7 comments on “HOLD THE LINE! ‘Retake Mass Effect’ NOT ‘Occupy BioWare’

  1. “Learning from the Tea Party movement” would meaning learning to be a bunch of racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, religiously fanatic, anti-intellectual cretins who think a combination of corporatocracy and Christian theocracy is the way to go.
    I sincerely doubt RME has any desire to take on those attributes.
    And you’re pathetic characterisation of the Occupy movement really gets across the point that you have no idea what it’s really about and what it represents.

    • As Andrew Breitbart asked, where’s your proof? He even offered $100,000 for proof to back up these allegations. Funny how no one has any as of yet. Do you even know what they stand for? Smaller government with a respect for the Constitution. That’s it. There’s nothing racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, religiously fanatic or anti-intellectual about that. It’s clear you don’t even know what you’re talking about, throwing words around for no other reason than to smear the ‘Tea Party’. As for ‘Occupy’, have they come up with a reason for being yet? I mean, besides criminal behaviour. How can anyone take them seriously when they have “No Rape Zones”?

      If ‘Retake Mass Effect’ is smart, it will model itself after a successful organization, not one that’s best known for crapping on police cars and raping young women. Pathetic twit…

  2. Let’s see, they gave you guys an extended ending and you still complained about it. Sounds like Occupy Bioware to me.

    Thing is the answers to explain that ending were in the game since day 1. As for choices not affecting the last 5 minutes, they told you before the game was launched that “previous choices affect the war in Mass Effect 3”.

    ^ The whole game is the ending


    Mass Effect 3 is a galactic war, where the price for failure is extinction.

    Mass Effect 3 will not end with beat Reapers, proceed with closure. So much for your closure argument, Occupy Bioware. Oh, and it also states that you’ll be gathering clues to solve a puzzle. The ending is that puzzle. If you don’t understand the ending, you didn’t find all the clues.



    As for your Starchild’s logic argument.

    And lastly



    • YAWN… Where to begin with this?

      So you post the same video three times, which is just some guy in his messy kitchen ranting about why I’m stupid for not liking the ending of Mass Effect 3? It’s his opinion, not mine, nor the majority (look at one poll after another that was taken) of Mass Effect fans. I don’t care that he got 100% completion, that doesn’t mean anything in terms of story writing. Did you not even bother to read what others, particularly a screenwriter, have said about this?

      Also, the ‘Occupy’ comparisons? I’m sorry, but no one crapped on a police car or raped anyone during our protest of this BioWare debacle. On the other hand, BioWare was doing what it does, throwing its feces at its detractors like an angry monkey. It was a repeat of the Jennifer Hepler fiasco, in that, BioWare alleged that its critics were sexist/homophobic/etc. What was BioWare’s initial response to the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy? To smear loyal fans, calling us homophobes. So who was behaving like the ‘Occupy’ movement? Clearly not the people who remained relatively calm while protesting and raising money for charity.

      Repeating debunked/non sequitur explanations for this from BioWare itself also doesn’t impress me (Jennifer Merizan still has some explaining to do concerning her comments about ‘Retake Mass Effect’). Ignoring that the extended ending was a massive reworking of the original ending, as well as ignoring that said ending was ripped directly from Dues Ex, also doesn’t impress me. What, of substance, have you presented here? Nothing.

      All you’ve accomplished, aside from demonstrating your ignorance on this issue/apparent lack of intelligence, is wasting my time in order to reply to you. Congratulations, you twit.

  3. Loyal fans stand by Bioware and respect the decisions they’ve made. You are not a loyal fan. You are a disgruntled customer at this point. In the business world, Bioware essentially fired you and told you to take a hike. Considering how you threw a fit and caused their founders to leave, I don’t blame them. You brought this whole thing on yourself. If only you had paid attention during the course of the game and understood what the ending was all about, you would know what the ending was.

    If you weren’t satisfied with the Extended Cut, take your business elsewhere. Bioware is a business, not a charity. They probably spent a couple million to do that Extended Cut and you still weren’t satisfied. Rewrite the ending? If you don’t get it, that’s your problem. Got to take responsibility for your actions like a man, instead of demanding and stomping your feet like a petulant whiner demanding that they change the ending. It’s one thing to not like the ending. Some people didn’t like it, but they didn’t pull an Occupy Bioware (Retake Mass Effect) and demand a better ending as your slogan says. That just screams of entitlement. You should have taken your refund when they gave it to you.

