5 comments on “HOLD THE LINE! Entitled Game Developers Who Feel Entitled to Our Money

  1. You know, I’ve disagreed on multiple occasions with you (I’m the bloke who you argued with on Deadliest Warrior a long while back), but I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here.

    The sad part is how they’re using their sycophants as insulation from reality. The Retake movement is growing every day, and the rage isn’t subsiding. It went from ‘a vocal minority’ to ‘mahoosive fuckton of people’ a long while ago.

    I’m half-hoping that they get verbally crucified at PAX. Perhaps BioWare will also be freer to speak then, since the first fiscal quarter ends on the 31st of March. I, for one, am prepared to claim a refund for the game if they make no conclusive statements by then.

    • Water under the bridge, no worries. You’re allowed to disagree with me on whatever as long as you’re civil about it. I am, however, pleased to see you agree with me on this.

      You’re right about how BioWare has been insulating itself. Check out the tweet from at @masseffect and it’s nothing but dodges and gratitude for sycophantic praise from “BioDrones.” I’ve tried asking a number of questions as politely as possible, nothing aggressive or insulting, and yet no replies. I do know, however, that there are those within BioWare that are freaking out. A number of cryptic replies and even the deletion of tweets which Mass Effect fans find insulting. For example, one BioWare employee suggested that the game developer wasn’t going to change the game’s ending using the @masseffect twitter account. That tweet was quickly deleted and another tweet apologizing for any misunderstanding was quickly released.

      I have to say that I’m worried how this situation might end. Part of me believes that ‘Retake Mass Effect’ will get what it wants, but I’m worried that it might just be a half-assed attempt to tie up loose ends. If it was up to me, I would want an expansion which gives us 6-8 hours of gameplay and an ending reminicient of Mass Effect 1. We’ve seen the concept art for indoctrinated Illusive Man, and I believe a final battle with him like the final battle with Saren in the first game would be amazing. I’m also worried that this backlash could be so damaging that BioWare gives up supporting Mass Effect 3 and abandons the franchise. Doubtful, but they did just cancel an expansion for Dragon Age 2. I would imagine that content could end up in Dragon Age 3, but we’ll have to wait and see.

      In any event, I plan on writing more articles as this debacle continues. Politics and the rest are on the backburner until I find out what’s going on with Mass Effect 3. I hope you keep reading and commenting.

    • Like I said, I’m worried about how this might play out. BioWare is taking a beating over this debacle, so much so that upset Mass Effect fans are cancelling their Star Wars: The Old Republic accounts. I would imagine EA is not happy about this and are right now putting the screws to BioWare to make this right with us. EA doesn’t care about “artistic integrity,” only the bottom line. I have no problem with that, especially since it’s in their best interests to keep customers like you and me happy.

      What I don’t understand is why not simply announce that steps are being taken to address the problem. Casey Hudson recently gave an interview (can’t remember where I read it, but if I do, I’ll post a link) where he said that “fans are upset because they didn’t get closure.” Excuse me? I would like to be able to get a satisfying ending, not just closure, like the past two Mass Effect games. Why shouldn’t players be able to earn an ending like that if they do everything right?

      Considering that so many people have already said they’re willing to pay handsomely for a better end to this game, I don’t see why BioWare doesn’t announce they’re beginning work on downloadable content, if not an expansion. Are they leaving money on the table to perserve their “artistic integrity”? If that’s the case, EA should dissolve BioWare and put together a team that will give Mass Effect fans what they want.

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