (the left-wing rag Sullivan works for), I suggest you keep your crazy beliefs to yourself.

  1. So the tortured logic goes: if it were true, wouldn’t it have come out by now? Such is the beauty of media today. If you obfuscate and muddy the waters enough, no one will know what or who to believe.
    What you refer to as “unsubstantiated nonsense” is what the rest of like to call “fact.” Dave Parker with the Anchorage Police was cornered by Malia Litman about the press release and he freely admitted that not only did he issue it at the request of Palin’s attorney, but that it was factually inaccurate. Another fact: Tripp passed multiple polygraph exams for the Enquirer. They didn’t drop her because of her credibility, they dropped her her because she refused to renegotiate her contract with them. They got kind of sore about it. What you have to decide is, are going to actually fact check and be a serious truth teller, or just play one in real life?

    • More crazy conspiracy theorist crawl out from under their rocks. Here’s a newsflash for you, NPR, MNSBC, Current TV, etc have cancelled their interviews with Joe McGinniss regarding his new book. Why? Because even they, the fringe left, can’t believe this garbage.


      As for multiple polygraphs, they mean nothing, especially when they can’t be relied upon as evidence in any court. IF Random House’s legal team can’t verify her story, as per McGinniss’ own admission in the letter he sent to Jesse Griffin, then why should anyone believe it?
      (UPDATE: Went back and looked at Andrew Breitbart’s post on this and according to his analysis, Joe McGinniss dropped the “hooker” accusation, probably because of his fear that, as his e-mail suggested, Shailey Tripp “may be mentally unstable” and that even the National Enquirer were to be ready “to back off this story” because of her lack of credibility)

      Are you getting it? Obviously not, because you are just another person suffering from “Palin Derangement Syndrome.” It’s clear that you’re too busy reading the National Enquirer to even bother with reality. Quick question, were you abducted by aliens recently, or was that simply your talking dog? Twit…

  2. I challenge any news agency to post in full the conversation between Malia Litman and Dave Parker, and go through Shailey Tripp’s police report. That is the direct proof.
    The Anchorage Police Department’s very own Dave Parker has gone on record and said that Tiemessen, Palin’s lawyer, phoned them and asked them to issue the press release to the Enquirer. There is also documented proof that the entire press release was a lie. Laura Novak, Malia Litman, Jesse Griffin, the Atlnatic, and Shailey Tripp can attest and provide documentation to that. http://shaileytripp.yolasite.com

    • You cite a collection of kooks and conspiracy theorists to support the story of someone Joe McGinniss himself suggested was mentally deranged. Quick question, do you or do you not believe that Trig Palin is Sarah Palin’s son? I ask that because, after a quick Google search, I discovered that Laura Novak, Malia Litman, Jesse Griffin and Andrew Sullivan (the writer at the Atlantic you refuse to name) are all “Trig Truthers.” The fact that they, and most likely you, still cling to this thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory definitely speaks volumes. As for issuing a press release, what of it? That doesn’t mean Sarah is someone lying. In fact, when you consider that the national media went through thousands of e-mails from her time as governor and didn’t find anything to suggest that she was guilty of something, let alone proof for your crazy conspiracy theories, everything seems to point to Sarah’s innocence. Are you so deranged that you cannot accept that she isn’t the evil woman you desperately wish she was?

      I would advice you to stop wasting my time with your nonsense. If you want to continue citing websites that contain nothing but speculations and conspiracy theories (like the one you cited yesterday) in hopes of convincing someone that you aren’t some deranged conspiracy theorist, I suggest you go elsewhere. It’s clear by your comments that you are as detached from reality as the other commenter, looking to the National Enquirer, cheap tabloid trash, for truth. Pathetic…

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