6 comments on “HOLD THE LINE! Destructoid Takes Another Swing at ‘Retake Mass Effect’

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  2. i don’t think destructoid have any credibility I am pretty sure that no one takes them seriously or even takes there opinion into account :)) All in all they are not worth a mention.

    • I figured that addressing their attacks were worth mentioning though. The forums at the BioWare Social Network were talking about it, so why not write a post right? At least as a record for anyone wanting to know where Destructoid stood during this debacle when the smoke clears and we find out if BioWare will give fans better endings.

      What are your thoughts on the endings? What do you want to happen in your story and why?

      • Sorry please don’t get me wrong … I appreciate you taking the time to express yourself in a constructive way.

        About the ending one word “Disappointed” .But I think it doesn’t matter if you feel one way or other about it a healthy debate should always be encouraged … but when cheap franchise like destructiod gets involved they’ll just throw some baseless bully responding to which could be counter productive.
        Here’s why

        I bet very… ..very few sane people(with certain degree of aptitude) in this world (irrespective of Mass Effect 3 ending debate) would agree with person/franchise trying to label a peaceful petition/group that helps children through charity as ridiculous.
        It shows how desperate they are to get and stay right in the middle of it.As they know its the burning topic.
        Which is after all what matters to them its “all business” ,however dirty but gets them currency. At the end of the day they would always want to create a win/win situation for themselves which by milking both sides i.e by getting sponsorship for fake reviews and in rare circumstances like this exploiting the outrage of fans by converting them into page hits.
        On the other hand I don’t believe that they are not aware of Retake’s agenda and the fact that trends suggest that ending controversy is gaining momentum. But be very clear its not there problem they’ll just try and maximize there revenue from it.

        So bottom line if you want to hurt them for playing dirty ignore them its the worst insult believe me either ways they don’t have any part to play in its eventuality.

      • @cv21c Cynical, but I mostly agree. As I said in another article, I feel that many of these reviews are these “entitled,” self-obsessed tools who take pleasure out of attacking “lesser” people. It’s more than creating controversy to generate hits. A small disagreement with the webmaster at GamingExcellence over the score for Tekken 5 cost me my position, but I felt justified in my defence of the score I gave it because giving a game an undeserved lower score for no other reason then to do so is dishonest. These people think it makes them more trustworthy to be dishonest, and as confusing that idea is to any sane person, these twits think it makes perfect sense.

        Look at IGN’s review for Ninja Gaiden 3 if you want proof of this. There is no mention of any serious problems, but because this tool reviewed it and didn’t like that the new game wanted to break the mold of the other two, it was given a three out of ten. How does anyone justify trashing a highly anticipated game because “it’s different than the last two and I’m not smart enough to follow the story”? This reviewer wanted to hate this game, and the review proves it. The only reason why I bother with game reviews from any website is to see whether or not there are serious problems that the reviewer notices like game breaking glitches. You really can’t trust anything else they say because there are no set standards for the industry and sometimes a great game will be butchered for stupid reasons like the reviewer doesn’t like those kind of games or was having a bad day.

        In any event, thanks for your comments. If you have anything else to say, I would be glad to hear it.

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