5 comments on “She’s a Fake: Sandra Fluke is Roxana Mayer

    • I agree. According to Robert Stacy McCain at The Other McCain, Sandra Fluke also wants “gender reassignment” surgeries covered by private insurers too. I guess not doing so is more “oppression” from the “overwhelmingly white and middle to upper class” eh?

      Thanks for you comment and I hope you keep reading my blog.

      • Already did. With all the scandals he and his administration is wrapped up in, I would hope that after being voted out of office, Barack Obama and others will be wearing prison stripes like the ones he’s depicted wearing in that edited image on your blog 😉

      • That’s exactly what they deserve, but slick politicians like Obama lull people to sleep with their rosy rhetoric. I think he has enough voters under his spell to get himself re-elected. If he is, it will be a sad day for the U.S. and the world.

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