2 comments on “Quick Post: Wild Bill on the ‘Occupy’ Protests

  1. Wild Bill is absolutely correct. This is a variation of “follow the money,” when a crime has occured. The protesters want money…your money, .my money, anyone’s money. If I had gone to check out the scene, I was going to be cool, tell a heart rendering story and see how much money I could have collected.
    Seriously, it doesn’t take much to figure out most of these people want money. Wild Bill is also correct when he says we are a hop, skip, jump away from violence which the professional anarchists anticipate with joy. Violence, chaos, nihilism is their favourite currency. A kid protesting, I believe in NYC, said very openly, he was being paid $600. USD a week. By whom, I don’t know. As I mentioned before, this world wide protest, especially the American involvement is certainly part of obama’s bloody campaign. We just want more…without working for it. Here’s another crazy idea; working for your own paycheck…now, that’s a foreign concept! As far as I can deduce, they protest everything, want more, and what’s yours is theirs..

    • It’s not Barack Obama’s campaign. He’s the one pulling the strings. In fact, aside from George Soros and the major unions pulling the strings on this side of the Atlantic, my guess is that these are a collection of Marxist and anarchist groups. They see what happened in the Middle East and want to replicate that in their own areas. Look at the London Riots and how they claimed to be an extension of what happened in Egypt. Obama and the Democrats who support the ‘Occupy’ protests are opportunist, and they believes they see something they can use to they’re advantage. I don’t think this is a good political move though. I doubt most of these people even vote as the probably believe that “big business” rigs the electoral system. Actual voters, however, will punish the supporters of the ‘Occupy’ protests for support this angry, violent, anti-capitalist and anti-semitic mob.

      As for Wild Bill’s comments, I regularly watch his videos and, unlike other YouTube personality I subscribe to, he’s never been wrong. I recommend you give the rest of his videos a watch, they’re really good.

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