6 comments on “Have They Showered Yet? ‘Occupy’ Comes to Ottawa

  1. Greetings and good wishes. Agewise, I was born at the very end of the baby boom and grew up in an upper middle class suburb. Safe, happy and innocent. Although, I hate getting older, I am so glad I grew up when families didn’t need two pay cheques and moms were home to raise their kids. A friend of many years, used to say to me,”The destruction of the family is the destruction of society.” I believe what we’re seeing on the streets are a lot of lost kids who had their heads filled with socialist, green propoganda from elementary school to university; hot beds of intolerant, leftist poo. Add impassioned, tough professional marxist anarchists, and other brain washers. What we have are lonely, angry malcontents who are making “families.” with the like. For many of the naive, this may be the first time they felt part of something much bigger than themselves. They feel a kinship with the revolutionaries of the middle east and northern Africa. What, they don’t realize, is that they’re pawns being manipulated by the unions, fustrated, middle aged hippies whose revolutionary ideals, planted a generation ago are reaching fruition. It’s certainly no coincidence the entire world is aflame. Radical jihadists in bed with the American unions for their one shared ideal; the destruction of America. obama’s real mandate is right on schedule. Until the election takes place next year, this street movement will increase and become violent. This is obama’s campaign strategy…chaos in the streets and divisivness. He can offer nothing else. Anyone who thinks obama is incompetent doesn’t understand his serpentine mind. Everything’s on schedule. I’ve seen good presidents, bad presidents, but never a president who hated his country and wanted to destroy America so it could be remade in his own image. We’re at war.Be safe…kcramone

    • Hard not to agree with the majority of what you said. It’s upsetting how parents treat their children these days, more like objects than offspring. Instead of being wrapped in their self-importance, why not be devoted parents? Why not spend the time teachings your children right from wrong? It’s disgusting.

      As for these groups united against conservatism, where to start? Islamists use the left, especially the media, to push their own agenda and they don’t seem to mind. A false peace with these barbarians seems more important than actually protecting their own liberties. The private sector unions are bent on their own destruction, biting the hands that feed them in hopes of squeezing business owners for every possible penny. We all know how that ends, we saw what these unions did to British auto industry. Too stupid to realize their orchestrating their own demise, all the while blaming their failures on the business owners they abuse. These ‘Occupy’ protests are simply an extension of this socialist greed. Is it any wonder why the unions are so tied up in them? A “movement” (and I use that term loosely) that can’t even sustain itself without significant outside funding isn’t something that can last. When the weather worsens, even the most determined of these parasite will have to give up this fiasco.

      As for Barack Obama, there is no doubt in my mind that he hates the United States of America. How else does one describe his demand for the fundamental transformation of American society? Why else would he be so obsessed with apologizing for the “wrongs” America has committed. I would, however, go farther and say that his hatred extends to much of the Western world. Just look at how he has treated America’s allies for proof of this. Why is he so comfortable around America’s enemies? That photo op with Hugo Chavez wasn’t simply Obama being nice.

      Here’s hoping that the 2012 election cripples this attempt by the far-left to remold America into something the Founding Fathers never wished it to be.

  2. The Founding Fathers, the Constitution are alien concepts to obama and his minions. His decision to get involved with Libya came without congressional approval. He’s ruling like a dictator who doesn’t get his way much of the time and thinks raising his voice and displaying his palpable anger is leadership—The Great Dictator by the Marx brothers.

    He was no typical American kid, playing baseball and getting called by mom for supper. He can’t identify with middle class America. It’s a foreign
    country and concept to him. He was not a wanted child. From his vitriolic anti-colonialist father who taught his ideas of hate and oppression. He shuffled the family, including his whorish wife to Indonesia. Obama’s mother thought sleeping with movers and shakers of the time was the thing to do and if they were socialists, all the better…people like Tim Geithner’s father who was the head of “microfinancing.” in Indonesia

    .Then, he was dumped on to his mother’s parents in Hawaii who hopefully loved him. He can’t understand, the American Dream, because he was never exposed to it and was raised to hate colonialism, capitalism, and everything America stands for,(including exceptionalism.)
    There are too many stories in his shady past to recount. He, then grows up to be POTUS. You couldn’t make up a story like this.

    Back to the mostly incoherent protesters. I think this sums up their credo. “What exactly do you want?” “I want more.” Matters not if it’s your money or mine which is their’s morally, of course.And Ontario votes in McGuinty again. This is hell.

    ps I wasn’t paying attention so I don’t know if this passed or not…female islamic police officers having the right to wear a hijab in Ontario.

    • Agreed. Barack Obama might be American by birth, but his beliefs are foreign. You don’t spend your developing years in a third world Muslim country and not have your view of the world significantly altered. And that’s not taking into account his radical political upbringing from high school through university.

      I was actually volunteering for one of the PC Party of Ontario candidates last election, so aside from my own efforts failing to secure her election, I was doubly dumbfounded by Dalton McGuinty’s re-election. I guess Ontario voters enjoy watching their taxes go up, aside from having their young children taught about anal sex. Disgusting…

      As for the hijab nonsense, the Toronto Police announced that they will allow Muslim women to wear hijabs. It’s not only ridiculously politically correct, but it completely ignores the fact that such a loose fitting garment could be used against the officer. It’s only a matter of time before we get headlines like “Muslim officer strangled with her own hijab.” Doesn’t anyone think these things through? Pathetic…

  3. One scary last thing. Both in Canada and the US, the police are highly unionized. I blame much of what’s happening, on the unions; obama’s bedmates. Judiciary is usually my target but I’ve only realized, how much of a political problem are the police. They’re furthering cases of muslim rascism that should never have been filed. The police have great discretion in not filing frivolous or false cries of rascism situations. Multiculturism and mindless pc indoctination have corrupted the police force. Not being a criminal, I always thought, police were somewhat friends, there to help. If the police are so politicized, it’s another very bad sign, it’s gone too far. The police, ideally should be utterly neutral. If they’re not, who gives the orders…kc-refugee from the 20th century

    • With the police it could go either way. It’s all about the leadership, but I am willing to bet that even a heavily unionized police force won’t put up with union thugs, like those in CUPE, trying to beat them up. Have you already forgotten the G20 riots in Toronto?

      As I understand it, a police union, unlike other unions, is mostly there to protect the rights of police officers. You won’t get hardline Marxists like you would in other unions, especially not with the police being regularly targeted by the anti-establishment left. Look at all these “police watch groups,” all of them are leftist and are anti-police.

      There is no kinship between police unions and groups that want law enforcement abolished and criminals being allowed to live free in society.

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