    Dues Ex ending? Controlling Reapers means you get controlled by them. Synthesis is people get melted down into genetic paste to make more Reapers. If you paid attention to what the Catalyst was saying you’d know that. Preserve organic life in Reaper form was his exact words. Pay attention and you will understand the ending.

    Bioware would never rewrite the ending. If some people understood it and others didn’t, in the world of software testing the ending issues are a “user error”, not a problem with the game. TLDR, the reason why the ending doesn’t make sense is your problem. Not the problem with the game.



    • *YAWN* You’ve returned? Why am I not surprised. Listen you obsessed BioWare fanboy, the vast majority of those polled, hated the ending of Mass Effect 3. It isn’t even close. Every poll, even the one IGN took which they later decided not to discuss (can you guess why?), were clear about this. Understand? Of course you don’t. So, let’s begin, again, shall we?

      I have a right to be a disgruntled customer, especially when I was lied to by the game developers concerning this game’s ending. Remember “your choices matter”? Not even the staunchest defenders in the gaming media were excusing that. This was one of the promises they made that was not kept. And what did BioWare do in response to these complaints? I already linked to the Erik Kain article where BioWare called gamers who were complaining homophobes. How is that a legitimate response? How do you justify this slander of long time fans of the series? I spent 200+ hours playing the first game, and yes, I bought all the DLC for it, and all the side mission DLC for the second game, so don’t accuse me of not being a real BioWare fan. I have also bought and played 100+ of Dragon Age: Origins and I actually enjoyed Dragon Age 2, if that means anything. The ending to Mass Effect 3 felt like a betrayal, not just to me, but to the vast majority of long time fans. Your “fired employee” analogy doesn’t work when I’m the one paying for services that clearly weren’t rendered.

      As for the original ending itself, I knew while playing the demo what to expect. How many science fiction movies have you watched? How many science fiction themed games have you played? The ending was hard not to see coming. The final plot twist, though not as obvious, was also expected (we were just hoping it would at least make sense). I, however, wanted to believe otherwise. I went on forums, read what others wrote about the demo and many of them had the same fears I did, and it was hard to believe this was the direction BioWare was taking the series. Against all odds, Commander Shepard had fought of Sovereign and his Geth in the first game, and had defeat the Collectors in the second. Why would BioWare suddenly put OUR HERO (our own unique hero we’ve been playing with since the first game) in a no-win scenario? These fears were confirmed when the game was released and the uproar began. Once again, read what the screenwriter I cited previously wrote. You just can’t accept that this is very bad writing, can you?

      The fact that you think myself and others didn’t understand the poorly written and heavily borrowed ending is mind-boggling. We clearly understood it better than you and the people you cite. How could you miss the massive plot holes? How could you simply ignore established continuity to, not only accept, but embrace an ending which makes no sense in relation to what is already known. It would be as if Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi ended with Luke Skywalker flying out of the Death Star with the power the of the Force alone. Star Wars fan would be asking questions like “how can he breath in space?” Do you not understand this? BioWare had to release the extended ending because they got caught, as they did with Mass Effect: Deception, contradicting lore they had already established. You’ve likely spent more time replying to me than BioWare spent fact checking the ending of Mass Effect 3. Do you not even understand that much?

      As for “Occupy BioWare”, you still haven’t provided links to stories were people connected to ‘Retake Mass Effect’ were caught crapping on police cars of arrested for sexual assault. Still waiting on that. Also, more opinion pieces? Citing the same nonsense over and over doesn’t impress me at all. Why not read one of my many posts on this issue? You clearly haven’t bothered to have you? Why should I continue to reply, let alone let you comment on my blog?

      If you want to keep this going, I recommend you get new material and bother reading what myself and others have written. If not, you’re simply wasting my time.

    • That’s it you pathetic fanboy. I will not post your last screed, nor will I allow you to post any more comments on my blog. You’ve crossed the line into obsessive and I don’t have the time to deal with your nonsense. BioWare screwed up, PERIOD! That’s why they released the extended ending. They couldn’t even stick to their established canon. If you can’t accept that, then there’s no use continuing this.

      Get lost, I’m done with you.

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